Guest Post: Kristin @ Always With A Book reveals her New Year Resolutions

new year resolutions


Kristin @ Always With A Book- eek! She’s so great- we have similar book tastes, both She Reads bloggers, and love scrapbooking! Kristin was featured back in July as part of Bloggers Made of AWESOME feature at Traveling With T- and she has become a treasured bloggy friend!


Kristin @ Always With A Book talks about her 2014 Resolutions


2014 is here and I have quite a few areas I am going to concentrate on…



* This is going to be the year I read my own books…as of Jan 1 I have 241 unread books sitting on my shelves and 84 unread e-books on my iPad. While I while still be participating in blog tours and taking review books, I will be more selective as to those I agree to take on. I would really like this number to be considerably down by the end of the year.

* For those review books I do agree to take on that have a set review date, I am going to try to read ahead of schedule. This past year I found myself reading them at the last minute and feeling a bit frantic writing up the review – no more of that!!!



* Organized…I need and want to be more together this year. I have my blog planner/calendar and am going to try to be better at scheduling things ahead of time. Some of this goes hand in hand with making sure books that need to be read by a certain date are read in a more timely fashion!

* I want to try to branch out more with different types of posts – this is still a book blog and will continue to remain so, but rather than always just reviews and giveaways, I’d like to do more feature posts and excerpts, even more author interviews and even more discussion posts relating to all things bookish.


Bookish Events:

* I am hoping to attend a book events this year, including BEA – my first time going!!!

* I also hope to continue attending as many author events that are near me as I can – I so enjoy going to them and getting to know those authors I love to read on a more personal level.



* I am training to walk my first 1/2 marathon and am super excited…my eventual goal is to walk a full marathon.



Be sure and check out Kristin’s blog- Always With A Book!



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