3 Reasons You Should Visit Greenwood, MS

why you should visit greenwood ms

I remember as a kid riding over to Greenwood from my house. It’s not that far away (30-ish miles) but in my kid mind, it felt far. My mom would have the music jamming ( no kid music played in the car- we listened to Robert Palmer, Eric Clapton, Bruce Springsteen & many others!) and I would begin to scan the horizon for the McDonald’s sign. The Golden Arches beckoned and let me know that we were in Greenwood. As the years went by, we didn’t visit Greenwood as much, but then I happened to hear about Jill Conner Browne (author of The Sweet Potato Queens’ Book Of Love)  having a signing at TurnRow Books and well.. the rest is history.

I began keeping an eye on the events at Turnrow Books long before I identified as a book blogger, but having an indie bookstore so near to me has proved to be an asset to my role as a blogger.

But what does all this have to do with visiting Greenwood? I’m getting there!

A few weeks ago, Deep South Magazine told me that they would be sharing news about winning a Girlfriend Getaway to The Alluvian Hotel and Spa which is right in the heart of the downtown Greenwood area. I began thinking about what I would do if I was to win a night at The Alluvian and thus- this blog post was born!


3 Reasons You Should Visit Greenwood, MS


1. Books: Living in Mississippi, I’m lucky to be in driving distance to 3 indie stores. Each has their own charms and while I won’t claim a favorite (because I love all bookstores) there is something a bit special about the building of Turnrow Books. Plus, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some really great folks- authors and other bookish folks at Turnrow!


I think I’m missing a few author pictures, but this gives you a taste of the talent that visits Greenwood!


2. Food– listen, T likes to eat. So, I’m always on the lookout for food. Off the top of my head, I can think of 4 places that you should visit in Greenwood (all in the downtown area) to eat. 3 of them I have tried and 1 I have not (but my momma says she’s taking me there soon- she LOVES The Crystal Grill!)

Delta Bistropub: Small plates of yummy food. Perfect for sharing. Get the crab cakes, the fried catfish skewers, and the fried green tomatoes (I don’t even LIKE tomatoes and I eat these!) Ask for comeback sauce. You won’t have room for dessert, but they have it (just in case you do!)

Lusco’s Restaurant: My dad’s cousin raves about the steak here. He’s a big steak eater and  this is where he goes when he wants a special treat. I went one night and dined on the shrimp (I love shrimp!) Good food (although I prefer Delta Bistropub more!)

Giardina’s: This one is the restaurant in The Alluvian. Two times before I had shrimp and really loved it. Plus you eat in this little rooms with curtains drawn around your area. The last time I was there, we had a different room- one of the larger rooms and I decided I was in the mood for a filet mignon. Best choice EVER. Tender. With a buttery-ness about it. So good!

Viking Cooking School– while technically not a restaurant in the true sense- you do get to eat what you cook, so perfect for a date night or a girls night out!

The Winery at Williams Landing– I rode over to dinner in Greenwood a few months ago with my parents (birthday dinner!) Anyway, my dad saw something a street or 2 over that he wanted to check out and I happened to notice this place. While I haven’t been yet- it sounds pretty cool and def worth to check out!


3. Shopping/Spa: A time at the spa is what everyone needs and The Alluvian (from what I’ve heard from countless people) provides a great experience. And then, when you are ready to shop- well The Mississippi Gift Company has something for everyone- Peter’s Pottery, collegiate items, jewelry and more!


So, let’s review….

Here is a T-approved itinerary for a visit to Greenwood, MS:

After you arrive at The Alluvian and unpack your bags- stroll down to Turnrow Books to purchase you a book or 2 (or a dozen- no judging!) They have a strong selection of signed books and you might get lucky and see an author event happening.

After you have taken care of your literary needs, the next store over is The Mississippi Gift Company. Stroll through the store, taking note of all the design ideas and other wonderful things. When you leave there, you will probably be hungry (I would be!) Both Delta Bistropub and Giardina’s are on Howard Street and they are just a few hop and skips away from one another. Lusco’s and The Crystal Grill is more of a driving situation (although not far from the hotel). Pick your place and then make a plan to dine at a least 1 other place (variety is the spice of life!)

If you’ve planned ahead, take advantage of a cooking class- and before you leave Greenwood, indulge in some spa time (your body says “Thank you!”) and then go and tell all your friends about the great time you had at Greenwood!


Have I enticed you enough to visit Greenwood? Then be sure and visit Deep South Magazine  for your chance to #win a 1 night stay at The Alluvian!


*What are you most excited to check out in Greenwood, MS? Tell me in the comments!*

Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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  1. The pompano, fried shrimp, Greek salad and onion rings are the bomb at Luscos!!! I could make a meal off Crystsl’s crackers and homemade 1000 Island dressing with coconut pie for dessert ( why, of course)!

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