The Scariest RL Stine Books……


It’ll be pretty apparent that I had a major thing for RL Stine books growing up (as you’ll be able to tell from many Spook-Tacular October posts devoted to RL Stine!) I like to credit RL Stine for beginning my love of a thriller at a tender age of pre-teen/teenager! While most of his books had more of a thriller feel to him (or at least the ones I read)- some did have a paranormal theme. And those are the ones that still give me the spooky feelings! Continue reading

“I’m Almost 29 And Can’t Read RL Stine!”: Guest Post Confession from Wesley @ Library Educated

“I’m Almost 29 and Can’t Read RL Stine: A Confession”

I am a total scaredy cat. I always have been; which means that RL Stine’s “Goosebumps” series were not my cup of tea as a kid, or as an adult!

However, one day if I get really brave these are the 5 “Goosebumps” books I would read!


It Came From Beneath The Sink


It Came From Beneath the Sink

Photo Credit: Goodreads

I feel like I could handle this one because I have never seen anything scary under any of my sinks. I mean, the only thing under my kitchen sink is a lot of cleaning products and those aren’t dangerous unless you drink them or rub them in your eyes. (Do NOT drink them or rub them in your eyes). Continue reading