Literary Friday ya’ll…..


Hi ya’ll…. it’s another week almost over and the weekend is SO close. I’ve got books, books, books to read and some walking and music to listen to. So yay!

After the arctic freeze a couple weeks ago, these days have felt very nice and I am looking forward to spring when I can get my hands dirty with some plants- I’m def getting a hibiscus for by the pool!

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Literary Friday ya’ll….


I haven’t been around much on the internet this week- been trying to stay warm since it’s been frigid temperatures all week long (plus snow and sleet). Tomorrow I think we’re supposed to get up to 45 degrees which considered what we’ve been dealing with will feel positively spring like now!

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Literary Friday ya’ll…


Well it’s another Friday and this week Mississippi had it’s first snap of really cold weather. Morning time when I normally would be walking outside was like 25 degrees and that is a big ole NOPE to walk in. So I did some more elliptical trainer this week and even dusted off the old treadmill for a walk (but I much prefer to walk outside than on the treadmill.)

Still have not put the Christmas tree yet, but that will be happening soon. I’ve been digging around on my Kindle for books to read this week and found some forgotten e-ARC’s of All The Broken People by Leah Konen and Little Threats by Emily Schultz. Both published earlier in 2020. I’ve finished All The Broken People (it was ok- mainly 3 stars) and about halfway finished with Little Threats (which is a bit hard for me to classify- the main crime in the book took place when the main character was 16- but the book is also focusing on the aftermath of her crime after she gets out of jail at 31. There is def a true crime feel to it as well.)

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Literary Friday, ya’ll


How has your week been? Mine has been a blur of days- not being sure what day it is- watching re-runs of Law & Order and Chicago PD and doing the elliptical trainer in the morning while watching old school CSI (season 1!)

I’ve also been trying to tackle some little projects around the house- getting closets organized, mainly.

My reading this week has been so-so- I finished The Lions of Fifth Avenue and I’m around 60% into The Wrong Family.

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Literary Friday ya’ll…

Well, it’s Saturday, but I was busy all day on Fri-YAY! 🙂

How has your weekend been? I finished A Good Girls Guide To Murder early this morning (it was ok to me- I doubt I’ll be checking out book 2) and then I’ve done some blogging.

I have started on Home Before Dark- it’s going to be my creepy Halloween read. Of course it’s going to be my read during the day book because I can’t read creepy stuff before bed. Continue reading

Literary Friday ya’ll…

Well… It’s Literary Friday… err Sunday 🙂  How has your weekend been?

Yesterday’s morning walk was COLD. It was 42 degrees and I was NOT loving it. My hands were freezing, I dropped and broke my favorite water bottle, and it’s just a reminder that I need to get my cold weather walking supplies together… because winter is coming.

But TODAY. Glorious weather. Gorgeous. Nice. I was not cold at all. That’s the thing about MS weather- it will change on you in a minute.

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