Literary Friday, ya’ll….

literary friday

Happy Literary Friday! Wait.. Oops, it’s Saturday. Mea culpa on being a day late. There has been a lot of things demanding my attention lately (plus 3 overindulged cats). Today is cloudy and rainy- turning cool- and I had plans to attend an event called Mistletoe Marketplace- but the weather has made the idea of getting dressed in anything besides comfy yoga pants so I’m going to catch up on blogging. My motto for the weekend: Blog, baby, blog.


1. Deep South Magazine and their #literaryfriday: Hester Young interview, news about M.O. Walsh, and so much more!


2. A copy of THE IMMORTALS by Tori Eversmann is being given away at Traveling With T! Continue reading

Literary Friday, ya’ll……..

literary friday

Traveling With T is back from vacation! I’m catching up a bit on posts, comments, emails, and the like- so rest assured, my digital life is going to get caught up- it’s just going to take some time!

But today.. It’s all about Friday- Literary Friday, that is! Some great links- Bloggiesta Challenges, reviews and more! Continue reading

Bloggers LOVE Belles… Sassy Belles!

bloggers love belles

Last summer, when Beth Albright’s debut, THE SASSY BELLES, made Deep South Magazine’s Summer Reading List- I had a good feeling about Beth. As bookish fate would happen, I was not the only one who felt this way- I found 2 other bloggers who adore Beth and her Sassy Belles just as much! Over the past few months, as we each have read the trilogy and the follow up novella- tweets and emails have been flying back and forth over the interwebs about how much we like this character, or how this character has changed so much, or how sweet some of the scenes in the books are! Continue reading