If You Liked THE SPARROW SISTERS.. Try this!

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Well folks- the week of Book Talk with R & T is coming to a close (big dramatic sigh!) It’s been a great week- a good book was picked and we’ve had some great social media happening! Before we delve into this final post, some housekeeping!

Be sure and check out Ivory Owl Reviews as she’s super fab and the best Book BFF a girl can ask for. Also give her review a looking over if you are on the fence about getting The Sparrow Sisters! Don’t forget to enter the giveaway, as well! Want to know more about Ellen Herrick? We have an interview! And lastly, if Rhiannon’s review didn’t convince you- maybe my review will! Continue reading

Interview with Ellen Herrick, THE SPARROW SISTERS

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On the third day of Book Talk With R & T- what do we have? An interview with Ellen Herrick. *Pause for applause*

Ellen tells us a bit about the cover selection process and what she is a world class act at- so stick around, read the interview and then pop over to enter the giveaway of The Sparrow Sisters! After that, give Ivory Owl Reviews a visit- because she rocks.

Ready for the interview? Let’s go! Give me an I-N-T-E-R-V-I-E-W! Continue reading

Announcing the new Book Talk With R & T: The Sparrow Sisters by Ellen Herrick

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Hello! Back when I attended BEA 2015 and heard about this book, I just knew this would be a contender for Book Talk With R&T!

As the discussion began for the next Book Talk, I suggested this and Gates of Evangeline (a book I LOVED) and we debated back and forth. Forth and back. Up and down. Down and up. I was about to the point of wanting to consult a psychic about which book to choose.

And here we are. Choices were made. Interview lined up. Giveaway procured. Enjoy!

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of Book Talk With R & T- give my fabulous co-host, Rhiannon @ Ivory Owl Reviews some major loving! And then check out Ellen Herrick on Twitter and Facebook. Be sure and give her some bookish love on 9/1 as THE SPARROW SISTERS hits the shelves! Continue reading

Book Talk With R & T: RUIN FALLS Potential Movie Cast

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Ahh, one more day till we get to the spoilers of this Thriller-licious book, RUIN FALLS. Today, though, Rhiannon and I will be chatting about a cast for the movie! You know the drill, before we get to the good stuff- we’re going to give a little shout-out linky love- you can enter the RUIN FALLS giveaway either at Traveling With T or Ivory Owl Reviews. Read about Jenny’s fav female thriller writers in Interview with Jenny Milchman at Traveling With T. And check out my gal, Rhiannon at Ivory Owl Reviews giving Jenny major snaps for writing a thriller in the way it should be written at Ivory Owl Reviews review of RUIN FALLS. Continue reading

Book Talk With R & T: Interview with Jenny Milchman, author of RUIN FALLS

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Hey everyone! Well today as part of Book Talk With R & T you get to hear it straight from the author’s mouth- yes, folks, Jenny Milchman took some time to answer some questions- so yay!!! Before we go to the interview portion of the show- let’s take a moment to do some linky love. First, Rhiannon @ Ivory Owl Reviews review of RUIN FALLS is fantastic- she says “It was exactly what a thriller should be!” (Doesn’t that just make you curious?! You know, if it does- well, there is a giveaway!!!) Continue reading

Ruin Falls by Jenny Milchman

Book Talk with R and T spooky

Welcome, welcome all!!! Today’s the day for reviews- both here and at Ivory Owl Reviews! So do both Rhiannon and I a big favor- check out the reviews and if it sounds like a book you’ll be interested in- enter that big ole giveaway!

And now… without further wait…. I bring you my review of RUIN FALLS (cue dramatic music): Continue reading

Literary Friday ya’ll……

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It’s Literary Friday- and I’m off to eat some fair food and ride the pirate ship a gajillion times! What else is happening on Literary Friday? Well, let’s check it out….. Continue reading

Book Talk with R & T: The Fortune Hunter by Daisy Goodwin

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Hello! We’re back! Yes, folks- Book Talk with R & T is back! We (me and Rhiannon from Ivory Owl Reviews) had so much fun with the first Book Talk with R & T selection, UNTIL YOU’RE MINE by Samantha Hayes- that we decided to do this again! So this time the buzz is going to be all about THE FORTUNE HUNTER by Daisy Goodwin! Continue reading

Literary Friday, ya’ll…

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It’s Friday. And a pile of corn is coming to my house tomorrow- which means I’ll be pretty busy all weekend!

1. Deep South Magazine and #literaryfriday: Win THE STORIES WE TELL by Patti Callahan Henry, read the review of THE MOCKINGBIRD NEXT DOOR, and check out Hemingway’s recipe for a daiquiri. Plus- much, much, much more! Continue reading

Thursday Mashup


It’s late and I missed my Thursday Mashup last week (I know- the week absolutely flew by and I had some cool links- which I’ll share today!)


Ivory Owl Reviews is giving away 2 signed copies of ON GRACE by Susie Schnall (look for Rafflecopter widget in sidebar!)

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