Literary Friday, ya’ll….

literary friday

Today is Friday- YAY! The past few days have just been kinda a blur- I’ve been making lists, checking things off my list, up to eyeballs in social media, and trying to up my Pinterest game. What have you been doing?


1. Deep South Magazine and their #literaryfriday: Jennifer Lawrence as Zelda Fitzgerald, recipe for Puffy Ginger Hoecakes and much more! Plus a special post about Rebecca Wells!


2. Ready to read some holiday reads? Thanks to Donna at OnDBookshelf, I saw a post about Ho-Ho-Ho Readathon happening from 11/9-11/15. For more info and to link-up, check out Caffeinated Book Reviewer‘s post. Continue reading

Literary Friday ya’ll….

literary friday

Weekend plans: organizing and purging bookshelves. Send wine.

Cute cat moment: Last night, Jerry was looking in the window at me. I went outside and picked him up to let him play and snuggle inside. The gymnastics was on and as he walked toward “his” chair- he paused and began to watch the TV. He was def rooting for Team USA last night!!

Second cute cat moment: I was sitting outside trying to catch the Perseid Meteor Shower last night. Not really being sure what to look for, I just grabbed a chair and sat down. There was a path in the sky- it had almost a cloud look to it, but it was less opaque- so I wondered if that was going to be an area to watch. I sat down, got comfy and began looking at stars. I saw 1 shooting star ( or maybe it was a meteor?) and I settled in for more. Sir Thomas climbed on my lap and stretched his arms to hug on me- so we sat out there and watched for awhile. Until the cloud cover became too thick to see!

But enough about my cats.. Seriously, though.. send wine. It will be put to good use while I work hard on the books 😉 Continue reading

Literary Friday, ya’ll…

literary friday

Ya’ll… It’s hot. HOT. I do not look good sweating and as I was walking the yard looking for my missing cat last night, rescuing a bird, and then saving a frog’s life from one of my other cats- I was hot. Redfaced. Upset because my cat that was missing is my sweet cat- but the one who manages to find trouble (Last time he went missing- he came home with a broken hip and over 500 bucks later at vet- he at least can climb and jump again!) So, when I saw a furry black creature running toward me last night and then heard his signature “Brr-ing”- I scooped him up and took him in the house for our version of Facetime (Jerry rubs my face with his head and sings “Brr-ing”)  and me a very cold drink! Being a cat momma is tough work!


1. Deep South Magazine and #LiteraryFriday: News about The After Party, what book nerds are guilty about doing over the summer and more! Continue reading

Literary Friday ya’ll….

literary friday

I’m rushing about today as it’s the beginning of Memorial Day weekend, I’m getting ready to have dinner with my sweet Miss A (love my niece) and my garden is calling my name. So is lunch 😉


1. Deep South Magazine recently revealed 34 Summer Reads! And mark your calendar for June 3rd- the first DSM Twitter Chat will be happening with Laura McNeill! Here is their #literaryfriday news! Continue reading

3 Reasons You Should Visit Greenwood, MS

why you should visit greenwood ms

I remember as a kid riding over to Greenwood from my house. It’s not that far away (30-ish miles) but in my kid mind, it felt far. My mom would have the music jamming ( no kid music played in the car- we listened to Robert Palmer, Eric Clapton, Bruce Springsteen & many others!) and I would begin to scan the horizon for the McDonald’s sign. The Golden Arches beckoned and let me know that we were in Greenwood. As the years went by, we didn’t visit Greenwood as much, but then I happened to hear about Jill Conner Browne (author of The Sweet Potato Queens’ Book Of Love)  having a signing at TurnRow Books and well.. the rest is history.

I began keeping an eye on the events at Turnrow Books long before I identified as a book blogger, but having an indie bookstore so near to me has proved to be an asset to my role as a blogger.

But what does all this have to do with visiting Greenwood? I’m getting there! Continue reading

The Opposite of Everyone by Joshilyn Jackson Readalong (Part 3)

Joshilyn Jackson Readalong


Well folks- this is it! The Opposite of Everyone Readalong with Deep South Magazine is coming to a close! Quick reminder: Today at 2pmEST we chat with Joshilyn Jackson about the book, the characters, and much more! Join the chat by using the hashtag #southernlit.

Check out Deep South Magazine to find part 3 notes and here are notes to previous weeks! Continue reading

The Opposite of Everyone by Joshilyn Jackson Readalong (Part 2 Notes)

Joshilyn Jackson Readalong


Hello folks- I hope you are beginning the last section in The Opposite of Everyone readalong- hosted by Deep South Magazine. For a full schedule- visit Deep South Magazine (and mark your calendars for March 18th- we Twitter chat with Joshilyn at 2pmEST #southernlit.) Continue reading

Literary Friday, ya’ll….

literary friday

Happy Literary Friday! Wait.. Oops, it’s Saturday. Mea culpa on being a day late. There has been a lot of things demanding my attention lately (plus 3 overindulged cats). Today is cloudy and rainy- turning cool- and I had plans to attend an event called Mistletoe Marketplace- but the weather has made the idea of getting dressed in anything besides comfy yoga pants so I’m going to catch up on blogging. My motto for the weekend: Blog, baby, blog.


1. Deep South Magazine and their #literaryfriday: Hester Young interview, news about M.O. Walsh, and so much more!


2. A copy of THE IMMORTALS by Tori Eversmann is being given away at Traveling With T! Continue reading

Literary Friday ya’ll……

literary friday


Happy Literary Friday (err…. Saturday!) I’ll be honest- yesterday, while I had most of the Literary Friday post planned in my mind- I was just in a funky mood. I felt zapped. Cranky. Tired. I needed to take 5, get back in the right frame of mind and relax.

So, last night, after eating some delicious Mexican and texting with 2 friends (one who always has the appropriate HATERS GONNA HATE text and my other- who knows that piranhas sometimes take human form) helped get my mindset on the right track. And then I dived, headfirst, into the delicious writings of Beatriz Williams- and her last book about those Schyuler sisters- ALONG THE INFINITE SEA.

Now on to Literary Friday (albeit a day late!)

1. Deep South Magazine and their #literaryfriday: Literary Costume Ideas, news about festivals and 15 minutes with Ron Rash- and that’s just for starters!


2. Giveaways: Traveling With T has 2: THE GOOD NEIGHBOR by Amy Sue Nathan (currently 366 entries in the giveaway!) and  a Kindle Paperwhite giveaway from author L.A. Long. Doing Dewey is giving away SILVER TONGUE by AshelyRose Sullivan. Always With A Book is giving away PARCHMENT AND OLD LACE by Laura Childs.  Continue reading

Literary Friday ya’ll……….

literary friday


Hello! And welcome to a late night edition of Literary Friday! This week has flown by (or maybe it’s because I was on vacation through Tuesday- so I’ve had a short week!) Anyway, this Literary Friday is going to be short and sweet because while I did plan ahead for my blog posts- I have not found a minion to take over reading my emails or searching out best posts for my Literary Friday. But enough about that- let’s get this party started!


1. Deep South Magazine and their #literaryfriday: Banned Book Week, Diane Chamberlain interview and much more!


2. Giveaways: Traveling With T has 2 happening: MENAGERIE by Rachel Vincent and A Visa Gift Card up to $1,000 bucks from author Peter Golden. Doing Dewey has 1 that readers will be particularly interested in- AFTER YOU by JoJo Moyes. And lastly, Always With A Book has one for a book that I have in my reading stack- NIGHT BLINDNESS!  Continue reading