Literary Friday ya’ll…

Well… It’s Literary Friday… err Sunday 🙂  How has your weekend been?

Yesterday’s morning walk was COLD. It was 42 degrees and I was NOT loving it. My hands were freezing, I dropped and broke my favorite water bottle, and it’s just a reminder that I need to get my cold weather walking supplies together… because winter is coming.

But TODAY. Glorious weather. Gorgeous. Nice. I was not cold at all. That’s the thing about MS weather- it will change on you in a minute.

What did you read over the weekend?

1. ICYMI at Traveling With T: Before She Was Found, The Wife Stalker, and Invisible Girl.

2. Have you read Invisible Girl?

3. Sometimes you need kitten therapy. Meet my aunt’s new kitty- Nancy! She’s a ball of energy 🙂 🙂

4. October 1 was National Post Card day ( and I didn’t know it till my pal Jaymi told me). She sent me this cute postcard and it’s from a bookstore in Seattle that WE WILL meet at one day when all this social distancing is behind us.

5. #FridayReads: I’m reading The Good Girl’s Guide To Murder (not super far into it, trying to decide whether to keep reading) and re-reading A Is For Alibi (because I LOVE Sue Grafton.)

6. Have you read The Wife Stalker? Julia Whelan is one of the narrators and she is great!

7. Reviews and ‘grams from around the web: BakingBookWorm reviews The Last Flight, cozybookwormsociety wants to know if there are people who try to interrupt your reading time, bookperfume talks about re-reading Rebecca every October (what a good idea!), danythebookworm_ has a bookstagram aesthetic that I just want to live in,  relishthepages has some thriller suggestions, Jenn Tarheel Reader reviews Absolution, ReecasPieces reviews First To Lie,  & The OC Book Girl reviews Playing With Fire.

8. Have you read Before She Was Found?

9. My Atlanta Braves have REALLY disappointed me in the past couple of games. Hoping they will pull it together for a Game 7 win- because they REALLY need to go to the World Series.

10. One of my current reads- have you read it?

11. I have read 72 books so far in 2020. 3 books away from goal! What about you?

12. Peaceful Sunday morning walk…

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I woke up an hour-ish later today than normal & by the time I started my walk- the day had really started without me. This is my view on my way back to my house from my part of the walk down to the mailbox & back ( I do that 10 times a walk- & most days I walk 2 times- so 20 back & forths!) . . I grumble about the ‘modern’ conveniences I live without in this town- super fast internet, a cell phone that works reliably in every corner of the house, the nearest Kroger being 60 miles away… . . Since some of my exercise time has come about in our social distancing phase of life- this walk, this view has kept me at least somewhat sane. I haven’t had to worry about wearing a mask. Be concerned that someone is getting too close to me as I walk. I’ve had peace, solitude & good books, music or podcasts to keep me company. Some days nature brings me a visitor ( geese in the spring, a crane that visits the pond many mornings & birds chirping as I complete my walks). Some days I get to see the sun not exactly rise ( but shortly after that as it gets ready to start the day )& most evenings I’ve seen the gorgeous orange, reds & pink of sunsets that make me wish my camera could capture the view as brilliantly as it looks in real life. . . I still would prefer to have some conveniences closer- to not have to drive many miles for things that are needed. But this view, well it’s peaceful. And I’m not quite ready to give this up either. . . How is your Sunday going? . . #rockstar1023getshealthy

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13. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and many of you know that mom was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. It was discovered on a routine mammogram. So, don’t forget to get yours scheduled. I have my first one scheduled for this week- my family history has upped my odds of breast cancer, but my mom’s doctor says my best course of action- yearly mammograms!

*Did you do anything fun this weekend?*

Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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