Literary Friday ya’ll….

Well.. today I’m off to hang out at the State Fair with the 2 sweet nieces. I’m going to enjoy roasted corn, ride the pirate ship & have fun. Last year, I fed a camel- we’ll see what interesting animals are there this time 🙂 Continue reading


Literary Friday ya’ll…..

Well, I started the week off with a cold 😦 Sigh. I binge watched Blacklist Season 1, used 500 boxes of Kleenex, and pretty much just felt like a zombie. Cold medicine knocks me out and makes me so groggy for hours- I have been known to not remember to put sugar in tea while taking medicine. SIGH….

Feeling better now though… mostly…. Continue reading

Literary Friday ya’ll…..

The last time I posted a Literary Friday was MAY 25th. I was getting ready to go to Book Expo and I was going to keep on top of Literary Friday posts and summer was going to be great and…. well summer has been great. Summer, for me, time speeds up and slows down. I make less plans in the summer (well, I always have a plan with my pool for relax time 😉 I make more time for my nieces, and I just relish the sunshine days of summer. But even though the days are longer- there seems to be more to do- watering the garden, deadheading the flowers, keeping the cats comfortable, hours getting ready for swim time with 2 nieces, and sunscreen (if I could get back a tenth of the time I use spreading sunscreen on my nieces- well, it would still be June!)

So, it’s a massive Literary Friday- with lots of links, etc. I promise things will get back to normal soon 🙂 🙂 Continue reading