My New Year Resolutions- personal, bloggy and bookish.

new year resolutions

As I write this, it’s day 1 of 2014. I’ve had some black-eyed peas and some cinnamon rolls (I read somewhere that on first day of the year eat round foods for good luck- I forgot my doughnuts- so cinnamon rolls worked. And were quite yummy).  I’ve been thinking about resolutions- making them or not,  what I should strive for, what is essentially a step on the way to being the best “me” possible.

Here goes:

T’s Resolutions:

Book-ish Resolutions:

1.  To read more.

2. To go to more book signings.

3.  To organize my books (and keep them organized)

To read more of my book-ish resolutions, please visit here to read my resolutions that I posted as part of the Closed The Cover New Year, New Books Blog Hop.

Bloggy Resolutions:

1. To have business cards made.

2. To put serious thought into what I want for Traveling With T in the future- perhaps leaving the safety of WordPress behind and becoming self-hosted.

3. To schedule blog maintenance monthly (every 2-3 months, perhaps)- updating my sidebar, reviewing my policies, and organizing my Interview/Review archive.

4. To participate in more bloggy events (Bloggiesta, blog tours, cover reveals, and more.)

5.  For Traveling With T to become more known in the bloggy/book-ish world. Perhaps win a blog award or be found by a new publicist connection.

6. To go to BEA, to go back to Louisiana Book Festival, and maybe SoFest of Books.

7. To start telling people about my blog in real life as only telling about my blog to my online connections.

8. To nurture the bloggy friendships I have and to meet new bloggy friends.


1. To be open to new experiences- trying different concerts, going to more symphony events, and attending things that sound fun.

2. To take more time for me. Days at movies. Mani/pedi. Massages. To treat myself to “date” nights- dinner and movie, dinner and concert.

3. To start writing letters more- random “thinking of you” notes- no reasons.

4. To organize and back-up all the pictures that I take.

5. I’m not going to say the usual “eat healthier” because I’m already doing that- but I resolve to enjoy the occasional treats I have- without even a smidge of guilt.

6. To participate in a Walk for MS or Walk for Breast Cancer. Both causes are meaningful to me for personal reasons.

7. To evolve my taste in wine.

8. To meet more fun people in real life.

What are some of your resolutions?

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