Author Interview: Kate Moretti, While You Were Gone

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Today, Kate Moretti stopped to answer some questions and share her exciting news about Atria Books ( but to find out- you have to read the entire interview!)

There is also a giveaway- Kate has a huge one happening- so Traveling With T is just one of the stops!

Interview with Kate Moretti:

Kate- let’s talk about the Tall Poppy Writers. The ladies take social media by storm- supporting each other and letting others know about the achievements. In a day and time when people can be so competitive with each other, how do you feel about belonging to a group like Tall Poppy Writers?

I love the idea of a competition free arena, where women can support other women writers, come together for support and friendship in private, and publicly talk about each other’s books. We can share audiences, bringing new writers to our fans, books we’ve read and loved. The whole idea is like a life raft. Many of the Tall Poppy writers have been in this industry longer than I have. I have a place I can go and ask, “Is this normal? Is this how things are done?” Like a giant mentorship. It’s been amazing. We’ve done in-person events, conferences, talks and book signings together. In October, we’re going to NYC and sharing a townhouse for a weekend to workshop and brainstorm (these may or may not be official sounding words for drink wine in our pajamas).


How involved were you with the cover of WHILE YOU WERE GONE?

I gave Streetlight Graphics a basic idea: I wanted it to be compatible with THOUGHT I KNEW YOU but not so similar they would be confused. They delivered on the first try. Well, almost the first try. They sent me one very bad one as an inside joke and I fell for it, even with my name spelled wrong!


Can you tell about your social media approach- are you able to interact with fans much?

I don’t have an approach, not really. I post things on my author page if I feel like my readers would like them. Sometimes I post things that I’m doing, or pictures of editing (people seem to like the inside process look), or book bargains (I love these) or giveaways of other books. I try not to spam the heck out of anyone. If someone tweets at me, I tweet back. I have a tough time with any type of “hard sell” so I try to limit my social media squawking to things that will benefit other people. I try to be generous and give a lot away. I feel like I have a little family over there, people are so generous with their excitement when I post news. That’s huge to me! There’s so much to be excited about, there’s so much to look at anymore, it’s easy to burn out. A simple congratulations (with lots of !!!!) means everything.


Tell the readers of Traveling With T what a writing day is like for you?

This is new! This is so exciting to get this question now. Up until June of this year, I didn’t have “writing days.” I had “writing minutes” or “writing hours”. I’d write at 5 AM or 10 PM or on the weekends while the kids napped. But now, I’m working part time and I have off every Monday and Friday. I have whole days I can devote to writing. It feels wonderful. I drop the kids off at school or camp. I do social media in the morning, catch up on emails, fill out interviews. Then I try to devote the afternoon to writing. I pick the kids up in the early afternoon, which is HOURS earlier than I used to. I feel like a new person.


WHILE YOU WERE GONE is a companion novella to your previously released THOUGHT I KNEW YOU? Will it matter which one readers read first?

If possible, THOUGHT I KNEW YOU should be read first. I think WHILE YOU WERE GONE is a good story on its own, but it spoils KNEW YOU. It’s not a true sequel, but I think that fans who read TIKY will be happy with the little twist. I think the repurcussions aren’t evident unless you’ve read TIKY.


What’s next? Book tour? Writing a new book?

All of the above! I have a full length novel out with Atria Books September 1, 2016. It’s called THE VANISHING YEAR and is more thriller-ish than my other books. It’s about a woman who escapes a troubled past, forging a life in upper crust Manhattan. When she seeks out her birth mother, she discovers that someone will stop at nothing to keep them apart. I don’t know what will be on the agenda for that release but I expect to do some signings, yes! I’m excited, this will be my first release with a large publisher, and the processes so far have been remarkably similar to a small publisher on my end. The past year has just been so much fun.


About While You Were Gone:

While you were gone by kate moretti

Summary from Goodreads:

A Companion Novella to the NYT Bestseller Thought I Knew You

Despite Karen Caughee’s intense focus on her music, her life is drifting out of its lane. Her alcoholic mother keeps calling from bars for early-morning rides, her boyfriend doesn’t think she gets him, and that Toronto Symphony Orchestra position she applied for ends up going to her friend, Amy. By chance, she meets American Greg Randolf just before she’s in a car accident. He pulls her from the wreckage, but after major surgery, her recovery is slow. Without her music, her life’s pursuit, Karen is pushed further adrift.

Greg stays by her side while she heals, and he sees her every time he’s in Toronto for work. Without any other support or friendship in her life, Karen craves his enthusiastic attention, and their friendship deepens to love. Though she’s fallen hard for him, he doesn’t share everything with her. In one heartrending moment, Karen’s life comes to a crossroads, and she must face the full truth about who Greg is, and about who she has become.



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