Books That Go Bump In The Night: 4 Books from Wesley @ Library Educated

Books that go Bump in the night

Hey everyone- this is Wesley from Library Educated! We’re going to chat about Books That Go Bump In The Night!

Books That Go Bump In The Night


If you’re home alone on Halloween night and want to read something soothing to distract you from the mysterious noises in your house, I would suggest none of these.

American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis

American Psycho

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One of my nearest and dearest friends recommended this book to me. It sounded a little strange and not really “in my wheelhouse” but it was famous and I’d heard people talk about it so I figured why not?

So this book is filled with torture, sexual torture, drugs, murder and all kinds of inter-workings of a super deranged mind. The book is interesting in that this man is insane, and yet he still holds down an important job, people go on dates with him, and no one seems to be like “do you think that guy is ok?” There is also the distinct possibility that everything he did was just imagined because he’s INSANE and also high on cocaine. I feel like I need to take a shower just thinking about this one too long. Continue reading

Spook-Tacular October hosted by Traveling With T & Wesley at Library Educated

Spook Tacular October

Ya’ll- it’s a great time of the year! The leaves are turning, the weather is getting a bit of a nip in the air (well, kind of where I live) and the stores are filled with Halloween candy (mmmmm… candy pumpkins!) I was talking with Wesley from Library Educated way back months ago and mentioned that I had a sort of idea for the month of October- a spook-tacular idea (get ready- spook-tacular is the word of October!) So, I chatted with Wesley through email, and somehow managed to make this idea- that wasn’t even fully formed- clear enough for Wesley to hit the ground running- and producing 3 spooky-riffic guest posts. Then, partly because of a recent #BSCReadalong (yay for nostalgia reading!) and partly because I’ve been digging out RL Stine books for the 90’s Nostalgia Fright Fest hosted by Charleen @ Cheap Thrills (and oh yeah- partly because I met RL STINE this year- and totally fan-girled like my pre-teen self would have!) I decided to give RL Stine some major spook-tacular love during Spook-Tacular October! What is on the agenda for Spook-Tacular October? Right this way folks- just watch out for the zombies, skeletons, and the other creepy stuff that you might come across……………………….. Continue reading

Stirring The Plot by Daryl Wood Gerber

stirring the plot by daryl wood gerber #cozy #TravelingWithT #Halloween

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This book was sent to Traveling With T for review consideration.

Stirring The Plot

It’s Halloween time in Crystal Cove- and Jenna has The Cookbook Nook all ready for the most spook-tacular season! With Crystal Cove having many stores setting up Halloween displays and events- everyone is excited for the Halloween season. No one is more excited than the Winsome Witches, though, who host a major fundraiser each season. The Winsome Witches are a group of local women- and they always have a great time.  Until……………. Continue reading