Literary Friday ya’ll….


Well this week has been a week and so Literary Friday has become Literary Saturday at 11:22 pm as I type like my favorite cat typing GIF (you know the one- where the cat is typing CRAZY fast!)

My nieces blew into town yesterday and then last night we found out that the oldest niece school will be closed for Mon and Tuesday. So they are staying till Tuesday- so I’ll prob be like a ghost on social media. Also send wine!

Then of course the toilet paper issue. Ya’ll- it’s CRAZY out there.

Today at the house brought back memories of my spring breaks from years ago- the girls helped clean up the yard of the limbs that was trimmed from bushes earlier this week. Keeping those hands busy so they don’t fight over the 1 Elsa doll their parents packed… even though I have heard they have 2 Elsa’s at the house.


1.  ICYMI at Traveling With T: Giveaway of The Mother-in-Law and review of A Reasonable Doubt.


2. Getting Healthy Update:

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Health update: This week, I walked 5 of 7 days- rain & a trip to Memphis kept me from walking everyday ( although in Memphis, I did walk quite a bit because the doctor office is never near the parking lot & while my mom was getting her mammogram- I took a stroll through the parking lot because my legs were feeling cramped.) 1. 👟 5 miles 2. Eating- a trip to Cracker Barrel did not go so well for me. I’ve been trying to eat out less ( and doing fairly well) but on the Memphis trip, we stopped on way home to eat there ( my mom loves the corn bread & white gravy). I decided to treat myself to a biscuit ( ok a biscuit & a half) & my blood sugar didn’t care for that treat. Will I stop eating there? Probably not because it’s a every few month place we visit but maybe only eat half a biscuit. 3. I’m working the election polls on Tuesday & I’m a little nervous- the last few times I’ve worked the polls, I’ve been able to rely on Mt. Dew & join in with the snacking that the other workers are doing ( plus there is a older lady who brings amazing peanut brittle for us poll workers). I’m going to have to be careful because I can’t do all the drinking & snacking 😢 4. I felt like crap 💩 today. Partly because of the time change. So after I walked & cleaned- I just took the day to read & watch TV & I ate some comfort food type thing for lunch ( some crackers with a teensy bit of peanut butter & a glass of Fairlife 2% lactose free milk- which only has 6 grams of carbs. 5. I’ve been walking a mile most days for a little over a month ( knocking on close to 6 weeks). I’m debating either upping my walk time to do 1.5 miles or starting back on my elliptical trainer ( which I love, but is a killer till my body gets used to it). Choices, choices. 6. I haven’t signed up ( yet) but there is a breast cancer walk in October that I am going to do ( hopefully). It’s more like a fun walk ( I think) but I would like to do it & have a goal in mind for how fast I should walk the event. 7. I’m less than a week away from being diagnosed with diabetes for 3 months. I’ve done a lot of work on myself, my eating habits in these 3 months. I just have to keep going! . . #rockstar1023getshealthy

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3. Working the election polls…


4. #FridayReads: I’m still listening to The Obsession. I also finished Big Lies in a Small Town (which I LOVED!)


5. Listening to The Obsession still..


6. This week Sir Thomas has been missing a year- I have heard of cats returning after years- and I hope that one day me and Sir Thomas will be reunited and he can tell me of the great adventure he had been on…


7. 3 months ago this week, I was diagnosed as a diabetic. I’m supposed to go on Tuesday to get my A1C tested- but I am not sure now if my appointment is still on.


*What are you reading this weekend?*


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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