Literary Friday ya’ll….


Went with both mom and dad to dr this week (actually in the same day!)  I think we may be slowing down on some dr visits for a bit (maybe!) My cat, Callie, fell asleep on my feet last night while I was half sleeping/half watching Chicago PD and then we both woke up at 3am because I was like “GET off my feet, little girl- you are killing them.” She did not like being moved 😉


1. ICYMI at Traveling With T: The Sun Down Motel ( I LOVE this book!)


2.  Getting my walking mojo back on….

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This week has not been a good week for walking. Serious amounts of rain ☔️ & taking my dad to cataract surgery at 7am ( I was NOT happy about having to get up at 5am, but I guess he’s never happy about early morning airport runs for me- so I didn’t grumble… much 🤣) really derailed me. . . So I could have said- you know I didn’t get to walk for X days, let’s just quit & eat all the doughnuts 🍩 ( or cheesecake!) But here’s the thing- life is sometimes going to get in the way of my walking ( and other plans,) I cannot always wait for a new year, first of month, whatever to work on me. So days I cannot walk- I just have to make better food choices. Maybe dance a bit while I vacuum the house. Walk the house during the Law& Order re-runs commercials. . . I can tell I’m getting fitter. My calf muscles are getting back in shape ( for a short girl, I’ve always had a lot of muscle in my legs- which is why I never could wear the thigh high boots of my dreams). . . Off to have a nutritious breakfast & look up some exercises that will put more focus on making my legs look leaner while Niall Horan sings ‘Nice to Meet Ya’. . . What are your Saturday plans? . . #genxbookstagrammers #letsgowalking

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3. “The alternating chapters- I totally dig a book with alternating chapters when the secrets are revealed at just the right moment and I have to keep reading so I can enjoy every juicy bit of the story!”

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{ partner @berkleypub } Holy you know what! The Sun Down Motel by @simonestjames releases tomorrow & ya’ll.. YA’LL- THIS book is everything. . . First, I will totally admit that this was mainly picked up for the cover but I also loved the back cover copy. I read this back in maybe September 2019 & while yes I did read mostly during the day ( it’s not really scary- but there is a paranormal element & those books cannot be read ( for me) before bed!) . . From my review: “The alternating chapters- I totally dig a book with alternating chapters when the secrets are revealed at just the right moment and I have to keep reading so I can enjoy every juicy bit of the story!” . . Have you added The Sun Down Motel to your TBR list? . . #genxbookstagrammers #thesundownmotel #simonestjames #simonestjamesbooks #travelingwithtreads #travelingwithtbookreviews

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4. My friend, WriterRhiannon, started a hashtag on IG #irlreading, and I’m just keeping it completely real in this post.

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{ partner @harlequinbooks @kccpr }Happy Pub Day to @marykubica’s The Other Mrs. . . In honor of @writerrhiannon’s recent hashtag #irlreading, I’m bringing a level of transparency to today’s post that I don’t always bring. . . Ok sure I’m pretty authentic in my postings- and you’ve seen my post walk photos lately. But a lot of the times with my selfies- my hair is fixed, I’m in cute clothes, etc. Today, I’m wearing my glasses ( it’s possible you didn’t know I wore glasses), I’m wearing my Everything I Know, I Learned From Nancy Drew that i got at Bouchercon, my yoga pants ( which I use as more lounging type pants) & my hair has lost the battle with frizz because it’s rainy & humid in MS. . . This is a version of me in real life. I wake up, I walk, I read & eat breakfast & then I start the rest of the day- work, social media, etc. . . You probably still recognize me because I rarely use crazy filters ( except the kitten one because KITTENS!) But I Almost feel a little exposed because I didn’t try to fix my hair. Or put the better looking clothes on. . #genxbookstagrammers #travelingwithtreads #theothermrs #marykubica

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5. Reviews and stuff from the web and ‘gram: Bookfan is giving away The Sun Down Motel, Jenn Tarheel Reader reviews Dead to Her. ReecaPieces reviews Witness Protection Widow, Orange County Readers reviews Mercy House, LauraLovesToRead is giving away In Five Years, LoveofMuse has a gorgeous photo of Photos of You, Krystiyaandwine is talking about The Other Mrs., Aboookwormwithwine is raving about the audio of You Are Not Alone, AmyLynnLIfestyle is reading Feels Like Falling, TaysTallTales is getting ready to read No Exit, & ReadAholic19 is talking #TropeStack.


6. I finally finished Strike Me Down this week (and it was WHOA good- and now I am working on The Other Mrs. for my #FridayReads.


7. I did another Meet The Bookstagrammer post because I have gotten a fair amount of new followers (3 cheers for passing the 1.2k mark!)

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It’s time for a #meetthebookstagrammer post because I’ve noticed I’ve got a few new followers ( recently passed the 1.2k followers mark 🎉) and it’s always fun to introduce myself to folks! . . About Me: 1. I’m still trying to make fetch happen. 🤣 2. I’ve been blogging for over 8 years & while I sometimes wonder if blogging is dead- I cannot give it up. Love it too much! 3. I ( mainly) post a Literary Friday post weekly & try to give shoutouts to both blogs & ‘gram accounts. 4. I’ve got a green thumb & I love planting flowers in my garden. 5. I love to take photos ( I still actually have a real camera 📸) & I have tons of photos of my nieces. 6. Chicago PD has become of my new fave shows. 7. I love to go see movies at the theater. 8. I have a very spoiled tortie cat named Callie. 9. I love perfume! 10. I wish I lived closer to other bookstagrammers for a meet up/book swap. 11. Want to keep up with what I’m reading? Check Out #travelingwithtreads hashtag on IG. I tag all my book posts with that! 12. I would love, love, love to officially partner with brands like @erincondren, @sudio,@audible, & @livingproofinc Dreaming big ❤️ Side note: my hair in this photo is styled with a combo of LP products ( PHD shampoo & conditioner & No Frizz Styling Cream plus PHD heat styling spray) 13. A dream of mine? Working with an independent book store or authors directly to make their book events a social media success. 📚 14. A bad day at the beach is still better than a good day at the office. 🤣 15. I don’t travel nearly as much as I want to- hoping to change that. . . #genxbookstagrammers #travelingwithtreads #livingproofinc #livingproofhair #erincondren

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8. Some book mail to make the day better. Also blanket forts for adults is an idea that I can TOTALLY get behind.


*What are you reading this weekend?*


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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