Literary Friday, ya’ll….


Hey ya’ll- this week has been busy-ish: Went with my mom for a doctor appointment and mammogram (everything is still looking good- and by the way have you scheduled your yearly mammogram?) I had poll worker training ( I’ll be working the polls on March 10th) and I’ve been blogging and Instagramming 🙂

On to Literary Friday…

1. ICYMI at Traveling With T: I reviewed You Are Not Alone and The Other Mrs. I’m also hosting giveaways of You Are Not Alone and Forget You Know Me.


2. Getting healthy update!

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Taking a look 👀 back at my last week of getting healthy… 1. Walked every day for 1 mile. Heck, I even got up early one day so I could get my walk in before getting my hair done just because I wanted my streak to continue 🤣 2. No new to me veggies this week- I tried cucumbers soaked in white vinegar as opposed to apple cider vinegar because I wanted to see if there was less ‘bite’ ( maybe a little less, but that first bite of cucumbers 🥒 always gives me a wince face) 3. I had a slice of birthday cake for my nieces party. I missed out on cake for my oldest niece back in December because I had just been diagnosed & my meds def were not near levels to regulate my sugar- but I treated myself this time. Best. Damn. Birthday. Cake. Ever! 4. In clothing news: I wore the tights/leggings my mom purchased for me the other week & no children ran away from me or adults fainted- so I can wear tights now. 🤣 In all seriousness, I’ve had some hangups on what I felt my body type could wear- I’ve got muscular legs ( when I keep up with workouts) & I always felt they were a bit too chunky for tights in public. I feel differently about that now. I also feel differently about skinny jeans. Because they really do look better on me than most of the other jeans i‘ve spent hard earned 💵 on. 5. I’m now on the search for cute shoes to wear with my jeans ( I kinda want some flats & maybe a pair of cute sneakers- but not athletic shoes) 6. Am I feeling better? Yes. Not as tired. I love the feeling after my morning walk- & I feel like I’m filling my own well lately- & thus having energy for the pursuits that make my heart sing. . . It’s not easy. I worry about hitting plateaus in my weight loss. I still think that the weight goal my doctor has suggested is crazy Town. But progress is happening & for that I am crazy grateful. ❤️ . . #rockstar1023getshealthy #letsgowalking

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3. Have you entered to win Forget You Know Me?


4. I reviewed You Are Not Alone this week. From my review: “The plot of the book. From how the book gets set up to how the chapters are placed with care- revealing bit by bit- but leaving you plenty opportunity to guess what could happen next (or just to sit back with your hot chocolate and enjoy the book!)”


5.  Have you read The Other Mrs.? From my review: “The creepy atmosphere of the book. Moving to Maine, a place you have to take a ferry, and you can’t get off the place until the ferry comes back and then it’s winter and you know the ferry is going to be unreliable? Add in a murder and a house that just gives you chills? YES, please!”


6. Have you entered to win You Are Not Alone?


7. #FridayReads: On Ocean Boulevard by Mary Alice Monroe and listening to The Obsession by Nora Roberts.


8. Cute AF magnet.


9. March 3rd was a big pub day- SO many books published- but I was really excited about this book by Samantha M. Bailey!


10. Some book mail over the past few days- see any you are excited to read?


11. Reviews and ‘grams from around the web: is doing a #luckypetstack on Instagram, hemysbookclub has a #girlpowerbookstack challenge, strikingbooks_lover has a #middlenamestack challenge, Jenn Tarheel Reader reviews Who Slays The Wicked,  Bookfan is giving away And They Called it Camelot, and Reeca Pieces reviews Once Upon A Sunset.


*What are you reading this weekend?*


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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