Review Policy


review policy

Reviewing books is part of the fun at Traveling With T. Already I receive books from several sources- and I participate in blog tours that I seek out in my own time.

However, it’s time to make my review policy a bit more official (and public!)

Here it is:

review a variety of books- women’s fiction, literary fiction, some historical fiction, cozy mysteries, suspense/mystery, and chick lit.

I consider for review: memoirs, non-fiction, and romance.

I do not review erotica.

I do not accept self-published books for review at this time.

I reserve the right to not review a book.

What You Can Expect if I Review a Book:

1. My fair and honest opinion.

2. Pictures of book cover.

3. My review being posted to several social media sites (Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest).

My Guidelines:

1. You may provide an author bio (which I may or may not choose to use). However, you may not dictate what will be said in this review.

2. My review will be honest and will include an overview of the book plus my personal thoughts. I may also make a suggestion as to a type of person who may enjoy the book or recommend the book to book clubs.

3. Sometimes, I do not like a book. This happens- it’s not the end of the world, it’s just a fact. Please do not take it personally and understand this: I respect your work- even if it was not a right fit for me. Therefore, I do not trash books that I did not care for. I offer a balanced review in this case- aspects I liked, aspects that I did not care for.

4. Books I review must be in either paper format or Kindle (or a mobi file). I prefer paper, but will read e-books.

To Request A Review:

1. Please email me with the following: Your name, book title, genre, publisher’s name, length of book, and book format.

2. In your email, feel free to include social media links.

3. Other information: Date book is to be published or date it was published.

4. If you are open to the option of an interview (email only) or an author spotlight.

What Happens Next:

1. If I’m interested in reviewing, I will reply. If I’m not, I still try to reply to tell you that at the time, I will not be able to review.

2. I read quite a bit- but I’m also quite busy. I read, blog, and I’m the Online Book Club Discussion Leader/Twitter Chat Host for She Reads ( this keeps me pretty busy!) I also participate in other book tours, as well as like to have time to read books for my own personal reading- not just for review.

3. I will give you a estimated review date- I don’t have a “set” time, I look over my schedule and see how much time I have for reading and reviewing, and make a suggestion based on that. If you are not happy with my estimated date of review, I’m sorry.  However, I have other commitments and am very involved in other book-ish things.

4. When my review is posted, it will also be published to various forms of social media. You will be tagged in some of the posts (not all, though).

To contact me for review: Please email travelingwitht05 (@) gmail (.) com

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