The Opposite of Everyone by Joshilyn Jackson Readalong (Part 3)

Joshilyn Jackson Readalong


Well folks- this is it! The Opposite of Everyone Readalong with Deep South Magazine is coming to a close! Quick reminder: Today at 2pmEST we chat with Joshilyn Jackson about the book, the characters, and much more! Join the chat by using the hashtag #southernlit.

Check out Deep South Magazine to find part 3 notes and here are notes to previous weeks!

Here we go with my thoughts!

Questions to consider about The Opposite of Everyone:

1. Would Paula be a lawyer, be as strong as a person as she it had she lived with Kai her entire childhood?

2. We’ve been discussing names quite a bit in The Opposite of Everyone- what if Kai’s mother had honored her wishes and called Paula “Kali”? Do you think something as simple (or depending how you look at it) as complex as a name has any future bearing on how we turn out, how we are perceived?

the opposite of everyone readalong dream cast for movie

Movie Cast Ideas

Last week we discussed casting Paula and Birdwine- but we didn’t discuss the other characters. Honestly, I’ve been unable to get a good picture in mind of the other characters. Erin at Deep South Magazine suggested Tobey Maguire for Julian and I could see that. Julian needs a fresh faced, earnest look about him- a little wide-eyed innocent. Who could play Kai?

Tell me your suggestions in the comments or on Twitter using the hashtag #jjreadalong.


the opposite of everyone paula quote 1


Did you find a quote(s) that you liked in part 3? Tell me or share them in the chat!


Audio versus book

I used to not be able to listen to audio books. The characters never sounded right to me in an audio book. That has changed a bit- I’ve listened to a few audio books in the last year or so and actually enjoyed them. I learned last year at the Mississippi Book Festival that Joshilyn Jackson reads her own audio books (in fact, has it in her contract that she will be the voice of the audio book). So, I listened to an audio sample today of The Opposite of Everyone and it was so good. Made me wish the clip was longer than 5 minutes.

Have you ever listened to an audio book of Joshilyn’s? If you have, do you prefer it to paper/e-books?


The Opposite of Everyone Readalong Pinterest


Don’t forget: See you at the Twitter chat today @ 2pmEST! Use #southernlit to join in!


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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