Literary Friday, ya’ll…


Hi ya’ll…. Well this week I have been rolling that CRV down & up  the roads ( I’m going to start calling it the Tambulance 😉 My dad had cataract surgery on Tuesday and then we’ve had some follow up visits to make sure that everything is going a-ok- so if you’ve got some extra good vibes- send them our way!

I also had a pretty good Friday for book mail ( Hideaway and This Won’t End Well)


1. ICYMI at Traveling With T: Careful What You Wish For, Sleeping Beauty, and The Look-Alike.


2. From my review of The Look-Alike: “Mother/daughter dysfunctional stories can be my jam or they can be a disaster. This was my jam.”


3. Blame it on Bookstagram and Really Into This– because this book just THREW itself in my shopping cart while I was INNOCENTLY waking by the book section at Walmart. Don’t you hate when that happens? 😉


4.  Reviews and bookish stuff from the web and ‘gram: Really Into This reviews The Look-Alike, ReecaPieces reviews Cartier’s Hope, LoveofMuse talks about Mermaid Inn, Tina_ReadsBooks reviews Behind Every Lie, One_Never_Ending_TBR is giving away You Are Not Alone, Sand_Between_Pages is talking #SteamStack, Jenn at Tar Heel Reader reviews The Moonshiner’s Daughter,  & OrangeCountyReads has a #sunshinestack.


5. From my Instagram post about Sleeping Beauty: “So, in the world of internet slang- I would recommend swiping left on Sleeping Beauty & check out the Robin Lockwood series instead.”

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You know that recently I’ve been LOVING the Robin Lockwood series by Phillip Margolin if you read my blog or follow me on Twitter. So before Christmas, I was looking at some of his backlist books & Sleeping Beauty caught my eye. My brother gave it to me for Christmas & I began reading it pretty quickly fully prepared to be pleased & enjoy the heck out of the book because I know how good his writing ✍️ can be. . . Sleeping Beauty was unfortunately NOT up the caliber of the Lockwood series. . . From my review: “Sleeping Beauty was NOT bad, it just was not up to the snuff of the Robin Lockwood series. The book felt a bit disjointed at times and even…. rushed a bit.” . . So, in the world of internet slang- I would recommend swiping left on Sleeping Beauty & check out the Robin Lockwood series instead. . . #genxbookstagrammers #travelingwithtbookreviews #travelingwithtreads #sleepingbeauty #phillipmargolin

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6. #FridayReads: Strike Me Down.


7. From my review of Careful What You Wish For: “Unfortunately, it did not live up to my expectations. The mystery was just kinda bleh and the main character was a bit too naive for my liking.”

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{ partner @williammorrowbooks } When I was at Bouchercon, I got a chance to meet Hallie Ephron- an author who has written some mysteries that I’ve enjoyed in the past. . . I remember this book catching my eye earlier in 2019 & after Bouchercon, I moved it closer to the top of my TBR list. . . From my review: “ What I Liked: Emily’s profession! And the Marie Kondo reference!” . . Unfortunately this book was a little too light on the mystery aspect & the main character was a bit too naive for me to 100% recommend it to everyone I know. . . If you are looking for a light mystery or a quick read-then you may really enjoy this! . . #genxbookstagrammers #travelingwithtreads #travelingwithtbookreviews #carefulwhatyouwishfor #hallieephron #carefulwhatyouwishforbyhallieephron

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8. I’m using my Erin Condren notebook to keep track of blood sugar, miles walked, veggies I eat, and gold star moments in the whole life with diabetes.

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Using one of my @erincondren notebooks to keep up with my blood sugar readings, days of walking, & any other notes that might come in handy for myself & the doctor 👨‍⚕️ as I navigate the diabetic lifestyle. . . It’s been 51 days since I found out I was diabetic. I survived Christmas. I even lost weight during the holidays! . . January has had it’s highs & lows: there are days when I’m all 🎉 because I feel like I got this disease handled. Then I’ll have a reading like yesterday morning ( 189 fasting) and I’ll be all WTF 🤦‍♀️🔪🤯🤬🙇‍♀️ because I won’t have eaten for hours & it’s baffling. . . Today, I’m going to try to focus on some of the positives of this month: 👟 walked 9 miles in Jan. 💧 consumer tons of water Veggies: I am not a veggie lover, but I’ve incorporated cucumbers 🥒 green beans, cabbage 🥬 broccoli 🥦 salad 🥗 into many of my meals. ( Not all at same meal) Potatoes 🥔 I haven’t completely said goodbye 👋 but I limit them. And savor them when I have them. Blueberries & 🍊 are more part of my diet. 🥧 I had a small slice of chess pie on Jan 25th. It was delicious. First sweets I’d had since my diagnosis! . . ⚖️ I’m going to wait awhile before i start talking about weight loss ( actual numbers or range). I go see the dr in a few days! . . Numerous folks have told me that my face looks thinner 🤣 . .

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*What are you reading this weekend?*


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T


12 thoughts on “Literary Friday, ya’ll…

  1. I laughed about the book falling into your cart. I do that, too, and my husband is always baffled. Somehow he doesn’t understand why I would want to buy a book when I’m reading 5 and have 500 unread at home.

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