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Holly Goddard Jones, author of The Next Time You See Me 9-16-13

B.A. Shapiro, author The Art Forger 9-10-13

Dana Bate, author The Girls’ Guide to Love and Supper Clubs 9-4-13

Emily Liebert, author of You Knew Me When 9-2-13

Denise Swanson, author of Murder of a Stacked Librarian 9-2-13

Reba White Williams, author of Restrike 8-26-13

Shannon Polson, author of North of Hope 8-21-13

Katherine Center, author of The Lost Husband 8-20-13

Jolina Petersheim, author of The Outcast 8-19-13

Rita Leganski, author of The Silence of Bonaventure Arrow 8-15-13

Courtney Miller Santo, author The Roots of the Olive Tree 8-12-13

Lucy Burdette, author of Topped Chef: A Key West Food Critic Mystery 8-9-13

Ashton Lee, author  of The Cherry Cola Book Club 8-5-13

Marci Nault, author of The Lake House 8-5-13

Randy Susan Meyers, author of The Comfort of Lies 8-1-13

Amy Shearn, author The Mermaid of Brooklyn 7-29-13

Beth Hoffman, author Looking for Me 7-22-13

Mia March, author of Finding Colin Firth 7-22-13

Claire Cook, author of  Time Flies 7-17-13

Meg London, author of Laced With Poison  7-15-13

Wendy Francis, author of Three Good Things 7-15-13

Brenda Janowitz, author of  Recipe for a Happy Life 7-8-13

Colette Freedman, author of The Affair 7-10-13

Cindy Wolfe Boynton, creator of Literary New England 7-9-13

Lori Nelson Spielman, author of The Life List 7-2-13

Karen Brown, author of The Longings of Wayward Girls 7-2-13

Kim Foster, author of A Beautiful Heist 6-28-13

Kimberly McCreight, author of Reconstructing Amelia 6-27-13

Susan Rebecca White, author A Place at the Table 6-24-13

Beth Albright, author of The Sassy Belles 6-19-13

Marybeth Whalen, author of The Wishing Tree 6-19-13

Erika Marks, author of The Guest House 6-11-13

Danna Pycher, author of 3rd Generation and Beyond 5-17-13

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