The Silent Sister Readalong Part 3 (Spoilers/Discussions)

The silent sister readalong

Hello all! We’re in the final week of The Silent Sister readalong- and this Part 3 is a doozy! The secrets that have been revealed and hinted at in the first 2 parts all culminate to a big ole BOOM. So buckle up- and join in the ride! Continue reading

The Silent Sister Readalong Part 2 (Spoilers and Discussion)

The silent sister readalong

Hello and welcome to Part 2 of the discussion of THE SILENT SISTER! First, thanks to everyone who joined in Part 1– you’re awesome-sauce!

If you haven’t joined in yet- PLENTY of time to join in the fun. While this post is all about Part 2- feel free to go back to Part 1 to comment! Continue reading

Literary Friday, ya’ll…..

literary friday

It’s been a crazy week with my internet at home being so spotty! 😦 😦 But today is Literary Friday- so let’s end this work week on a high note!

1. Deep South Magazine and their #literaryfriday: John Grisham news, Southern Lit Lovers at Goodreads will be chatting with Sarah Addison Allen in November, and Eudora Welty chit-chat. Plus MUCH more! Continue reading

The Silent Sister ReadAlong Week 1 (Spoilers and Discussion)

The silent sister readalong

Hey ya’ll! So today is the first day of THE SILENT SISTER Readalong. We’ll be discussing and spoiling pages 1-104 of the book. I know, I know- you may be thinking “what?!” Don’t worry- we’ll be giving plenty of notice before we got to the spoilers portion of today’s program. If you are just now hearing about this readalong- don’t fret! You can join in at anytime- but we’ll only be discussing Part 1 (pages 1-104) in this post. October 24th we’ll discuss Part 2 (pages 107-233). October 31st will be Part 3 (pages 237-343). Join in the fun- we want to hear what you think!

Ok, well it’s time to start the discussion and start spoiling some things- so if you haven’t read yet and don’t want to be spoiled……. STOP HERE. Do not read further. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. Come back when you’ve read pages 1-104! Continue reading

Literary Friday ya’ll……

literary friday

It’s Literary Friday- and I’m off to eat some fair food and ride the pirate ship a gajillion times! What else is happening on Literary Friday? Well, let’s check it out….. Continue reading

Did You Hear About THE SILENT SISTER Readalong?

The silent sister readalong

Hey, hey, hey! So in case you missed the fabulous chat the other night with Diane Chamberlain about her latest, THE SILENT SISTER, you probably missed the news that Erin from Deep South Magazine and I will be hosting a readalong in October. Yes, it’s true! With THE SILENT SISTER making both Deep South Magazine Fall/Winter Reading List AND She Reads Books of Fall– well, E and I knew this was a sign- and knew we needed to make something bookishly cool happen. Continue reading