Literary Friday ya’ll…

It’s here! It’s arrived! Literary Friday!

Don’t forget 1-2 pm CST time TODAY Kathy Patrick (@pulpwoodqueen) chat with Deep South Magazine! Hashtag is #southernlit. Follow along for insights into Girlfriend Weekend, tiaras and books.

1. Deep South Magazine is discussing these things for Literary Friday: Steel Magnolias, Best Indie Bookstores, Best Bookcovers, Decatur Book Fest, Grand Festival of Books in Fairhope, AL- and much more is discussed this Literary Friday!

PS: While there is still a feeling of summer in the air, Erin is not letting that keep her from being hard at work on the Deep South Mag Fall/Winter Reading List. I’m so ready to see what books made this list this time- perhaps The Mermaid Collector by Erika Marks (she’s the genius behind Little Gale Gumbo) will make the list.

2. #fridayreads- Death in Four Courses by Lucy Burdette, The Rook by Daniel O’Malley. What are ya’ll reading?

3. What books are you excited about coming out in the next few weeks? Look back here next week for a list of books coming out that I’m excited about! And be prepared to share your list!

Side note: Next week posts will be scarce- Life will be in the way of my blogging for a few days as I watch my brother get married.

Happy Reading and have a fantastic Literary Friday!


List Style Wednesday!

1. Don’t forget Friday, September 7th from 1-2pm CST- Erin from Deep South Mag (@deepsouthmag) will be tweet chatting with Kathy Patrick (@pulpwoodqueen). For more information on this, click HERE!

Erin always hosts a great chat- interesting questions, sometimes a giveaway of a book, and generally another Southern Lit author stops by in the chat for a bit.

The chat will have hashtag #southernlit. Erin uses Tweet Chat (but also posts the link to full chat- in case you missed it- on the Deep South Mag facebook page.

2. My library finally came through and ordered The Rook by Daniel O’Malley from inter-library loan. The downside? I’m just not loving the book thus far. I’m determined to read the book since I’ve been in an on-going battle for months over getting this book. Anyone read it? Worth the hype? Not? No spoilers, please, but encouragement is welcome!

3. In case you missed yesterday on my blog- 3 different interviews are posted- 1 with a self-published author, 1 with a blogger/author, and 1 with a blog group dedicated to finding books to discuss and helping show men that reading is good.

Happy Reading and have a great day!



Literary Friday ya’ll….

Friday…….. I’ve been ready for you all week.
A round-up of what’s happening for Literary Friday:

1. Deep South Magazine– talking about movies and Southern book festivals going on this weekend (and in the upcoming weeks!) If you are near Decatur, GA- go to the Decatur Book Festival- Kimberly Brock will be there!

Deep South Magazine has quite a few feathers in the cap with past author interviews, but I do believe the news I was told today will be the icing on the cake (thus far!) Friday, September 7 at 1-2 pm CST on Twitter will be a tweet chat with Kathy Patrick. If you are not sure who Kathy Patrick is- have you heard of the Pulpwood Queens? Girlfriend Weekend? Beauty and the Book? If you have, then you have heard of Kathy Patrick. The basics behind Kathy is this: Pulpwood Queens was formed because book clubs should be fun, not stuffy. The group does great things, reads great books, and the Girlfriend Weekend is supposed to be a fantastic time- it’s on my bucket list of book events to go to!

For more information on Kathy Patrick, click HERE!

For more information on Girlfriend Weekend, click HERE!

For more information on Pulpwood Queen Book Selection, click HERE!

Psst: A past Pulpwood Queen book selection (main selection) was The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.  And the October Bonus Selection is Kimberly Brock The River Witch! And the September Bonus Selection is Mary Beth Whalen The Guest Book.

Kathy Patrick and the Pulpwood Queens have this philosophy: Where tiaras are mandatory and reading good books is the RULE!- Now, that’s a philosophy I can greatly admire. Tiaras and reading good books- sign me up!

2. Over the past couple of days, an idea has been spinning in my head- featuring either up and coming writers, bloggers who love books, and other people related to the writing process. I have a couple of pieces lined up to publish to my blog- but always interested in more. If you are interested in chatting with me about this idea- having your book or writing featured or blog- let’s chat!

3. My #fridayreads is Wallflower in Bloom by Claire Cook and Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. While on opposite ends of the spectrum, both are great books!

Wherever you are, I hope you are enjoying a great book!

Happy Reading!