Guest Post: Kristin @ Always With A Book reveals her New Year Resolutions

new year resolutions


Kristin @ Always With A Book- eek! She’s so great- we have similar book tastes, both She Reads bloggers, and love scrapbooking! Kristin was featured back in July as part of Bloggers Made of AWESOME feature at Traveling With T- and she has become a treasured bloggy friend!


Kristin @ Always With A Book talks about her 2014 Resolutions


2014 is here and I have quite a few areas I am going to concentrate on…



* This is going to be the year I read my own books…as of Jan 1 I have 241 unread books sitting on my shelves and 84 unread e-books on my iPad. While I while still be participating in blog tours and taking review books, I will be more selective as to those I agree to take on. I would really like this number to be considerably down by the end of the year.

* For those review books I do agree to take on that have a set review date, I am going to try to read ahead of schedule. This past year I found myself reading them at the last minute and feeling a bit frantic writing up the review – no more of that!!!



* Organized…I need and want to be more together this year. I have my blog planner/calendar and am going to try to be better at scheduling things ahead of time. Some of this goes hand in hand with making sure books that need to be read by a certain date are read in a more timely fashion!

* I want to try to branch out more with different types of posts – this is still a book blog and will continue to remain so, but rather than always just reviews and giveaways, I’d like to do more feature posts and excerpts, even more author interviews and even more discussion posts relating to all things bookish.


Bookish Events:

* I am hoping to attend a book events this year, including BEA – my first time going!!!

* I also hope to continue attending as many author events that are near me as I can – I so enjoy going to them and getting to know those authors I love to read on a more personal level.



* I am training to walk my first 1/2 marathon and am super excited…my eventual goal is to walk a full marathon.



Be sure and check out Kristin’s blog- Always With A Book!



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Guest Post: Rhiannon @ Ivory Owl Reviews discusses her ideas about New Year Resolutions

new year resolutions


Back in 2013 (gosh that SOUNDS like a long time ago- but it really wasn’t!) Rhiannon @ Ivory Owl Reviews was featured as a Blogger Made of AWESOME. So when I asked her to consider guest posting about  New Year Resolutions, I knew it would be good. I knew I would like it. I just didn’t realize how much I was going to wish me and Rhiannon could be in real life friends because her resolutions sound amazingly fun!


Rhiannon @ Ivory Owl Reviews discusses New Year Resolutions


A couple of years ago I figured out that if you make a resolution for something you WANT to do instead of something you NEED to do, you are much more likely to stay on track. Putting big demands on yourself to dramatically alter your lifestyle generally leads to a crash and burn scenario. So why not set yourself up to succeed with your resolutions? For 2013, I made a list of a three or four things I WANTED to get in the habit of doing more often: reading, time with friends, massages, date nights. Then I asked myself how often I wanted to do these things? I wanted to read two hours per day, have date night and go to coffee/ lunch / drinks with my friends every 1-2 weeks, and get a massage once a month. I made mental notes and plugged my “appointments” into my planner. Now when I find myself straying from these resolutions, it is easy to jump back in line instead of totally giving up.


For 2014, I will be sticking with my resolutions from last year (because I love them,) but I also want to try more recipes and walk more often at the park. I collect recipes on my Pinterest boards and try a new recipe occassionally but I’m going to try to make one new recipe per week. My neighborhood park has a wonderful 2.5 mile loop trail that I can walk in about 45 minutes. That means that even factoring in driving to and from the park, it would only take an hour out of my day. Plus, I’m so much happier after I go. Granted the first months of the year are pretty chilly (even in Georgia) so weather permitting I would like to go 4 times per week.


Making resolutions to do things you WANT will make you happier throughout the year and shouldn’t we all resolve to be happier?



Don’t forget to check out Rhiannon’s blog- Ivory Owl Reviews!




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Guest Post: Allison from The Book Wheel reveals her 2014 Resolutions

new year resolutions

Today, I have Allison from The Book Wheel guest posting about her New Year Resolutions. Allison is a great blogger- always on the cutting edge and she runs her blog like an efficient business. I could just sit and listen to Miss A talk for hours about her plans!

Read on for her New Year Resolutions (maybe you’ll be inspired- I was!)

Allison at The Book Wheel- New Year Resolutions

Hi Travelers! My name is Allison and I blog over at The Book Wheel about books, politics, and other shenanigans. I’m so excited that Tamara has asked me over to share with you my New Year’s Resolutions. This year is the first time “get healthier” and “lose weight” isn’t on my list because, frankly, I never follow through with them. And if I do, it’s by accident and not because of any direct efforts on my part. Plus, I already gave up soda! So, this year my resolutions are as follow:

  • Read more award winning books. This isn’t an official challenge or anything, but I find that I often miss out on the award winners because I’m bogged down with other books I need to read. This year, I’m going to try to read the nominees before the winners are announced and, if I miss one or two, read them once they do win.
  • Take less author requests. I know, I know. This one sounds so callous. But I get roughly 5-10 author requests per day and, as much as I’d like to read them all, I simply can’t. This past year I learned that saying yes to everyone also means that I rarely have time to read the books already on my shelf, like the award winners.
  • Spend less time online by focusing on the task at hand. This is going to be hard because I run a website, but I really need to streamline my online time. I have a bad habit of blogging while watching television, which then takes 10x longer, and I can easily waste a day on something that should have taken me an hour. That wasted times mean less time for studying, hanging with my husband, and reading.
  • Put down the iPhone when I’m at home. This one goes hand-in-hand with my previous resolution. I also have a nasty habit of keeping my phone on and near my at all times and it needs to stop. When I’m spending time with my husband (even if it’s just watching TV), I am going to put my phone on silent and in the other room. Maybe I’ll get a home phone for emergencies, but I really need to stop relying on my phone when I already have an iPad and MacBook. I’m *considering* removing my social media apps from my phone, but that sounds so scary!

Did you pick up any resolution ideas from Allison? I hope so! Tell me in the comments if you did!

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Guest Post: Melinda McGuire talks about New Year Resolutions & the power of “yes”

new year resolutions


Melinda McGuire is a Southern Lit loving and writer with a big heart person! Melinda and I began tweeting some because we saw each other via Deep South Mag- and then Melinda let me guest post a couple of times on her blog! Reading her blog posts made me know that I wanted her to write a guest post about her resolutions- and she did. And it’s beautiful.


Melinda McGuire and the power of “yes”

2014 and Learning the Power of Yes

Christmas Day has passed. All of our boxes are packed in the attic – better organized this year, thankfully, since I was still unpacking random ornaments and wrapping paper on Christmas Eve from these mysterious boxes and bags I had hidden from myself. I guess I wanted to give myself a challenging game – hide and seek the Christmas Decorations. I lost, so well done my evil twin, well done.

I have double motivation for New Year’s Resolutions. One – another year is coming, a fresh start, a clean slate, the opportunity to make changes. Two – New Year’s Day is my birthday, another year older, an opportunity to reflect on where I am in my journey of life.

I have some of the usual resolutions on my list: lose weight, get in better shape, survive running a Mud Run and Color Run with my oldest child and my husband, do a better job of managing my money, improve my organization habits.

I also have a resolution that may not be on everyone’s list: learning when to say “yes” and why.

Saying “yes” –to more time with my family, more time “unplugged,” more time reading for pleasure, more time resting, more time playing, more time working on the IMPORTANT, more time reading and studying the Bible, more time in prayer, more time seeking ways to use the gifts that I have been given to bless others. “Yes” to strengthening and building my spiritual life, my family life, my professional life.

Saying “yes” – to initiating experiences that I want, to seeking out the important in my life, to setting boundaries, to giving myself permission to fail, to giving myself permission to succeed!

Yes to gratitude, yes to peace, yes to rest, yes to perseverance, yes to optimism, yes to hope, yes to good coffee.

Yes to warm blankets and old movies, yes to afternoons in the sunshine, yes to late night summer barbeques, yes to family traditions, yes to days on the lake, yes to road trips, yes to planning for spontaneity!

Yes to hugs, yes to kisses, yes to towels hot out of the dryer, yes to new socks, yes to beautiful bookmarks, yes to notebook after notebook of writing and business information, yes to the free flow of ideas.

Yes to kicking the negative soundtrack out of my head permanently.

Yes to knowing who I am and being that person with grace, compassion, and joy.

So, here’s to 2014 and to learning the power of “yes.”




If you enjoyed reading Melinda’s guest post- visit her blog!



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Guest Post: Jolina Petersheim, author of The Outcast, reveals her 2014 resolutions!

new year resolutions


A few months ago, I had the pleasure of reading The Outcast by Jolina Petersheim. Fresh-faced and earnest, Jolina is the kind of woman that you just want to soak up her presence. She would be the person who give the advice to you in a moment of hard times- the advice that would be so poignant- and yet so simple. I eagerly await Jolina’s next book!


Jolina Petersheim 2014 Resolution


Over the past few weeks (and especially since I learned about this guest post), I’ve contemplated my resolutions for 2014.

I even thought about keeping a list in the kitchen, where I spend a majority of my time, but I never got around to writing them down until now:

  • Keep my computer, closet, and kitchen organized (i.e.: child-proof everything).
  • Send Christmas cards and/or photos (it takes a year for me to gear up).
  • Get up at six to write (unless Miss A is teething, then all bets are off).
  • Run in a 5-K with my sisters-in-law.
  • Have a weekly date with my daughter and husband (preferably on separate nights).

I will actually try to meet most of these resolutions (well, maybe not the Christmas cards . . . or the running bit).

But then I started thinking about when I’m so busy being busy, I miss out on the beauty of everyday life.

So, over the past few days, I have gone in the opposite direction and made an effort to be still.

Well, I have a toddler, so I haven’t been still as much as I have forced myself to embrace the moments not jotted down on my to-do list.

  • Yesterday, when my daughter put my fleece hat in my lap and then motioned for me to put it on my head, I obeyed, promptly bundled her up in her own hat, coat, and boots, and we went outside for a walk—going downhill together hand-in-hand.
  • When she dumped water over the edge of the tub—saturating the rug on the bathroom floor—I just rolled it up and continued sitting there, reading my book, until my daughter lifted her chubby little arms, letting me know that she wanted out.
  • On our daily walk, instead of just waving at my neighbor as he passed me on the road, I motioned for him to pull over, and we chatted about his grandkids and his health.
  • I stood outside, listening to the snow geese migrating north.
  • I read more books to my daughter; I read more books from my To-Be-Read pile, too!
  • I unplugged from the Internet for longer periods of time.
  • My daughter and I played with marigolds seeds—the flowers long having frozen in the garden.

All of these simple, exquisite moments would have been lost amid the hustle and bustle of everyday life if I hadn’t made an effort to go with the flow instead of fighting against the current—eager to reach my destination and check off another to-do from my New Year’s list.

Now, I also realize that life is going to resume its pace once the holidays are officially over. But I figure that if my main New Year’s Resolution is to be present in the moment, I will make more of an effort to enjoy life rather than trying to squeeze every second of productivity from the hours that I’ve been given.

What are some of your favorite ways to “waste” time?




If you enjoyed reading Jolina’s resolution, please visit her at her website and tell her!




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Guest Post: Helen from My Novel Opinion talks about her 2014 resolutions

new year resolutions


Today, I have Helen from My Novel Opinion stopping by to talk about her 2014 Resolutions! You might remember Helen from her being featured as a Blogger Made of AWESOME and her resolutions do not disappoint! Read on!


Helen’s 2014 Resolutions


Almost a month ago, I received an email from Tamara asking if I would like to take part in her New Year’s Resolution feature.  All I needed to do was put together a post with some of my own resolutions, bookish or non-bookish, and send it back to her by December 30th.

It’s now Christmas Eve and I’m just trying to come up with something.  I figured that the best approach, and my usual one, was to just type and see what ends up on the page.

I don’t usually make New Year’s Resolutions, I feel that they are just there to be broken.  If I do come up with one or two, it is always with good intentions.  I go into the New Year all gung ho thinking, hoping, that this year will be different, this year will be the one where I manage to see my resolutions through to the end.  And it always ends the same way…by Spring I have completely forgotten about them.

Some of the New Year’s Resolutions that I have made in the past are the usual suspects…eat healthier, lose weight, save more money, etc.  Since I always break these – I love food that is bad for you, I lose weight but put it back on, and well money is there to be spent – I thought that I would share some bookish resolutions.

So for 2014 I resolve to:

  • Read at least 60 books (I managed 62 for 2013)
  • Read more non-fiction (I only read 2 in 2013)
  • Continue to discover new-to-me authors (I read books by 45 different authors in 2013, 37 of them new to me!)
  • Get back into sharing my thoughts and opinions on the books I read (I’ve let this slip in the last couple of months)
  • Read the books I have unread before adding more to my TBR (I was going to share the number but it’s a little embarrassing, let’s just say that it is more than I thought)
  • Stick to my blogging manifesto (I’ve been doing well with this since posting before Thanksgiving)

Thanks for reading, I’d love some encouragement as the year goes by!



Want to give Helen some encouragement? Stop by My Novel Opinion and do that!



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Literary Friday, ya’ll………



literary friday


Today is the first Literary Friday of 2014! As usual, it’s filled with some good things! Lots of talk about resolutions and book-ish goals, a giveaway from Deep South Magazine, Books Speak Volumes is telling (and providing a download) of how to get bloggy organized, and much more!


Let the Literary Friday excitement begin!


1. Deep South Magazine and their #literaryfriday is back! Giving away Fannie Flagg’s latest, The All-Girl Filling Station’s Last Reunion (doesn’t that name just SOUND intriguing?!), talking about some Gone Girl (movie comes out in 2014- and the few teaser pics look pretty good!), interview with Mark Childress, and mentions my Best of 2013 Books! She also calls me ” book blogger extraordinaire” which my reply is “aww- shucks!”


2. Books Speak Volumes is giving us all a chance to get bloggy organized! Here is her post about her free printables and a video of how she’s planning to use them!


3. What was the first book you read in 2014? I finished TAKEDOWN TWENTY by Janet Evanovich- and while it was a few chuckles and I was entertained enough- it was just not as good as some of her earlier ones (especially her 1-9). If you read them, what do you think?


4. My first review of 2014 was Unleashing Mr. Darcy by Teri Wilson. Cute and charming- a modern day update of the Elizabeth/Mr.Darcy relationship. Plus, Mr. Darcy with a pup? So adorable.


5. Resolutions- oh boy, do I have resolutions! Here is my resolutions, here is my guest post schedule for authors, bloggers and other book-ish people stopping by all January long to reveal their resolutions, and here is the first guest post from Ashley @ Closed the Cover– you def want to read this and you DEF want to have broken dishes on your front porch!


6. Here is the list of books that I thought were super great in 2013. Note: This list includes many (but not all) as I may have overlooked a book or 2 that was really fab! 2014 vow: Make a list each month of the books I read that were all awesome-sauce (is it just me or does anyone else love that Discover card commercial where she’s all “Awesome-sauce”! No? Just me? Oh ok- carry on!)


7. How many books did you read in 2013? First off, if you read ANY- 3 cheers for you! Now I did read a fair amount– but I really dislike when people read these lists and feel bad. Read what you can, when you can. Read for enjoyment. Just read!


8.  I didn’t necessarily write a Year in Review for Traveling With T- I mainly did a “What I Learned in 2013“. I learned many bloggy lessons, met some cool people, and got to go to some fun events. My “advice” is based on what I learned- and I hope it’ll help you!


9. Last night I saw that someone used “she has 2 black eyes” to find my blog. I was puzzled because the only thing I could think of was a domestic abuse book (hello, Hush Little Baby) or that someone thought I needed a butt-load of concealer in my pic. So I went to “The Google” and started searching. And, lo and behold, it’s totally a book-ish thing! I blogged about The Rook in 2012- and talked about the woman waking up with no memory and 2 black eyes. What is the weirdest search term used to find your blog?


10. I applied to be a World Book Night giver- wish me luck!


11. What are your #fridayreads? I’m reading THE TULIP EATERS and RIVER ROAD. What about you?



Happy Reading!



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My New Year Resolutions- personal, bloggy and bookish.

new year resolutions

As I write this, it’s day 1 of 2014. I’ve had some black-eyed peas and some cinnamon rolls (I read somewhere that on first day of the year eat round foods for good luck- I forgot my doughnuts- so cinnamon rolls worked. And were quite yummy).  I’ve been thinking about resolutions- making them or not,  what I should strive for, what is essentially a step on the way to being the best “me” possible.

Here goes:

T’s Resolutions:

Book-ish Resolutions:

1.  To read more.

2. To go to more book signings.

3.  To organize my books (and keep them organized)

To read more of my book-ish resolutions, please visit here to read my resolutions that I posted as part of the Closed The Cover New Year, New Books Blog Hop.

Bloggy Resolutions:

1. To have business cards made.

2. To put serious thought into what I want for Traveling With T in the future- perhaps leaving the safety of WordPress behind and becoming self-hosted.

3. To schedule blog maintenance monthly (every 2-3 months, perhaps)- updating my sidebar, reviewing my policies, and organizing my Interview/Review archive.

4. To participate in more bloggy events (Bloggiesta, blog tours, cover reveals, and more.)

5.  For Traveling With T to become more known in the bloggy/book-ish world. Perhaps win a blog award or be found by a new publicist connection.

6. To go to BEA, to go back to Louisiana Book Festival, and maybe SoFest of Books.

7. To start telling people about my blog in real life as only telling about my blog to my online connections.

8. To nurture the bloggy friendships I have and to meet new bloggy friends.


1. To be open to new experiences- trying different concerts, going to more symphony events, and attending things that sound fun.

2. To take more time for me. Days at movies. Mani/pedi. Massages. To treat myself to “date” nights- dinner and movie, dinner and concert.

3. To start writing letters more- random “thinking of you” notes- no reasons.

4. To organize and back-up all the pictures that I take.

5. I’m not going to say the usual “eat healthier” because I’m already doing that- but I resolve to enjoy the occasional treats I have- without even a smidge of guilt.

6. To participate in a Walk for MS or Walk for Breast Cancer. Both causes are meaningful to me for personal reasons.

7. To evolve my taste in wine.

8. To meet more fun people in real life.

What are some of your resolutions?

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New Year Resolutions Guest Post Schedule

new year resolutions

A few weeks ago, I started thinking about resolutions. Thinking about what I wanted for 2014- and how I could achieve it. Then I began thinking of people that I knew- authors, bloggy friends, and just people that I admire and like in the book-ish world. I sent out a few emails- with an idea of these folks guest posting about their resolutions- no rules, no restrictions- just telling it like it is.

As the guest posts have arrived in my inbox, I have laughed. Loved. Reflected about the topic. Thought it was simply wonderful. And just feel honored to be able to share these guest posts- these glimpses into a life of a blogger. Into the life of an author.  Into the life of a book-ish person.


Here is the schedule:

Ashley @ Closed The Cover- January 3rd

Helen @ My Novel Opinion- January 6th

Stephanie Evanovich, BIG GIRL PANTIES, January 7th

Jolina Petersheim, THE OUTCAST, January 9th

Lori Nelson Spielman, THE LIFE LIST, January 10th

Rebecca @ Love at First Book- January 13th

Sarah Morgan, SLEIGH BELLS IN THE SNOW, January 14th

Melinda McGuire, writer, January 15th

Wendi Wachtel @ H20 Bungalow- January 20th

Erin Bass, Deep South Magazine, January 22nd

Alison Law, Southern Spines & Alison Law Communications, January 23rd

Rhiannon @ Ivory Owl Reviews- January 29th

Kristin @ Always With A Book- January 30th


Be sure and keep an eye on Traveling With T- because there may be an extra guest post or 2 🙂




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