Literary Friday ya’ll……

Well, today is the day that I’ll be at the state fair with one of my nieces! She rode all the kids rides last year and I’m hoping there will be some fun ones for her this year. We’ll also have to get some roasted corn and they have a seal show this year- so stop by there. Continue reading


Literary Friday ya’ll….

You guys! I did my first 2 Instagram stories this week! *APPLAUSE* Now, since they only stay up for 24 hours- you can’t see them, BUT since I took the plunge and tried them- I’m going to be incorporating them more into my social media- so if you aren’t following me on IG (and if you aren’t- why not?!) check me out on Instagram! Continue reading

Literary Friday, ya’ll…

Whatcha got planned for Labor Day Weekend? My brother and his family are coming to town one day this weekend, my uncle is planning a big Labor Day cookout, and I’m planning to enjoy some of this beautiful weather and a good book or 2 😉

Some updates since the last Literary Friday did not get posted because Miss A was in town for an extra long weekend: Continue reading

Literary Friday, ya’ll….

Ya’ll…. I got back from Orange Beach late yesterday afternoon. After cuddling 3 kitty cats, I headed started the task of unpacking/washing clothes. Love vacation, but the unpacking = ugh. I’ll have more to say (plus some pictures) in a later post 🙂 🙂 Continue reading