If You Liked THE SPARROW SISTERS.. Try this!

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Well folks- the week of Book Talk with R & T is coming to a close (big dramatic sigh!) It’s been a great week- a good book was picked and we’ve had some great social media happening! Before we delve into this final post, some housekeeping!

Be sure and check out Ivory Owl Reviews as she’s super fab and the best Book BFF a girl can ask for. Also give her review a looking over if you are on the fence about getting The Sparrow Sisters! Don’t forget to enter the giveaway, as well! Want to know more about Ellen Herrick? We have an interview! And lastly, if Rhiannon’s review didn’t convince you- maybe my review will!

Rhiannon came up with this idea and I LOVE it… If you liked THE SPARROW SISTERS- maybe you’ll like this book!

So, Rhiannon and I will be listing a few books that we think make the perfect algebraic equation with THE SPARROW SISTERS (get it? If you like X, try Y) and then we’ll be tweeting comparisons on Twitter! Want to join the fun? Check me out at @rockstar1023 or Rhiannon at @writerrhiannon or @IvoryOwlReviews.


Here goes the list!

THE SPARROW SISTERS is already drawing comparisons to PRACTICAL MAGIC, SAVING CEE CEE HONEYCUTT and the author Sarah Addison Allen. Here are some more books that I think you will enjoy:


1. The Silence of Bonaventure Arrow by Rita Leganski. My first intro to magical realism and still a book that haunts me (in a good way!)


2. The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. Not magical realism- but the way that Ellen Herrick described the town, the sisters and the ways of life reminded me of another writer- Rebecca Wells.


3. The Dress Shop of Dreams by Menna van Praag. Both have magical realism themes, both have lovely covers and both have personality filled authors. Oh and they both give this feeling of wanting to curl up and read the world away.


4. Another Southern author- Fannie Flagg!! Again, Ellen’s way with words makes her books feel like the should be written about places in the South.


5. The Night Garden by Lisa Van Allen. A magical realism feel to the summary!


6. Season of the Dragonflies by Sarah Creech- the other day I was skimming through and email of blurbs- and I thought they were talking about The Sparrow Sisters- till I saw the cover!


What do you think? Tell me in the comments or see Rhiannon and I tweeting back and forth and join the convo!

Between the upcoming holidays and various other blogging/real world things- Book Talk With R & T will be back in 2016 with a new book! Until then, please continue to check out our respective blogs and chat with us on social media. See you in 2016!

Happy Reading!

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2 thoughts on “If You Liked THE SPARROW SISTERS.. Try this!

  1. JenniferC says:

    I love love love magical realism! I will read anything Sarah Addison Allen writes and am always looking for something similar to read until her next one comes out, so of course I loved this list! I am super excited about the Sparrow Sisters! Great Book Talk with R & T!

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