Guest Post: Rhiannon @ Ivory Owl Reviews discusses her ideas about New Year Resolutions

new year resolutions


Back in 2013 (gosh that SOUNDS like a long time ago- but it really wasn’t!) Rhiannon @ Ivory Owl Reviews was featured as a Blogger Made of AWESOME. So when I asked her to consider guest posting about  New Year Resolutions, I knew it would be good. I knew I would like it. I just didn’t realize how much I was going to wish me and Rhiannon could be in real life friends because her resolutions sound amazingly fun!


Rhiannon @ Ivory Owl Reviews discusses New Year Resolutions


A couple of years ago I figured out that if you make a resolution for something you WANT to do instead of something you NEED to do, you are much more likely to stay on track. Putting big demands on yourself to dramatically alter your lifestyle generally leads to a crash and burn scenario. So why not set yourself up to succeed with your resolutions? For 2013, I made a list of a three or four things I WANTED to get in the habit of doing more often: reading, time with friends, massages, date nights. Then I asked myself how often I wanted to do these things? I wanted to read two hours per day, have date night and go to coffee/ lunch / drinks with my friends every 1-2 weeks, and get a massage once a month. I made mental notes and plugged my “appointments” into my planner. Now when I find myself straying from these resolutions, it is easy to jump back in line instead of totally giving up.


For 2014, I will be sticking with my resolutions from last year (because I love them,) but I also want to try more recipes and walk more often at the park. I collect recipes on my Pinterest boards and try a new recipe occassionally but I’m going to try to make one new recipe per week. My neighborhood park has a wonderful 2.5 mile loop trail that I can walk in about 45 minutes. That means that even factoring in driving to and from the park, it would only take an hour out of my day. Plus, I’m so much happier after I go. Granted the first months of the year are pretty chilly (even in Georgia) so weather permitting I would like to go 4 times per week.


Making resolutions to do things you WANT will make you happier throughout the year and shouldn’t we all resolve to be happier?



Don’t forget to check out Rhiannon’s blog- Ivory Owl Reviews!




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4 thoughts on “Guest Post: Rhiannon @ Ivory Owl Reviews discusses her ideas about New Year Resolutions

  1. We are all safe & no horror stories personally. We are now having snacks and wine and just enjoying the laziness. But earlier we had some raging cabin fever. I contemplated actually going for a walk just to get out of the house!

    • Oh good! I’m glad everyone is safe and sound (but geez, I understand the cabin fever- I’ve been wanting to go for a walk to take some pictures for days- and it’s just too darn cold!)

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