Ruin Falls by Jenny Milchman

Book Talk with R and T spooky

Welcome, welcome all!!! Today’s the day for reviews- both here and at Ivory Owl Reviews! So do both Rhiannon and I a big favor- check out the reviews and if it sounds like a book you’ll be interested in- enter that big ole giveaway!

And now… without further wait…. I bring you my review of RUIN FALLS (cue dramatic music): Continue reading

Book Talk With R & T: Ruin Falls by Jenny Milchman

Book Talk with R and T spooky


Ooh, it’s time! It’s time for another edition of Book Talk with R & T- Thriller-Licious style! October is a fun time for me- the leaves are turning, there is candy, The Monster Mash song is playing and Thriller by Michael Jackson is on. Plus, the Halloween costumes- oh my, the costumes. At this time of year, I get the craving for something with a thriller vibe- a little spooky, a lotta mystery- just something good to read. Talking with Rhiannon @ Ivory Owl Reviews, we were back and forth over what to choose- and finally, finally, finally- after narrowing down the books (we are nothing but thorough!) it was decided that RUIN FALLS by Jenny Milchman would be the book to read. Continue reading

Literary Friday ya’ll……

literary friday

It’s Literary Friday- and I’m off to eat some fair food and ride the pirate ship a gajillion times! What else is happening on Literary Friday? Well, let’s check it out….. Continue reading