Guest Post: Alison Law talks how 2014 is the year to be “Imperfect”

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Alison Law is a force to be reckoned with. Alison is a marketing genius. Smart as a whip- and kind! Alison, besides being you know busy with school, Alison Law Communications, and other things- also finds time to be a member of She Reads (where she lovingly made a master list of She Reads bloggers for Twitter- there is that marketing mind!) I asked Alison if she had time to write a guest post- and she agreed. And her post, about permission to be imperfect, is honest and heartwarming.

Alison Law resolves to be Imperfect in 2014

This Year I Resolve to be Imperfect

I am an achievement and self-improvement junkie, so the approach of a New Year sends my already-active brain into overdrive. As I write this—on December 31—my dining room table has become a cluttered command center of “let’s do everything bigger and better in 2014!” Business and personal finance books, goals worksheets and planning materials intermingle with new health insurance cards and New Year’s greeting cards. I hover on the cusp of greatness and I love it.


I can ignore my crime scene of an office and chores today because I’ll be reborn as a meticulous cleaning machine in less than 12 hours. I can eat these Totino’s pizza rolls (with real pepperoni seasoning!), corn chips and French onion dip until I pop today, because when that smartphone strikes midnight, a virtuous and health-conscious Alison will take the keys from me, and my calorie record will be expunged.


The reason that we stay up way past our bedtimes, wearing cardboard party hats and tiaras that leave glitter rashes on our foreheads, is that we (the collective pronoun) love change within our control. We’re in love with the idea of a clean slate, a fresh start and all the other clichés for tidy beginnings. Possibility is intoxicating. Potential is out there, just waiting for us to sidle up next to it and give it a scratch behind the ear.

That’s why I wasn’t a bit surprised to learn in this New York Times article that human beings get a bigger jolt of happiness from planning their vacations than actually going on the trips. Anticipation is a lusty bedfellow to the inner control freak who thinks she can plan everything terrific that can possibly happen in the next twelve months until it’s impossible for the mundane or bad stuff to coexist. This myth appeals to every part of my borderline-OCD personality, but it is just a horrible lie. Because if there’s anything I’ve learned (earned) in my almost 40 years of living on this planet, it’s this: when you resolve to be perfect—at cleaning, eating, exercising, etc.—you’re setting yourself up for utter failure.


Therefore, in terms of resolutions, I’m going to relish the reading and planning that always accompanies my greeting a New Year; I always learn a lot and appreciate those embers that keep my intellectual fires stoked. 2013 was a wonderful year in a lot of ways, but it had its painful moments, too. Enough moments to remind me that I need to leave room in my crazy life for the unexpected crazy. No planning can defeat the uninvited crazy, so I’m just going to make up the guest room and put out the nice towels for it. There’s still plenty of room for dreams and goals, but my aspirations have a better shot when I evict perfectionism and let the unplanned have run of the house.



If you liked Alison’s post, here is bio, here is Alison Law Communications, and Alison’s other website, Southern Spines (which is a treat to read!)

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Discussion, Giveaways, & exciting news!

Doing a little looking around on the internet today & found some #giveaways to brighten up a Monday!


Drey’s Library is giving away a copy of Randy Susan Meyers THE COMFORT OF LIES. Listen, I’m not going to even lie about how much I want to win this book. Ever since I heard from multiple sources about how much I’d love this- I’ve wanted. Needed it. But- I’m a nice gal- so I’ll share the links with ya’ll so you have a chance to enter as well. May the odds be ever in your favor! (I know, I know- so cheesy- but I just had to write it!)

Southern Spines is giving away a copy of Amy Franklin-Willis THE LOST SAINTS OF TENNESSEE. Plus there is a podcast! I haven’t read it yet- but the cover is intriguing to me. I was in Lemuria Books a few weeks ago- and I saw it. I kept looking at it and thinking “I’ll come back and get it”- then when I walked back over- a lady had reached up and snatched the last copy 😦 Moral of the story: If you want the book- grab it before someone else.

Drey’s Library is still giving away a copy of THE HOUSE GIRL by Tara Conklin.

Exciting News:

Southern Lit Lovers (a group on Goodreads) and She Reads will be teaming up for March! Both groups will be reading THE SILENCE OF BONAVENTURE ARROW by Rita Leganski.


Book Club Discussion for CALLING ME HOME by Julie Kibler is happening now. Going on all week. Come by, chat with me. I’ve already posted the first set of questions/thoughts- and will continue to update all week. If you were a fan of CALLING ME HOME- don’t miss out.





Literary Friday, ya’ll….

Been a couple of weeks since I posted about a #literaryfriday- September flew by and my hard drive crashed last week. Fun stuff, right?

Here goes:

1. Deep South Mag and their weekly Literary Friday is HERE. Tons of Events, news, and literary items in this weekly installment; but most notably: Oprah Winfrey included the book The Cutting Season by Attica Locke on her The Best New Books of October 2012. However, Deep South Magazine had already included The Cutting Season on their Fall/Winter Reading List. The Cutting Season looks like it’s off to a good start being on 2 different reading lists. For Deep South Magazine’s full Fall/Winter List- click HERE. Grab a book, and get ready to enjoy the fall and winter seasons!

2. September 30- October 6 is Banned Book Week.  You may have seen some of the cute pictures (especially the spoof of Carly Rae Jespen’s Call Me Maybe) this week as part of the week. Deep South Magazine has an article about Banned Book Week as well as Southern Spines.

3. She Reads is giving away a copy of Erika Marks newest book, The Mermaid Collector, today. I’ve already been raving about how good this book is, heck, even posted a countdown clock about the book’s release date. To win a copy of this book, all you have to do is make a comment HERE. Enter the contest, and find out about the magic of The Mermaid Collector first-hand.

4. If you haven’t read Sarah Jio’s Blackberry Winter, I encourage you to read this book. Great storyline and characters. Also, it’s the She Reads October Book Club pick.

5. Check back here for reviews on Blackberry Winter, The Mermaid Collector, and Ghosts of Manhattan. Have read the first 2, finishing the last book.

As always, enjoy the weekend and Happy Reading!