Literary Friday ya’ll…


Hi ya’ll…… Can’t believe it is Friday! Of course- the days are mainly running together- so….

As I write this post, I have read 57 books so far in 2020 (but only have like 1 more hour or so in Beach Read- so about to be 58!) How many books have you read? Continue reading

Literary Friday ya’ll…


Ya’ll… the last Literary Friday was June 19th. I am just going to let the shame of NOT keeping up my LF posts wash over me while I also cry in my large wineglass because I have 20 %^$^ book review blog posts to start getting caught up with.

There comes a time every summer- it’s never really the same time- that I get super un-organzied and the blog just goes to the back of my To-do List. I am trying to shift out of that time.

Be sure and let me know in the comments what you have been reading, podcasts you have been listening to and more- because I’ve missed you guys SO much! Continue reading

Literary Friday ya’ll…


When was the last Literary Friday? Is it actually Friday? As we head into Memorial Day weekend, does it really matter if I know what day it is? And also- am I wearing my yoga pants for way too much of the day? (Yes, That answer is probably yes.)

Since we’re on day gajillion and 1 of this shelter at home thing- I can admit that some days I am rocking this. I wear my mask like a good girl when I go out to grocery store, I use hand sanitizer when I can’t wash my hands (although I will always prefer to wash my hands way more than use hand sanitizer), I don’t hug people or slap hands, I try to keep my own hands away from my face and I don’t walk around with my nose stuck out of my mask or my mask halfway down my face while chatting on the phone in a public place.

And then there are days that I do not handle it well. At all. I’m as pouty as my oldest niece when her little sister beats her at Paper, Rock, Scissors (and that is some kind of pouty folks…)

I’m still walking every day. Still trying to eat right. Still drinking water like a frat guy drinks beer. But man, I so wish the last time I had been in a restaurant- I wish I had ordered dessert. Continue reading

Literary Friday, ya’ll…


Happy Literary Friday (err……. Sunday!) Well 2 days late with this post- but whatever- we are making and breaking rules in these trying times.

Speaking of… how are you handling shelter at home day 1 million and 1? ( I joke about the number of days- but I really want to know!)  I would  love to tell you that I am handling it like a badass woman- take no prisoners, kick butt, etc- but some days I’m so bored I would almost break my pinky finger to just break up the monotony of the day. What is saving my sanity: Walking, reading, Chicago PD, The Practice ( re-runs for hours on Ovation TV on Wed and Thursday!) and my Erin Condren planner. Also, the geese (more on that later!) Continue reading