Literary Friday ya’ll…..

So where was I last week on Literary Friday? Having a belated Thanksgiving with the 2 cutest nieces ever, playing dolls with Miss A (she just got her first American Girls doll and loves to have someone play with her) and cleaning up the high chair from Little A’s Turkey day dinner (she loves to eat, but allllllll did not make it in her mouth!) Continue reading


#AMonthOfFaves: Top Posts From 2015


It’s the last day of #AMonthOfFaves- so hat tip to Tanya and Andi– Tanya for creating this event and Andi for rocking it as a co-host. It’s been a fun month- I’ve learned lots 🙂

The prompt for today is to pick 5 of your fave posts (from your own blog).

So, here goes 🙂


Fave Posts from Traveling With T:

1.  BEA 2015: A recap of BEA 2015.


2. What Is The Role of A Book Blogger?: I get all chit-chatty, admit where I see red when some people think blogging is our job, and confess that I want to make money from blogging one day. Continue reading

#AMonthOfFaves: Fave Book Covers From My Reads This Year


It’s the next to last day of #AMonthOfFaves- so give Tanya and Andi some major love!

Talking about book covers today!

I LOVE book covers. I can gaze happily at some of books- simply because of the cover. I like glamorous covers and beach scenes- but sometimes other things about the cover speak to me. So, let’s look at my fav covers: Continue reading

#AMonthOfFaves: How To Pick Next Read/What Next?


I’m a day late with this post- sorry! I’ll save you from the graphic details- but: Stomach Flu-1, T-0. Enough said.

Be sure and check out Tanya‘s and Andi‘s posts!

Today’s prompt:

Weekly Book Discussion {how do you pick your next read – what do you do after you’re finished reading a book}

How Do I Pick My Next Book?

Before I became a book blogger, I had my year of books to read marked- Janet Evanovich would publish over the summer, Sue Grafton’s backlist was keeping me busy, my cozy mystery authors were pretty spread out- and that left me time for investigating other reads. Continue reading

#AMonthOfFaves: Reading Goals, Personal Goals and Resolutions


Oh wow! Can you believe that A Month of Faves is almost over? I can’t! Jazz hands to Tanya and Andi for this rocking event!

Today’s Prompt:

How did you do – Reading Challenges, Personal Goals, Resolutions

Reading Challenges:

I’m currently at book 119 read this year. Goal: 130. It could still happen- it just all depends on how the next few days shake out. Continue reading

#AMonthOfFaves: Top 5 Authors on my Winter Reading List


Today’s prompt: Top 5 Books on My Winter Reads List

Well, as it’s getting close to mine and Katie’s next Futuristic Friday unveiling- I’m going to talk about some books that I already own that I want to read over the winter months- and save the bright and shiny 2016 ones for Futuristic Friday (coming soon!)

Be sure and check out Tanya and Andi’s post- I know those ladies have some books lined up.

Top 5 Books/Authors on My Winter List:

1. Alafair Burke. Listen, I love me some Alafair- and I’m getting close to finishing her Ellie Hatcher series- I have ANGEL’S TIP on my Kindle to read and then will just have to get DEAD CONNECTION and I’ll be all caught up. Continue reading