Literary Friday, ya’ll..


Well another week of running the Tambulance and next week it will be rolling full blast!

It was a busy week- between my doctor appointment, my dad’s 2 appointments, blogging, cleaning the house and life… and the girls are coming to spend Sat and part of Sunday with me- so I stocked up on magic markers for them.


1. ICYMI at Traveling With T: I reviewed these books: Dying for Devil’s Food, The First Wife, and The Library of Lost and Found. I’m also hosting a giveaway of More Than Words.


2. My IG friend, Christine, is hosting a fitness challenge/motivation and I’ve been taking part in all week long! Also tomorrow: Marks 2 weeks of walking every day for 1 mile. I even walked today. In 34 degree temps.


3. Has anyone read Reputation?


4. #FridayReads: Still reading Strike Me Down- but actually, I haven’t been reading much this week. It’s just been a lot of DirectTv and Chill at night.


5. “How Phaedra Patrick ended the book. She wrote an ending that was perfect for Martha and everything she learned in this book.” Read full review at Traveling With T.


6. “Bottom line: The back cover copy and the cover (and heck even the title) really worked for me and made me anticipate this book being much better. All in all, it’s ok- but after reading The Look-Alike, I was anticipating a bit more of a storyline that wowed me.” Read full review at Traveling With T.


7. “Bottom line: Long time fans will if not quite enjoy, appreciate some of this book- but if you are new to the series, start with one before this.” Read full review at Traveling With T.


8. I’m armed with my Erin Condren notebook in my war against diabetes. I got a pretty good report from the doctor this week- but there is always work to be done.


*What are you reading this weekend?*

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