Literary Friday ya’ll…


Well I didn’t get around to Literary Friday last week because the nieces arrived on Thursday and basically my weekend basically consisted of these tweets. Β Then my youngest niece got a round brush tangled to the extreme in her hair (like I thought I might have to cut her hair tangled). And then my oldest niece stayed at the house till Thanksgiving and proceeded to ask 1 million questions a day (tweet accurately displaying my reaction to all.those.questions.) So hey… if you aren’t following me on Twitter, maybe you should. My GIF game is strong πŸ™‚ Continue reading

Literary Friday ya’ll…


Well it’s the Friday before Halloween (and I hear that tomorrow night is supposed to be a blue moon) and while I’m not dressing up for Halloween on the couch- I am hoping to watch Practical Magic tomorrow night.

What are your Halloween plans? Continue reading

Literary Friday, ya’ll….

This week has felt all fast to me- like one day it’s Monday, then it’s Friday! I had to take Jerry to the vet yesterday- he’s had his medicine dosage changed again. We also went to a new vet because I have never been that pleased with the vet he was seeing (they are just closer to my house.) It’s around ten miles further, but I’m leaning toward swapping vets. Continue reading

Literary Friday ya’ll….

So…. Last week I was at Book Expo. It was really great and I enjoyed seeing old friends and finally meeting some of these people that I’ve been talking and emailing with for years! When I came home, though, it was back to being cat mom and super aunt.. One of my cats started feeling bad so we had to go to the vet (she’s beginning to feel better), my nieces came over and Little A had a cold and Miss A had a million stories to tell and treasure hunts for us to go on! Continue reading