The Mermaid Collector by Erika Marks

Erika Marks second book, The Mermaid Collector is a must-read. Set in a coastal town in Maine, after reading this book- you may just believe in the magic of a mermaid’s tale.

Tess, the main character, is 35 years old- and walks a line between wanting the town of Cradle Harbor, Maine to accept her and wanting to tell the townspeople off. Stemming from having a mother who was free spirtited artist that the town never accepted, Tess is finally on the verge of being accepted since the town has aked her to create a mermaid scultpure for the festival.  Tess is a bit whimiscal, a believer in magical things, signs, and astrology.

Tom Grace, on the other hand, is new to town- and the town ladies are not too nice to him after leanring that he will be living in the lightkeeper’s light house and will not be allowing visitors (as they wanted for the historical factor). Tom is practical and steady.

When the two meet- will it be a case of opposites-attract? Will Tess have found her perfect match? Or will Tom be too practical for her?

Packed with subplots of the Tales of the Mermaids and stories of secrets in families- The Mermaid Collector weaves all the plots together in a convincing tale of love, trust, mistakes, forgiveness, and the power to believe in the magical aspects of the everyday life.

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