Literary Friday ya’ll…


Well it’s FRI-YAY! ❤ How has your week been? My copy of One by One arrived this week ( a little treat since my A1C was 5.5- whoooooooooooo!) and I stopped by the library to pick up A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder (requested via inter-library loan.) Continue reading

Literary Friday ya’ll….


Well this week has been a bit busy: Haircut, dentist appointment to get a cavity filled ( I hate having dental work), an interview, and of course today- A1C test. By the time this posts, I’ll have seen him and had blood drawn and will just be waiting to see my numbers. Hoping for GOOD news.

How has your week been? Continue reading

Literary Friday ya’ll…


Ya’ll… the last Literary Friday was June 19th. I am just going to let the shame of NOT keeping up my LF posts wash over me while I also cry in my large wineglass because I have 20 %^$^ book review blog posts to start getting caught up with.

There comes a time every summer- it’s never really the same time- that I get super un-organzied and the blog just goes to the back of my To-do List. I am trying to shift out of that time.

Be sure and let me know in the comments what you have been reading, podcasts you have been listening to and more- because I’ve missed you guys SO much! Continue reading