Things About Me…

It seems since I’ve been blogging for almost 2 years now that I ought to share some information about me- besides the fact that I love books. 🙂

1. I’m a member of She Reads Blog Network- a group that reads, reviews and chats about a certain book for each month. Seriously, a great, great group.

2. I’m also the  She Reads Online Book Club Leader. Stop by at the end of each month and I’ll be leading a discussion on the She Reads Book Club pick of the month.  AND I host the She Reads Twitter chats 🙂 Seriously, stop in a chat. We have fun!

3. No- just in case you are curious: I have NO input as to what book gets picked for She Reads. Think of me simply as a sparkly cheerleader or Ryan Seacrest for She Reads.

4. I also review books for Escape With Dollycas, Chick Lit Plus and Closed The Cover. All worth checking out.

5. Yes, in case you can’t tell- I read quite a bit.

6. I adore concerts and events.

7. Movies are almost as important to me as books- and TV ranks up pretty high in that equation.

8. Traveling is what I want to do more of. I want to see places.

9. I’ve dipped my toes in the Atlantic Ocean, but one day I hope to dip my toes in the Pacific.

10. Broadway- I love Broadway shows. I could spend a week in NYC just going to Broadway shows.

11. My favorite flowers are roses- but I actually enjoy any type of flowers.

12. I love taking pictures. It’s a hobby; but it’s so much more. It’s a way of remembering things. People. Places. And so much more.

13. Overpriced coffee? Count me in. Especially those decadent, practically like a milkshake coffee.

14. The beach, seashells, the sounds of the ocean, and the smell of salty air is like a balm to my soul. I eagerly await each visit to the beach- and my heart is happiest when I’m frolicking on the beach.

15. I love perfume. And purses.

16. I read my horoscope in every magazine I get. Do I believe it? Not completely. But I don’t completely rule it out either. I’ve had my fortune read before as well. Is it a sham? Possibly. But it’s kind of fun to hear what someone else thinks your fortune is.

17. One dream of mine: to write a blurb for a book. I would love to see my blurb on a cover (or heck even on the inside cover!)

18. Another dream: to go see a taping of The Price is Right. And then to be called so I can #comeondown

19. I swam with dolphins once. It’s still one of my favorite travel experiences.

20. Some of my all time favorite movies are: The Cutting Edge, Runaway Jury, Malice, A Few Good Men, Gone With The Wind, Top Gun, Beaches and Dirty Dancing.

21. I read Rebecca and watched the movie. I actually prefer the movie.

22. I wish I had musical talent- and would love to be able to play the saxophone.

23. I hate putting up and taking down a Christmas tree- but after it’s up, I can sit and look at it for quite some time and just feel peaceful.

24. I long to one day have a room in a house that is decorated like this: A purple or dark blue velvet like couch, with bookshelves galore for many of my books. A sound system to play whatever music I’m wanting to listen to- from classical to pop to rock to oldies (and so much more!) My room would also have a disco ball (I’m def not saying this would be a classy room- it would just be my safe room- a room with some of my fav things).

25. Ferris Wheels and parasailing- 2 things that I can do over and over again and never get sick of.


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