Literary Friday, ya’ll….


Ya’ll… I am still coughing some from the cold that wrestled me to the ground and has made the last few weeks really annoying.  I haven’t really felt like blogging, I finally started feeling like reading a week or so ago- I mainly felt like binge watching Revenge (Season 1) and reliving Emily Van Camp’s revenge-tastic ways!

Tomorrow, the weather is supposed to be bad. Like tons of rain, maybe some hail. My plan: Read a little, watch some TV and snuggle up with the cats.  Continue reading

Literary Friday, ya’ll….


Last week I spent Saturday with my nieces- it was a nice day in the park and then we had dinner at Mugshots and on the way out of town my mom and I picked up Krispy Kreme doughnuts. On Sunday, I took time out for a pedi and some Target shopping- got my girls some Easter goodies and picked up some Mrs. Meyer’s cleaner stuff (love those products!)

This weekend- my plan is to clean the garden up a bit and do some more blogging. I also plan to catch up on my Instagramming!  Continue reading

Literary Friday ya’ll…


Ya’ll……. It’s COLD. We had a mixture of sleet/snow here today and I about froze getting myself to the post office to drop off a birthday card.

I was going to get a pedicure tomorrow- but since the highs are only going to be in the 30’s and I hate, hate, hate putting on my real shoes right after a pedi ( you’re just never dry enough for real shoes right after) I’m going to hold off another week (Next Saturday temps are supposed to be in the high 50’s)

I forsee a lot of being curled up in my warm blanket with a good book or watching some DVD’s with the cats this weekend 🙂  Continue reading

Literary Friday, ya’ll….


Hi ya’ll…. Today is Friday… At least I think it’s Friday- I’m in a state of near sleep deprivation as I have been on Sir Thomas stitch watch. For those of you that are following me on Instagram- you know that Sir Thomas has had to have stitches put in his arm (and then re-done because he pulled them out.) You will also have seen photographic evidence  (in his sweatshirt, big attitude shirt, Sir Thomas on penguin blanket) as to how adorable he is in his baby clothes (the cone of shame the vet sent home- WORTHLESS. The cat was out of it in less than 10 minutes.)

We go back on Tuesday to have stitches removed ( I SO hope they can remove them all!) and life will hopefully get back to normal-ish soon…. Continue reading

Literary Friday ya’ll….

Ya’llllllllllll! I’m in Louisiana for the Louisiana Book Festival! Erin from Deep South Magazine is moderating some panels for the LBF and she invited me to come to the event- so I’m here! Most of the fun will actually start on Saturday (the day of the event) but keep an eye on my Instagram & Twitter feed as I will probably be posting some fun stuff as me and Erin catch up on bookish fun- we haven’t gotten to see each other since Mississippi Book Festival 2016! I hope this time at the festival is as fun as it was back in 2013 when I was at Louisiana Book Festival! Continue reading