The Scariest RL Stine Books……


It’ll be pretty apparent that I had a major thing for RL Stine books growing up (as you’ll be able to tell from many Spook-Tacular October posts devoted to RL Stine!) I like to credit RL Stine for beginning my love of a thriller at a tender age of pre-teen/teenager! While most of his books had more of a thriller feel to him (or at least the ones I read)- some did have a paranormal theme. And those are the ones that still give me the spooky feelings! Continue reading

Treats, Not Tricks! 4 Books that Wesley @ Library Educated Recommends


It’s Wesley again! I hope you aren’t tired of seeing me during this Spook-tacular Halloween feature. In fact, if you haven’t got tired of me, consider checking me out at Facebook, Twitter and my blog.

These Books are Treats not Tricks


These books all have a little supernaturally spook to them, but they aren’t so scary that you need to check under your bed or behind your shower curtain when you are finished!

Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury

Something Wicked This Way Comes

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Am I ever going to pass up an opportunity to rave about one of my favorite books ever? No, I’m not. A mysterious carnival shows up in a small town in Illinois one beautiful fall night. Two young boys investigate it and find out that it isn’t just any run of the mill traveling carnival. It’s a book about longing for childhoods past, friendship, loyalty, and why libraries are awesome. Ray Bradbury also writes delightfully spooky villains. I read this book every fall.


The String Diaries by Stephen Lloyd Jones

The String Diaries

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When I first read it this year I couldn’t believe that this was Jones’s first novel. He takes a families story through many generations, from centuries past Hungary to present day England and France. A woman has to face down an unspeakable evil with a laughably ordinary name to protect her family, even when she thinks it’s impossible. He deftly weaves the stories through time and space, and puts a new spin on an old legend. I devoured this book, I couldn’t flip the pages fast enough to find out what happened next. (Also Stephen and I chatted on Twitter, so extra brownie points for him!)


Zone One by Colson Whitehead

Zone One

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“Mark Spitz” narrates his exploration through post-zombie apocalypse Manhattan, and takes us along. The United States government is trying to get its feet back under itself after this disaster, and part of the plan is having teams sweep out the remaining zombies that lurk in Manhattan’s skyscrapers. “Mark” is on one such team, and he tells us about their daily sweeps, his coworker’s backstories, and what his life was like “before…” I have zero interest in zombies (sorry friends who love “Walking Dead”) but I loved the interesting perspective of this story.


Spook: Science Tackles The Afterlife

Spook Science Tackles The Afterlife

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Are you a nonfiction fan? Mary Roach is one of my favorites, though admittedly this isn’t my favorite book by her (that would be “Stiff”). Mary is a skeptic by nature and so naturally has some real questions when it comes to the afterlife and the supernatural. She goes to a conference to tap into her own “natural psychic ability” and ends up irritated. She listens for spectral voices at the location of the Donner Party’s cannibal dinner party. She looks back into different experiments to figure out when we exactly obtain our soul, and when it leaves the body when we die. I like Mary’s books because she looks at a wide range of topics based on a central theme, and “Spook” is no exception.


I hope that your reading always leaves you with more treats than tricks!


Have a Spook-Tacular October,

Wesley @ Library Educated

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5 Books That Go Bump In The Night

Books that go Bump in the night

Do you like scary books? Is Halloween nothing without a creepy book to keep you up all night as you consume copious amounts of candy? Well, for me- a scary book is not a treat. I can read some- but there are others that I can’t even tolerate (I’m looking at you Stephen King!) Here are 5 books that I think qualify for Bump In The Night Books- 3 that I have read and 2 that I may read one day. In the cold light of day. While the house is securely locked up. Continue reading

Get Spook-Tacular With Cozy Mysteries for Halloween!

Cozy Mysteries for Halloween 1

Ya’ll… You know how I adore my cozy mysteries. They are some of my favorite reading. As I’ve been putting together this Spook-Tacular Month of posts, I began thinking about my cozy mysteries- and trying to remember some good Halloween ones. I found a few- just in case you like your mystery to be on the light side (and perhaps want to cook up some sweet treats for Halloween!) Continue reading

Books That Go Bump In The Night: 4 Books from Wesley @ Library Educated

Books that go Bump in the night

Hey everyone- this is Wesley from Library Educated! We’re going to chat about Books That Go Bump In The Night!

Books That Go Bump In The Night


If you’re home alone on Halloween night and want to read something soothing to distract you from the mysterious noises in your house, I would suggest none of these.

American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis

American Psycho

Photo Credit: Goodreads

One of my nearest and dearest friends recommended this book to me. It sounded a little strange and not really “in my wheelhouse” but it was famous and I’d heard people talk about it so I figured why not?

So this book is filled with torture, sexual torture, drugs, murder and all kinds of inter-workings of a super deranged mind. The book is interesting in that this man is insane, and yet he still holds down an important job, people go on dates with him, and no one seems to be like “do you think that guy is ok?” There is also the distinct possibility that everything he did was just imagined because he’s INSANE and also high on cocaine. I feel like I need to take a shower just thinking about this one too long. Continue reading

Treats, Not Tricks: 6 books for Halloween Reading Fun!


What will I be doing for Halloween? Well, since I have no little ghosts or goblins to dress up and take Trick or Treating- I’ll probably be staying at home and reading- while holding the bucket of candy close to me- just in case, I have some visitors. For my Halloween reading, these are 6 books that might just make my night fun! Continue reading

Literary Friday ya’ll……

literary friday

It’s Literary Friday- and I’m off to eat some fair food and ride the pirate ship a gajillion times! What else is happening on Literary Friday? Well, let’s check it out….. Continue reading

“I’m Almost 29 And Can’t Read RL Stine!”: Guest Post Confession from Wesley @ Library Educated

“I’m Almost 29 and Can’t Read RL Stine: A Confession”

I am a total scaredy cat. I always have been; which means that RL Stine’s “Goosebumps” series were not my cup of tea as a kid, or as an adult!

However, one day if I get really brave these are the 5 “Goosebumps” books I would read!


It Came From Beneath The Sink


It Came From Beneath the Sink

Photo Credit: Goodreads

I feel like I could handle this one because I have never seen anything scary under any of my sinks. I mean, the only thing under my kitchen sink is a lot of cleaning products and those aren’t dangerous unless you drink them or rub them in your eyes. (Do NOT drink them or rub them in your eyes). Continue reading