Literary Friday ya’ll…..

Last weekend, Miss A was in town. We went to the state fair, watched movies, took some pictures and played with a bubble gun! The weather was still pretty warm, but this week fall has def arrived! (Still wearing shorts because it’s Mississippi, ya’ll- it’s cooler, not cold 😉 Continue reading


Literary Friday, ya’ll….

This week has felt all fast to me- like one day it’s Monday, then it’s Friday! I had to take Jerry to the vet yesterday- he’s had his medicine dosage changed again. We also went to a new vet because I have never been that pleased with the vet he was seeing (they are just closer to my house.) It’s around ten miles further, but I’m leaning toward swapping vets. Continue reading

Book Talk With R & T: Movie Cast for THE FORTUNE HUNTER

dream cast for The Fortune Hunter Book Talk With R and T

This week of THE FORTUNE HUNTER is quickly coming to a close- Book Talk with R & T has a couple more things up our sleeves- and then the week is over! Don’t forget to enter the giveaway over at Ivory Owl Reviews (it’s on the main page, top right hand corner!) Continue reading