Literary Friday, ya’ll….

Well- Friday, we meet again 🙂 🙂 Big plans for the weekend include: blogging. Cleaning up some things. Organizing some paperwork. And maybe seeing Frozen 2 :)Next week, I’ll be back at the election polls for one more round of poll worker duties and then Thanksgiving.

Last weekend, I went to see Charlie’s Angels (pretty good) and get my nails done 🙂 Continue reading

Literary Friday, ya’ll…

Well, after the fun of Bouchercon (did you follow my adventures on Instagram?) and the November elections (and yes, folks- looks like there will be a run-off in less than 3 weeks!) I am a wee bit tired this week. And then yesterday, I found out my niece swallowed a penny. I need a Hallmark movie and a large drink. 😉

ALSO… we’re under a freeze warning tonight and the temperatures are looking pretty chilly for part of next week. Brrrrrrrrrr…. Continue reading