Literary Friday ya’ll….

literary friday

Weekend plans: organizing and purging bookshelves. Send wine.

Cute cat moment: Last night, Jerry was looking in the window at me. I went outside and picked him up to let him play and snuggle inside. The gymnastics was on and as he walked toward “his” chair- he paused and began to watch the TV. He was def rooting for Team USA last night!!

Second cute cat moment: I was sitting outside trying to catch the Perseid Meteor Shower last night. Not really being sure what to look for, I just grabbed a chair and sat down. There was a path in the sky- it had almost a cloud look to it, but it was less opaque- so I wondered if that was going to be an area to watch. I sat down, got comfy and began looking at stars. I saw 1 shooting star ( or maybe it was a meteor?) and I settled in for more. Sir Thomas climbed on my lap and stretched his arms to hug on me- so we sat out there and watched for awhile. Until the cloud cover became too thick to see!

But enough about my cats.. Seriously, though.. send wine. It will be put to good use while I work hard on the books πŸ˜‰

1. Deep South Magazine and #literaryfriday: Mississippi has a new poet laureate (and does anyone besides me flashback onto Sally Field talking about “The poet laureate of Dogwood Lane” in Steel Magnolias? Nope.. Just me. Ok πŸ˜‰ Book Festivals and more!


2. Some giveaways I noticed this week: A Goodreads giveaway of The Vanishing Year by Kate Moretti and Behind Closed Doors giveaway happening at Luxury Reading.


3. Wesley at Library Educated has a plea for help: A school library in her area needs a beefing up of their book supplies. If you know of any grants that she could apply for- shoot her an email!


4. #FuturitsicFriday giveaways: Over at Katie at Doing Dewey- these giveaways are happening- Truly, Madly, Guilty (ends tonight!), The Regulars, Heaven’s Ditch and Playing Dead. At my blog: Everything We Keep by Kerry Lonsdale!


5. All The Ugly and Wonderful Things by Bryn Greenwood published this week. I’ve heard good things. I’ve heard bad things. Some of the stuff is giving me flashbacks to The Glass Castle ( and sorry folks- I really disliked that book- it was just too much for me- the grittiness, the parental neglect, etc)- so I’m undecided now if I’ll read it or not. April from The Steadfast Reader read it and loved it and Sanovia from CreatyveBooks did not read it, but has all the feels on why she will never read it.


6. Katie at Doing Dewey starts a discussion on how do you use your To-Read pile? Pretty good stuff happening over there!


7. Sarah’s Book Shelves fangirls a bit over You Will Know Me by Megan Abbott!


8. OnDBookshelf reviewed Results May Vary be Bethany Chase this week- did she like it?


9. #FridayReads: I just received in the mail Crepe Factor by Laura Childs, so I’m probably headed back to NOLA, scrapbooking, and a mystery this weekend πŸ˜‰



*Stay tuned for more giveaways at Traveling With T happening soon. I’m also beginning the hard work of planning the next Futuristic Friday reads. Plus, Book Talk with R & T will be back before the end of 2016!*


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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12 thoughts on “Literary Friday ya’ll….

  1. Hi T, loved your post -visualizing your cats snuggling up while watching Team USA with you! I read lots of books you mentioned, and am now reading Truly, Madly, Ugly which is an interesting look at friends and neighbors. Hope its not as Ugly as the theme Behind Closed Doors…Wondering why so many titles have to use the same ‘words’ in their title…has to be a good marketing tool – easy to confuse. Now I have to go on over to Dewey to read about how to manage the TBR piles…whew, that’s a good dilemma but I could use help.

    • My cats are quite spoiled- and they would have it no other way πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I just purchased Truly Madly Guilty and plan to read it this week. I have Behind Closed Doors in my pile! Oh I hope you learn some tips to help you at Dewey’s!!!!!

      • I’m reading TMG right now and I’m not just LOVING it. It’s interesting, but I loved, loved, loved Big Little Lies and this one is falling short. I hope to start BCD soon!

      • T, I just finished it yesterday, and I felt the same way. I did manage to pass a point where I almost gave up reading it, somewhere – finally it did pick up the pace and got better. However, its not my favorite of Liane’s books.

        Behind Closed Doors is very creepy!

      • I completely agree. It did have some good parts, but I just felt their was a lot of buildup and not as much payoff as previous books by Liane. I still have Behind Closed Doors on my list. LynDee Walker’s latest, Lethal Lifestyles, was just put on Netgalley yesterday and as soon as LynDee let me know- I went over to get it (I get instantly approved from Henery Press!) I’m eye-ball deep in LL and loving it πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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