Literary Friday, ya’ll…


Well this week has just been a week. I may be eyeing a bottle of wine.


I had a job interview for a position that I really wanted earlier this week.  The benefits for the job were SO good.  I interviewed and I thought the interview went well enough ( I can never really tell)- and then the next day, I found out that they decided to hire someone else. I’m not going to lie- I felt very frustrated by the news. Trying to keep a positive outlook, though.


1. ICYMI reviews at Traveling With T: Eight Perfect Murders, A Faint Cold Fear, and One for  the Books,


2.  Happy Halloween to me… Cheers, witches 🙂


3. These crazy girls.


4. #FridayReads: Little Cruelties by Liz Nugent. This family is DYSFUNCTIONAL.


5. You know I’ve been doing a lot of walking (and I’m now trying to regain the title of Elliptical Trainer Queen). But a few days ago, I took a break. Not a long break- just around 3-4 days. My body needed it. I needed it.


6. Reviews and ‘grams from around the world: mrsboomreads reveals the cover of The Stranger in the Mirror, danythebookworm_ talks about When I Was You, nyjudester is reading The Broken Girls, writerrhiannon is talking about Code Name Helene, & k2reader is sharing the cover of The Stranger in the Mirror.


7. Do you have a fave Jenn McKinlay book?


8. I voted this week!


9. Have you read Eight Perfect Murders?


*What are you reading this weekend?*


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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