Literary Friday ya’ll…


Ya’ll…. it’s been a LIFETIME since I did a Literary Friday post. Sorry!!!!!!!


So a quick-ish catch up:

In December my mom was exposed to Cover which threw my house in a panic. She had to isolate, things had to be shuffled around, and on and on. Luckily she did not get it- but just being exposed was enough to drive me crazy.

So then we had to push back the birthday celebration of my oldest niece- because all that was going on at the same time as the Covid exposure.

Then my hip started acting wonky ( and I feel like I’m 80 saying that)

Then Christmas and NYE.

And January has been  a miss-mash of things- I interviewed for a job (and no, I didn’t get it ). The weather has been against me on my walking and I’m feeling a bit off.

Then this week, I woke up and had a sore throat. First thing I googled: Symptoms of COVID. Yep, sore throat can be one of them. So I let me family know- because I had no problem self-isolating, but luckily- it was just a cold. It never progressed to anything else.

January was a good month for reading though (and you will see that as you scroll down!)


So, let’s begin with a big-ass Literary Friday Catchup!

1. Read 10 books in January.


2. Little A’s birthday cake:


3. Postcards from friends and a new necklace from OysterPaws:


4. Have you read If I Disappear?


5. Snow. The Forever Girl. YAY!


6. It snowed in Mississippi on Jan 11th. SO pretty!


7. My first time to eat at Get Rolled. It was so good!


8. I still need to read this book.


9. 2020 was a good year (book wise!)


10. Last walk of 2020.


11. These girls. ❤


12. When you realize you are officially an adult: You get excited about a vacuum cleaner.


13. Book friends make the best friends.


14.My 1 year anniversary as a diabetic.


15. ICYMI at Traveling With T:  Lions of Fifth Avenue, Little Cruelties, Burn You Twice, All The Broken People, The Wrong Family, Faithless, Little Threats, The First To Lie,  One More for Christmas, All I Ever Wanted, The Last Flight, Beyond Reach, The Finders, If I Disappear, Pretty Things, The Forever Girl, The Star-Crossed Sisters of Tuscany, and He Started It.


*What are you reading this weekend?*


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

6 thoughts on “Literary Friday ya’ll…

  1. I’m glad your mom didn’t get Covid! You look amazing and will have to post on the blog (I’m not on other social media) your new clothes when you get them! I’m saving the KWH book for a bit closer to the pub. date but I know I’ll love it as much as the rest of her books.

    • Thank you (re: mom) and really THANK YOU (re:looking amazing!)

      Clothes wise- I’ll try to share some pics here! I did get an Under Armour top (it’s got fleece-type lining) and it keeps me warm on semi-cool days (these days with 30 degree and under temps- nothing is keeping me warm except me staying inside!) I also got some leggings from Walmart- the Time and Tru brand- it’s a 2 pack for $9.99. One pair is black and the other is a different color (the packs all look a bit different). I like them because they fit. They wash ok (the black ones are “pilling” quite a bit- but what did I expect for 5 bucks?) Plus the cat can lay on me when I wear them and I don’t worry about her tearing them up when she makes biscuits on my legs because they are cheap.

      You are going to LOVE KWH’s new book. You know I am a huge fan and this is her best work by far. And I don’t say that lightly!

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