Literary Friday ya’ll….


Is it Friday? I seriously have to check my calendar these days. I know I’ve been missing from Literary Friday the past couple of weeks (apologies ya’ll). The days are running together and I’m wearing yoga pants like 95% of the time and I’m trying to NOT snack.

However, I have def gotten my reading mojo back- more on that in a bit. Also Chicago PD marathons are good ways to spend the day. Obviously, ice cream while watching Chicago PD would be the BETTER way to spend the day- but I’m trying to stay clear of the sweets. And the carbs.

How are you coping?


1. ICYMI at Traveling With T: In Five Years, Big Lies in a Small Town, Who Rescued Who, and The Honey-Don’t List.


2. In the last week-ish of time, I have read Stranger in the Lake by Kimberly Belle, In Five Years by Rebecca Serle, What You Wish For by Katherine Center, The Lying Game by Ruth Ware and The Girl He Used to Know by Tracey Garvis Graves. So far, for 2020, I have read 21 of 75 books (Goodreads goal). I am now reading: Not The Girl You Marry by Andie Christopher and Don’t Look for Me by Wendy Walker and listening to The Obsession by Nora Roberts and Daisy Jones & The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid.


3.  Have you read The Honey-Don’t List?


4. I LOVED Who Rescued Who– it’s so adorable!

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{ partner} Thanks @berkleypub for the free review copy of Who Rescued Who by @victoria_schade. . . It’s Friday & it’s been several days of social distancing & you know all I want to do is take a long walk through Sam’s Club, go to a fave restaurant & eat my food right there, & then sit outside on a patio & have a cocktail 🍹 But because I’m being responsible- I cannot. . . So I’ve been reading. Organizing my reading lists. And I absolutely 100% think that Who Rescued Who should be on your list! . . From my review: “Our main character, Elizabeth. She was charming. She was flawed. She was funny at times. I loved her influencer obsession- and then loved even more when she learned that sometimes life is better without a smartphone in your hand.” . . And that cover?! 😍😍 . . #genxbookstagrammers #travelingwithtreads #travelingwithtbookreviews #whorescuedwho #victoriaschade #dogsonbookcovers #bookmailisthebestmail #msbookstagrammers #mississippibookstagrammers #mustread📚

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5.  I spent Saturday by the pool- my feet dangling in the water- reading What You Wish For.

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Sitting outside, dangling my feet in the pool & reading What You Wish For by @katherinecenter ( thanks @stmartinspress for the e-ARC partner). . . Ya’ll I’m not going to lie- going a bit stir crazy here. I’ve got a million things that NEED to be done & a million more that I WANT to do & was planning on being all super productive this weekend- and then I found out this morning my AC was going to have to be replaced- so after doing some cleaning today- I decided that if anyone needed to dangle their feet in the water- well it was me. . . How are you handling social distancing? . . #mississippibookstagrammers #msbookstagrammers #genxbookstagrammers #whatyouwishfor #katherinecenter #katherinecenterbooks #travelingwithtreads #booksofinstagram #bookbloggers #bookbloggersofinstagram #readreadread📚

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6. Ya’ll- I totally read In Five Years in one day- it was THAT good.

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Today, when I woke up- instead of jumping out of the bed & tackling my ambitious to-do list, I laid in bed reading. I finished the last 15% of What You Wish For & then scrolled through my Kindle looking for a new book- & decided on In Five Years ( March’s @gmabookclub selection- thanks @atriabooks Partner for the e-ARC.) . . I am now 37% into this book & while it’s different than books I gravitate towards to normally- it’s got me sucked in & I predict that I will finish tonight/tomorrow. . . Laying in bed reading this morning felt so……. decadent. Ignoring all the things I SHOULD be doing. Taking a break from the list of things that NEEDED to be done. A bit of self care for my mind. . . I predict today will be a bit lazy. Yes, I will vacuum ( you would vacuum every day if you had hard wood floors & a cat!) I will wash a load of clothes. Go for a walk. But I’ll also take it easy. Give myself a break. Enjoy this snap of cooler air the rains last night brought ( the AC won’t be fixed till Monday!) . . What are you doing today? . . #genxbookstagrammers #travelingwithtreads #mississippibookstagrammers #msbookstagrammers #booksbooksbooks #readreadread📚 #bloggersofinstagram #bookbloggersofinstagram #infiveyears #rebeccaserle

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7. My #FridayReads… or #FridayListens if I’m being accurate..


8. The sun was shining, the sky was a perfect shade of blue and the grass was so vibrantly green- it made my heart happy.

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Getting healthy update: this week has had some setbacks & challenges. I’ve wanted to scream into a pillow at times. I finally managed to find my beloved chicken patties & the store also had a can of my fave chicken salad. . . I bought cheez its for the girls when they were in town only to find out they don’t like them- so I eat them. Carb wise, they could be a bit healthier- but they are not terrible if you pay attention to serving sizes. . . I’ve been spending more time outside- a girl can only watch so much TV before she starts feeling restless. . . As far as social distancing, I’m not doing bad. But I miss going out to eat. And shopping. And I’m bummed that my mom’s work conference has been cancelled because I was going to go & get a massage & spend time at the pool. Oh well. . . Healthy stats: Walked 🚶‍♀️5 miles Eating veggies: cucumbers 🥒 salad 🥗 asparagus. I also upped my Vitamin C intake this week with a clementine a day. Hand washing: all the damn time . . I also quit straightening my hair. I mean I’m not seeing anyone & I just decided that was one less thing to fuss with in these days. . . What are you doing to stay healthy? . . #rockstar1023getshealthy

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9. Have you read Big Lies in a Small Town?

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Thanks @stmartinspress { partner} for Big Lies in a Small Town by I reviewed it on my blog earlier this week & if you are a fan of Southern fiction & secrets- you gotta add this to your reading list. . . The dual timeline is my jam- even though I found Anna’s story to be the one I was most intrigued by. . . Have you read this book? Would love to hear what you think in the comments! . . #mississippibookstagrammers #msbookstagrammers #travelingwithtreads #travelingwithtbookreviews #genxbookstagrammers #bookmailisthebestmail #bookmailisthebestmail📪 #bigliesinasmalltown #bigliesinasmalltownbook #dianechamberlain #dianechamberlainbooks #southernfiction #dualtimeline

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*What are you reading this weekend?*


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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