Literary Friday, ya’ll…

literary friday

I’m writing this quick, fast and in a hurry because it’s Friday (aka my afternoon of errands)!


We had snow this week, too. Like a pretty crazy-ish amount for where I live. It was pretty and nice and white and lovely- and the kitty cats frolicked in the snow- which was 51 shades of adorable.

I’ve been productive this week on the blog- getting posts scheduled and giveaways- March is looking pretty giveaway-licious!


1. Deep South Magazine and their #literaryfriday: talk of Joshilyn Jackson, the Sweet Potato Queen weekend, a link to my post about meeting M.O. Walsh (plus sharing my “adorbs picture- that’s Erin words 🙂 and much more!


2. Turn the Page Reviews shares some food pics to make you drool and some chit-chat about books!


3. My Novel Opinion talks about A Mom’s POV on Social Media.


4. Always With A Book spotlights THE GOOD GIRL by Mary Kubica.


5. The Book Wheel gives us 10 Books to Feed Your Brain.


6. I talk about ARC’s and how it’s ok to not like them in ARC’s: Just like Scarves, They Aren’t For Everyone.


7. While my Goodreads account won’t reflect it (haven’t logged into that since end of 2014!) I’ve been productive in my reading- finishing THE NIGHTINGALE by Kristin Hannah (made me ugly cry), LITTLE BLACK LIES by Sandra Block (gave me the good scary feeling) and BEDSIDE MANNERS by Phoebe Fox (cute!) all in the past few days/couple of weeks!


8. I met author M.O. Walsh last week at Lemuria Books- So nice to meet the author of MY SUNSHINE AWAY!


9. Do you like Robyn Carr? Win ONE WISH (continental US only).


10. Library Educated talks #truthtrain and #blogging.


11. OnDBookshelf shares about her whirlwind of author events (SO jealous!)


12. My #fridayreads Close to Destiny by Adria Cimino.



Have a happy and safe weekend!


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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Literary Friday, ya’ll…….

literary friday

Hello!!! I hope your weekend is off to a fabulous start. I’m ready to curl up in a blanket with some warm PJ’s! (and a book!)

1. Deep South Mag and their #literaryfriday: Talking about IMOGENE IN NEW ORLEANS, Southern Lit Road Trip to Oxford, MS (where I met up with Erin and Cerith) and much more!

2. Ashley @ Nosegraze talks about “how much of an obligation do book bloggers have?” Thoughtful piece. Continue reading

Literary Friday, ya’ll…..

literary friday

It’s been a crazy week with my internet at home being so spotty! 😦 😦 But today is Literary Friday- so let’s end this work week on a high note!

1. Deep South Magazine and their #literaryfriday: John Grisham news, Southern Lit Lovers at Goodreads will be chatting with Sarah Addison Allen in November, and Eudora Welty chit-chat. Plus MUCH more! Continue reading

Literary Friday ya’ll……

literary friday

It’s Literary Friday- and I’m off to eat some fair food and ride the pirate ship a gajillion times! What else is happening on Literary Friday? Well, let’s check it out….. Continue reading

Literary Friday ya’ll….

literary friday

It’s Literary Friday! Whoo, whoo, whoo!

1. Deep South Magazine & their #literaryfriday- National Poetry Month, 50 Best Southern Novels according to Flavorwire, and a review of FALLEN BEAUTY.  Plus, much more!

2. Wesley at Library Educated guest posted at Closed The Cover about 5 characters she’d invite to a dinner party. Check out Wesley’s list for a fun laugh!

Continue reading

Literary Friday, ya’ll…….

literary friday

Friday, Friday, Friday… Someone play the song “Friday, I’m In Love” by The Cure 🙂  (I love that song!)

Ok, back to the bookish things now that I’ve chair-danced for a bit….

1. Deep South Magazine and their #literaryfriday- Faulkner and Flannery, Wiley Cash, Gone With The Wind, and much more… Plus… 8 Books To Fall In Love With in February– including THE WIFE, THE MAID and THE MISTRESS by Ariel Lawhon (one of the creative geniuses behind She Reads!) Read here for more info about book and the details on the upcoming Twitter chat- where you could win a copy!

2. In case you missed the good news– Me, Traveling With T, got the very good news the other day (I totally felt like Charlie when he got the last golden ticket!) Confused? Curious? Here it is: I’m going to be a World Book Night Giver! So excited! Myself and several bloggy friends got the great news the other day- and let me inform you: Waiting all day on the news because your mom married someone with basically the last letter of the alphabet kind of sucks. (Right? Anyone feel my pain on this?)

3. It’s been cold. No, this is not news. I know. It’s February. But, seeing this picture the other day has made my heart long for Spring and the first flowers and the butterflies and all the goodness of Spring!

4. Traveling With T has a copy of DAYS OF WINE AND ROQUEFORT to give away! Go enter. Now. I’ll wait. Seriously.

5. Valentine’s Day is 1 week away- read about Traveling With T likes and dislikes Valentine’s Day.

6. What are your #fridayreads? I’m reading THE WIFE, THE MAID, and THE MISTRESS by Ariel Lawhon.


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T


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Literary Friday ya’ll…..

literary friday

I know. I know. I KNOW. It’s Sunday. Don’t worry, T is not confused about the day of the week. But I did not get to mention #literaryfriday on Friday because…..Little Baby Owl and I were spending the day together- and she only takes kindly to technology when it’s being used to take pictures & Tweet about visiting her- Baby Owl ain’t got no time for blogging.

So, I’m going to catch ya’ll up on some #literaryfriday with 2 mentions from Deep South Magazine since I missed the week before #literaryfriday because I was in Granbury, TX (more on that later and probably a pic of my fetch hat. And yes, I use the word fetch (“Gretchen, stop trying to make fetch happen. It’s not going to happen!”) Continue reading

Literary Friday ya’ll….



literary friday

It’s the last #literaryfriday of 2013. Pause for sadness. Ok, I’m alright now. Because next #literaryfriday- the new year will be just beginning- and we’ll still be loving our resolutions. And life will be good.


1. Deep South Mag– for this week’s #literaryfriday looks back over the year of 2013 Arts and Lit news. And, oh what a year it has been! From interviewing Shirley Ann Grau, to tearing down Tara, to debuting 2 stellar Reading Lists, and more- Deep South Mag was THE spot for #southernlit news.


2. Books Speak Volumes is counting down the days to #JazzAgeJanuary! Want to join in? Just use Mr. Linky at BSV- and make January all about the jazz age. I might need to brush up on my Jazz Age language before I go to the speakeasy 😉


3. Want to participate in a GREAT blog hop? You do, you totally do (I can just tell these things!) Get thee over there to Closed The Cover for New Year New Authors blog hop! Hurry- it begins December 31st!


4. I’m still toying with ya’lls emotions- but trust- some good things are coming to Traveling With T in January!


5. My #fridayreads- I just finished UNLEASHING MR. DARCY by Teri Wilson. Trying to decide if I should start TAKEDOWN 20 by Janet Evanovich next or THE GOLDFINCH by Donna Tartt, What are you reading?


Happy Reading!