About Traveling With T

Traveling With T is my blog. A blog that I started, in part, because I wanted something to occupy my free time, to save me from internet shopping (Sephora, I’m looking at you!) When I started Traveling With T, I wanted a space on the internet- a place that was for me. To write and talk about places I was going (traveling, restaurants, road-trips, fun events and book signings). When I started this blog, I did not have the intention of it becoming a book blog- I wanted to run 2 blogs- 1 about books and 1 for other things- a variety of topics. Slowly, though, I began talking about books here- and then Traveling With T just kind of morphed into the wonderful thing it is (at least in my opinion). Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes brutally honest- majority of it is books.Β  It’s been a long and strange ride to get where it is and for me to feel 100% happy with TWT- but I wouldn’t trade the lessons I’ve learned for anything.

What Can You Expect To Find At Traveling With T

-Books (book talk and book reviews)

– Travel (local travel, road-trips, and fun events)

– Book signings

-Blog Tours and Giveaways

– Blog Talk (advice- not preachy advice or super-serious advice; advice from where I’ve been in the bloggy world- and encouragement!)

– Pictures

-Blog Features (most notably Literary Friday and Mashups.)

About TWT

T. The Girl Behind The Blog.

T is the first initial of my name- and when I started this blog, I wanted a name that had some anonymity- but that could be linked to me, as well. T worked. T works.

But you want to know about me- well, here goes:

I love to read. I have loved to read since I got my first BSC book. I remember being called a book-worm when I was a kid.

The beach is the best place. EVER.

I’ve never been to England. Or France. Or Italy. But, I hope one day to say I have.

I saw the movie Eat, Pray, Love. I did not like- and I truly do not thinkΒ  the book would be any better.

I suffered through around 800 pages of 11/22/63 by Stephen King. For our book club. That only 1 other person read the book- and no wanted to discuss for “fear of ruining the ending”.

My accent is VERY Southern (at least that’s what people from other places tell me.

I watch Days of Our Lives. I make no apologies for my daily dose of entertainment.

British accents make me weak in the knees.

Uniformed men also make me weak in the knees- preferably a man in a military uniform- but sometimes those UPS uniforms do the trick.

My Goodreads shelf is a mess. I actually kind of slightly despise my Goodreads page.

me swimming with dolphin

I love music. Can’t sing a note in tune. But good golly, I LOVE dancing around the house, singing into my hairbrush.

I have a major thing for oldies music.

Roller skating is my thing. I love to roller skate. Bowling is a close second- I’m not that great at it- but I still love it.

Photography is my hobby.

I like my books in order. Hardcovers together and paperbacks together.

I met Kristian Alfonso (Hope Brady from Days of Our Lives). Pretty awesome day.

me and hope brady

Authors are my rock stars.

I love going to concerts and events.

I don’t hate Taylor Swift. In fact, I enjoy most of her music.

Law and Order- especially the ones with Lenny (Jerry Orbach) are some of my favorite shows to watch. And watch again.

I still have an original NES. And can be found playing old-school games (Super Mario,Β  Friday The 13th and Mega Man) when I’m feeling nostalgic.

My favorite alcoholic drink: Midori Sour. Next fav: Amaretto Sour. Unless, someone can make THE HUNK (pineapple juice and vanilla vodka)- then THAT is it.

I laugh. A lot.

I tend to pick pinks for my polish. And I like nail art.

I wish there was a blow dry bar near me. I would go and have a blow out weekly. I LOVE luxurious treatments.

Sometimes I dress up in sparkly costumes- to help raise money for a children’s hospital.

me spq

I even walked in my first Color Me Rad run/walk in 2013 to help raise additional money for the hospital.(I’m the 2nd from left on back row)

Such a fun time!

Such a fun time!

I adore scrapbooking. And really want to start getting back into crafty projects.

I want to spend a week in NYC- hitting up Broadway shows and doing touristy things during the day. I want to visit California one day- take my pic with The Hollywood sign, dip my toes in the Pacific Ocean and look for star’s homes. Hawaii is one of my dream places- I want to visit, go snorkeling, rent a convertible and learn to hula dance.


* Want to know more? Read my Things About Me page.


24 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi- I love your blog. When I read the description on Shereads, I laughed aloud- my dream is also to own my own bookstore, preferably near a beach. I am from the northeast, and dreams of the beach are haunting me lately, with the awful weather we have been having. I am looking forward to reading The Silence of Bonaventure Arrow!

    • Thank you! That is so nice of you! I can imagine that with the bad weather- the beach is haunting you lately! I hope you’ll enjoy The Silence of Bonaventure Arrow- be sure and join the discussion on She Reads at the end of the month!

  2. Just dropping through…I’ve been writing for a very long time…now I write AND I’m publisher / CEO at Crossroad Press. I would LOVE to hear from some of you who do book blogs. I have books, after all, and some very deserving authors who would love to reach out and be involved. I think sites like this are the future of book marketing, so … anyway. You can get me at @david_n_wilson on twitter or at publisher AT crossroadpress DOT com any time….


    • Thanks for stopping by! I know there are some people who are on the fence about how much book blogs and social media plays a role in books- and while I don’t know how much it helps- I just enjoy reading and talking about books. Thanks for the contact info- I look forward to chatting with you.

  3. This is awesome! I’ve followed your reviews and interviews for a couple of years, but I hadn’t read about you until now. I no longer watch Days of our Lives but I used to and i must say Hope Brady looks almost exactly the same as she did 20+ years ago! I too love oldies music and think the beach is the best place on earth. I think we could be friends πŸ˜‰

    • I think we could def be friends πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I still love all those things- although I curse the fact that Soapnetwork is no longer on (I loved to watch Days at night while cooking/eating dinner!) And Hope Brady is so pretty + love her jewelry! The beach is my happy place. Love the sounds. The waves. The smell!

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