Literary Friday ya’ll….

It’s the first Friday of August. Kids are headed back to school and summer is winding down. PS: Have you already started to see the Halloween stuff in stores? Ugh, I wanted to stomp my foot the other day and scream “It’s July, for Pete’s Sake! JULY!” I held back, tho, because I’m nice 😉


1. Deep South Magazine– chock full with good news this week for #literaryfriday: DBF news (Decatur Book Festival), giveaway for Beth Albright’s The Sassy Belles, 2013’s most talked about books, and Hemingway look alike’s!


2. Interviews this week on Traveling With T include: Amy Shearn where she talks about who make a perfect rusalka if The Mermaid of Brooklyn is made into a movie and Randy Susan Meyers where she tells about “the butter in the cookies” and a special surprise for book clubs that have selected The Comfort of Lies to read!


3. Author Spotlights this week on Traveling With T include: Amy Shearn where she confesses something that may get her Author Card revoked, her Pinterest obsession and her #literarycrush. Randy Susan Meyers tells her #literaryconfession- her confession is likely to cause raised eyes in the literary world!


4. Have you been seeing the #ctbs posts and wondering what that’s all about? #ctbs = Conquering the Book Stacks. Here is the info and here is my goals (which may get revised as I update weekly!)


5. Book Lovers Unite Online Book Club is back at Traveling With T- August’s Book Club Selection is: The Comfort of Lies by Randy Susan Meyers. Here is the reading schedule and here is the opening thoughts. Discussion questions will be posted Aug 9th- so plenty of time to get the book!


6. Two reviews were posted on Traveling With T this week: Finding Colin Firth by Mia March and The Recipe Box by Sandra Lee.


7. Missed out on my Bloggers Made of AWESOME post? Here it is!


8. I haven’t picked my #fridayreads yet- need to look at my #ctbs list!


9. Want to win a copy of The Mermaid Collector by Erika Marks? Visit Goodreads!


Happy Reading!

Literary Friday ya’ll..

It’s been a week- people- have had some sickness in the family (been spraying Lysol like it’s my BFF), perusing my brother’s wedding pictures, and beginning to get crafty for our holiday pictures.

But today’s Friday and it’s time to relax and anticipate the weekend:

1. Deep South Magazine will have Tweet chat with Janis Owens, author of American Ghost, from 1-2 pm CST TODAY. Be there and use #southernlit to participate!

Deep South Magazine and their weekly #literaryfriday- early reveal of Erika Robuck’s new book cover Call Me Zelda (it’s a great cover!), National Book Awards and news about Gillian Flynn and a new book deal!

2. A couple of giveaways that I posted about yesterday are still going on- How to Eat a Cupcake and The Mermaid Collector are being given away by 2 other blogs that I like to read. For more information on the giveway, read my post HERE.

3. On Black Friday- Amazon will have 25 Kindle Books on sale! While the complete list is not known, Kimberly Brock’s The River Witch will be $1.99 on Black Friday. Buy it. Read it. Devour it. You’ll gain a new appreciation for pumpkins, unconventional families, and stories that help a person heal.

4. I’m reading Alison Pace’s You Tell Your Dog First– and I love Carlie and Alison. Carlie is quite the little dog and while I cried the first few chapters of the book thinking about my recently deceased, Zeke, I will say that Carlie and her antics have put a smile on my face in the latest chapters I’ve read. I’m not finished yet, but so far- this books is heartfelt, heartwarming, and an ode to dog lovers everywhere- and a love song to Carlie.

5. My #fridayreads are Alison Pace’s You Tell Your Dog First & Erika Robuck’s Hemingway’s Girl.

6. My #payitforwardwithcozymystery is Jenn McKinlay and her Library Lover’s cozy series. Recently discovered them and I love them! Check them out if you like good cozy books with great settings and characters!

Happy Reading and have a great weekend!

Literary Friday ya’ll…

#Literaryfriday 🙂 Just seeing the hashtag make me happy.

Today’s round-up of #literaryfriday tidbits:

1.Deep South Magazine- Honey Boo Boo and #literaryfriday- you better believe it! There’s a connection between the two! Other #literaryfriday news: Faulkner estate is suing a motion picture company, a review of Erika Marks The Mermaid Collector, and what book tops the list of Book Riot’s Readers 50 Favorite novels? To find out the details on all of the above read Deep South Magazine’s Literary Friday page.

2. What are you reading for #fridayreads? I’m reading Michael Morris Man In The Blue Moon and Burned by Carol Higgins Clark.

3. Used the HT today #charactersthatmayneedkilling in relation to Michael Morris book Man in the Blue Moon. Have you ever read a book that had a character that you thought something bad needed to happen to?

4. Cozy Mystery Reviews is helping out victims of Hurricane Sandy- if you’d like to find out the details- please read their page HERE for the most up-to-date info.

5. Have you pre-ordered a copy of Notorious Nineteen by Janet Evanovich? Any Team Cupcake or Team Babe fans? I’ve ordered mine; but really feel some sort of resolution needs to be made with the triangle. Anyone else feeling that way?

6. Hate it if you did not get to stop in on the Tweetchat with Michael Morris hosted by Deep South Mag- it was a great chat. Lots of behind the scene info on Man in the Blue Moon. And Michael Morris told us the name of his next book: King of Florabama (release 2013/2014)

Happy Reading! 🙂


Literary Friday ya’ll….

Weekly round-up of the happenings on #literaryfriday.

1. Deep South Magazine and their weekly Literary Friday. Tim Westover chat, The River Witch by Kimberly Brock is now an audiobook, and some news about Scarlett O’Hara. Read on to find out more about #literaryfriday.

2. October is the month for ghost stories- if a good ghost story is your cup of tea- check back to Deep South Mag all during October. You’re in for a spooky treat. For this week’s ghost story- read HERE.

3. If you missed out on the Tim Westover chat- don’t fear! Tim Westover interview is here– along with talk of Auraria– his book that made the Deep South Magazine Fall/Winter Reading List.

4. #fridayreads- what are you reading? Today, I’m at a loss for what to read- however, I can recommend Sarah Jio’s Blackberry Winter, Douglas Brunt Ghosts of Manhattan, Erika Marks The Mermaid Collector. What can you recommend?

5. If you missed my post yesterday about nostalgia and New Kids on the Block, read about New Kids on the Block: 5 brothers and A Million Sisters– scrunchie & NKOTB music not required (but you’ll probably want both after reading).

Happy Reading and have a great weekend!

Literary Friday, ya’ll….

Been a couple of weeks since I posted about a #literaryfriday- September flew by and my hard drive crashed last week. Fun stuff, right?

Here goes:

1. Deep South Mag and their weekly Literary Friday is HERE. Tons of Events, news, and literary items in this weekly installment; but most notably: Oprah Winfrey included the book The Cutting Season by Attica Locke on her The Best New Books of October 2012. However, Deep South Magazine had already included The Cutting Season on their Fall/Winter Reading List. The Cutting Season looks like it’s off to a good start being on 2 different reading lists. For Deep South Magazine’s full Fall/Winter List- click HERE. Grab a book, and get ready to enjoy the fall and winter seasons!

2. September 30- October 6 is Banned Book Week.  You may have seen some of the cute pictures (especially the spoof of Carly Rae Jespen’s Call Me Maybe) this week as part of the week. Deep South Magazine has an article about Banned Book Week as well as Southern Spines.

3. She Reads is giving away a copy of Erika Marks newest book, The Mermaid Collector, today. I’ve already been raving about how good this book is, heck, even posted a countdown clock about the book’s release date. To win a copy of this book, all you have to do is make a comment HERE. Enter the contest, and find out about the magic of The Mermaid Collector first-hand.

4. If you haven’t read Sarah Jio’s Blackberry Winter, I encourage you to read this book. Great storyline and characters. Also, it’s the She Reads October Book Club pick.

5. Check back here for reviews on Blackberry Winter, The Mermaid Collector, and Ghosts of Manhattan. Have read the first 2, finishing the last book.

As always, enjoy the weekend and Happy Reading!



The Mermaid Collector by Erika Marks

Erika Marks second book, The Mermaid Collector is a must-read. Set in a coastal town in Maine, after reading this book- you may just believe in the magic of a mermaid’s tale.

Tess, the main character, is 35 years old- and walks a line between wanting the town of Cradle Harbor, Maine to accept her and wanting to tell the townspeople off. Stemming from having a mother who was free spirtited artist that the town never accepted, Tess is finally on the verge of being accepted since the town has aked her to create a mermaid scultpure for the festival.  Tess is a bit whimiscal, a believer in magical things, signs, and astrology.

Tom Grace, on the other hand, is new to town- and the town ladies are not too nice to him after leanring that he will be living in the lightkeeper’s light house and will not be allowing visitors (as they wanted for the historical factor). Tom is practical and steady.

When the two meet- will it be a case of opposites-attract? Will Tess have found her perfect match? Or will Tom be too practical for her?

Packed with subplots of the Tales of the Mermaids and stories of secrets in families- The Mermaid Collector weaves all the plots together in a convincing tale of love, trust, mistakes, forgiveness, and the power to believe in the magical aspects of the everyday life.

Today is the Day: The Mermaid Collector by Erika Marks is released!

It’s here! It’s finally arrived! Today, today, today- Erika Marks second book, The Mermaid Collector, is out. So go to your nearest book store (indie, Amazon, chain) and buy this book.

I have my copy, and have read a couple of pages. Too early to tell if I’ll enjoy it like Little Gale Gumbo, but I have high hopes.

If you decide to buy it, come back around and let me know thoughts on it. Love to hear what others think.


A catch-up and preview of things to come…..

Sorry that my blogging has been so, what’s the word, oh yes…. spotty lately! Between a trip to Pensacola for my brother’s wedding AND the very next weekend a trip to Nashville (note to self: booking 2 weekend trips back to back is not advisable- I should have told my brother to move his wedding to a less busy time, right? 😉

So- today’s entry is going to be a mash-up, a catch-up, a running tally of things that I’ve been meaning to talk about but haven’t. Hold on to your hats, I’m getting on a roll!

1.  Deep South Magazine is giving away a copy of Erika Robuck’s book, Hemingway’s Girl, this Friday (Sept.28) AND is having a literary chat with Erika Robuck. If you haven’t heard of Hemingway’s Girl– it’s getting some good reviews from a few book-bloggers, so I anticipate the book being good. To enter the giveaway, click HERE. On Friday, September 28th, Deep South Magazine is hosting a Twitter chat with Erika Robuck- use Tweet Chat (it’s the best way to participate) and #southernlit. The chat will go on from 1-2pm CST.  To find out more about Erika Robuck before the chat- click HERE.

2. Speaking of Erika’s- my blog countdown clock reminds me that Erika Marks new book, The Mermaid Collector, will be released in 1 week. If you missed out on Little Gale Gumbo (Erika Marks first book) do yourself a favor and read that! I hope her second book is as good as the first one!

3. If you find yourself in Dickson, TN- there is a store called Reading Rock Books. Used and new books- I bought myself 2 used books for a fairly good deal. Nice little store- wished I had more time to spend in the place.

4. Speaking of used books- I was in Nashville this past weekend for a girl’s weekend AND the Carrie Underwood concert. We went to a place called McKay Used Books– huge warehouse-style place. Books and Movies- EVERYWHERE. I saw some paperbacks for as low as 5 cents. Definitely worth a look if you are near the area.

5. Melinda McGuire- you know who I’ve been raving about for a few weeks- 1. for her #STHRN project and 2. for her writing skills and because she’ll be at Grand Festival of Arts and Books in Fairhope, Al (October 5th and 6th!)…. BUT- here’s a whole other reason to rave about her: Melinda will have a new book released on September 28 (This Friday!). The book is called Rich Fabric– the tradition, symbolism and stories of quilting.  While the book sounds all neat and all- what makes this even more special is this: All profits from the book will be donated to Twilight Wish Foundation- a non-profit for elderly people who live below the poverty level. For more information about Rich Fabric– click HERE.

Psst- and in case you don’t get enough information from that link- Melinda McGuire will be guest-blogging here in the next few weeks. So keep checking back!

6. I’m reading The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls for book club. I don’t hate it, but man, it’s depressing. Disturbing, even. Anyone read it? Thoughts?

7. Has anyone read Dare Me by Megan Abbot? I’ve been hearing good things about the book, but haven’t read it.  It sounds good.

8. While it’s still a bit warm where I live- fall is approaching. And while I love reading, I love watching TV and movies, too. So any new shows out this season that are just GREAT? What about movies you anticipate seeing? My movie list is: Taken 2, Pitch Perfect, and Alex Cross. Tell me your list!

Happy Reading- and have a great week!



Literary Friday ya’ll…

It’s here! It’s arrived! Literary Friday!

Don’t forget 1-2 pm CST time TODAY Kathy Patrick (@pulpwoodqueen) chat with Deep South Magazine! Hashtag is #southernlit. Follow along for insights into Girlfriend Weekend, tiaras and books.

1. Deep South Magazine is discussing these things for Literary Friday: Steel Magnolias, Best Indie Bookstores, Best Bookcovers, Decatur Book Fest, Grand Festival of Books in Fairhope, AL- and much more is discussed this Literary Friday!

PS: While there is still a feeling of summer in the air, Erin is not letting that keep her from being hard at work on the Deep South Mag Fall/Winter Reading List. I’m so ready to see what books made this list this time- perhaps The Mermaid Collector by Erika Marks (she’s the genius behind Little Gale Gumbo) will make the list.

2. #fridayreads- Death in Four Courses by Lucy Burdette, The Rook by Daniel O’Malley. What are ya’ll reading?

3. What books are you excited about coming out in the next few weeks? Look back here next week for a list of books coming out that I’m excited about! And be prepared to share your list!

Side note: Next week posts will be scarce- Life will be in the way of my blogging for a few days as I watch my brother get married.

Happy Reading and have a fantastic Literary Friday!