Traveling With T’s 6 Favorite RL Stine Books

Oh RL Stine- many hours were spent reading your books! These are the 6 that stand out in my mind as the ones I read over and over and over (and did I mention over?!)

Although to be honest, THE FIRE GAME was probably my top fav- the other 5 really run in close. 

What made these my fav? The thriller-like plot. These were chilling (for a pre-teen mind anyway!) and I would find myself curling up with the books and trying desperately to figure out the plot before the end. And then after reading- re-reading to see if I could pick up on the clues.

Few more things:

  • LIGHTS OUT made me totally know camping was not in my future.
  • THE FIRE GAME- hello, hunky guy on the cover- he blows in town and starts romancing the sweet gal? Yep, I like my thriller with a side of romance, please!
  • BROKEN HEARTS was divided into sections- and began my love of books that go from past to present.



What were your fav RL Stine books? Did any of mine make the list?


Happy Reading and Have A Spook-Tacular October,

T @ Traveling With T

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