Literary Friday ya’ll…

My aunt is coming in for the weekend and while not sure what all will  be going on- I highly doubt that I will blog or social media much this weekend…..

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Literary Friday ya’ll…..

The last time I posted a Literary Friday was MAY 25th. I was getting ready to go to Book Expo and I was going to keep on top of Literary Friday posts and summer was going to be great and…. well summer has been great. Summer, for me, time speeds up and slows down. I make less plans in the summer (well, I always have a plan with my pool for relax time 😉 I make more time for my nieces, and I just relish the sunshine days of summer. But even though the days are longer- there seems to be more to do- watering the garden, deadheading the flowers, keeping the cats comfortable, hours getting ready for swim time with 2 nieces, and sunscreen (if I could get back a tenth of the time I use spreading sunscreen on my nieces- well, it would still be June!)

So, it’s a massive Literary Friday- with lots of links, etc. I promise things will get back to normal soon 🙂 🙂 Continue reading

Literary Friday, ya’ll….


Ya’ll… I am still coughing some from the cold that wrestled me to the ground and has made the last few weeks really annoying.  I haven’t really felt like blogging, I finally started feeling like reading a week or so ago- I mainly felt like binge watching Revenge (Season 1) and reliving Emily Van Camp’s revenge-tastic ways!

Tomorrow, the weather is supposed to be bad. Like tons of rain, maybe some hail. My plan: Read a little, watch some TV and snuggle up with the cats.  Continue reading

Literary Friday ya’ll….

Hi folks…. It’s kinda rainy and dreary today and I’m really wanting to finish When Life Gives You Lululemons (61% in and really enjoying it!)

I’ll be going to the Garden Extravaganza tomorrow with my parents- we’re looking forward to hearing some of the panels and I want to look at the gazebos and dream happily away about how my yard would look with something so nice in it 🙂 Continue reading

Literary Friday, ya’ll….


Last week I spent Saturday with my nieces- it was a nice day in the park and then we had dinner at Mugshots and on the way out of town my mom and I picked up Krispy Kreme doughnuts. On Sunday, I took time out for a pedi and some Target shopping- got my girls some Easter goodies and picked up some Mrs. Meyer’s cleaner stuff (love those products!)

This weekend- my plan is to clean the garden up a bit and do some more blogging. I also plan to catch up on my Instagramming!  Continue reading