New Year Resolutions Guest Post Schedule

new year resolutions

A few weeks ago, I started thinking about resolutions. Thinking about what I wanted for 2014- and how I could achieve it. Then I began thinking of people that I knew- authors, bloggy friends, and just people that I admire and like in the book-ish world. I sent out a few emails- with an idea of these folks guest posting about their resolutions- no rules, no restrictions- just telling it like it is.

As the guest posts have arrived in my inbox, I have laughed. Loved. Reflected about the topic. Thought it was simply wonderful. And just feel honored to be able to share these guest posts- these glimpses into a life of a blogger. Into the life of an author.  Into the life of a book-ish person.


Here is the schedule:

Ashley @ Closed The Cover- January 3rd

Helen @ My Novel Opinion- January 6th

Stephanie Evanovich, BIG GIRL PANTIES, January 7th

Jolina Petersheim, THE OUTCAST, January 9th

Lori Nelson Spielman, THE LIFE LIST, January 10th

Rebecca @ Love at First Book- January 13th

Sarah Morgan, SLEIGH BELLS IN THE SNOW, January 14th

Melinda McGuire, writer, January 15th

Wendi Wachtel @ H20 Bungalow- January 20th

Erin Bass, Deep South Magazine, January 22nd

Alison Law, Southern Spines & Alison Law Communications, January 23rd

Rhiannon @ Ivory Owl Reviews- January 29th

Kristin @ Always With A Book- January 30th


Be sure and keep an eye on Traveling With T- because there may be an extra guest post or 2 🙂




T Traveling With T pic sign off

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