Literary Friday ya’ll…


Ya’ll… the last Literary Friday was June 19th. I am just going to let the shame of NOT keeping up my LF posts wash over me while I also cry in my large wineglass because I have 20 %^$^ book review blog posts to start getting caught up with.

There comes a time every summer- it’s never really the same time- that I get super un-organzied and the blog just goes to the back of my To-do List. I am trying to shift out of that time.

Be sure and let me know in the comments what you have been reading, podcasts you have been listening to and more- because I’ve missed you guys SO much!


1. ICYMI at Traveling With T: #FuturisticFriday Find Your New Reads July-September 2020, A Sweet Mess, What You Wish For, Hello Summer, &  3 Bookstagrammers Share Their Most Anticipated Summer Reads.


2. Callie posing with How To Save A Life:


3. Oh how I loved What You Wish For!


4. I shared a few of my #FuturisticFriday Find Your New Reads over at Instagram the other day. And Callie video-bombed me!


5. Invisible Girl by Lisa Jewell does not publish till October- but you will want this on your TBR list!

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Can we talk ARC lists- physical vs e-galleys? I’ve been blogging since 2011 ( or as I like to say since the dinosaurs 🦖 roamed the Earth 🌍 AND yes, I mean actual blogging- typing up a post & sharing it on multiple social media sites & fingers crossing for traffic kinda blogging) so some things about publishing is not really a mystery anymore. I’ve met some nice publicists who have peeled the curtain back a bit & let me see the wizard so to speak. . . But a friend mentioned several weeks ago about their being at least 2 types of lists that publicists use- and if you are one of them, you get the e-copies of books. . . That got me thinking- I get a fair mix of print & e-books, but some publishers I do only get e-books. Unless I know an independent publicist & am on their list ( again more lists!) . . Does it matter what list you are on? Honestly, I am happy to be on any list because it means I get to read books months, weeks, days ahead of the general public. However, and this is me just keeping it real- I do prefer print books- they photograph better, they don’t get lost in the shuffle of the 86,000 other books on my Kindle, and they don’t generally have formatting errors ( drives me crazy when the e-ARC is all messed up). . . There are many moving parts to the publishing machine- how many print ARC’s are done, giveaways, etc & an e-copy certainly has appeal to get it out to more early reviewers. And there are certainly number games involved in the decision making process of what list(s) you are on- which is the algorithms of social media are what we groan about so much. . . What type of books do you get more of- print or e books? Also, thanks to @atriabooks for the e-ARC of Invisible Girl by @lisajewelluk- it’s pretty great so far & I’m getting into a REALLY good part!! . . #travelingwithtreads #genxbookstagrammers #oneworldreaders #invisiblegirl #lisajewell #lisajewellauthor #mississippibookstagrammers #readreadread📚

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6. Musical Chairs published earlier this week- is it on your TBR list?

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Surprise bookmail- thanks @kccpr @atriabooks { partner} for Musical Chairs by @amypoeppel. . . Confession: I’ve never read an AP book before- but I did meet her & got to talk with her for a bit in NYC during a Book Expo. . . About Musical Chairs: Bridget and Will have the kind of relationship that people envy: they’re loving, compatible, and completely devoted to each other. The fact that they’re strictly friends seems to get lost on nearly everyone; after all, they’re as good as married in (almost) every way. For three decades, they’ve nurtured their baby, the Forsyth Trio—a chamber group they created as students with their Juilliard classmate Gavin Glantz. In the intervening years, Gavin has gone on to become one of the classical music world’s reigning stars, while Bridget and Will have learned to embrace the warm reviews and smaller venues that accompany modest success. Bridget has been dreaming of spending the summer at her well-worn Connecticut country home with her boyfriend Sterling. But her plans are upended when Sterling, dutifully following his ex-wife’s advice, breaks up with her over email and her twin twenty-somethings arrive unannounced, filling her empty nest with their big dogs, dirty laundry, and respective crises. Bridget has problems of her own: her elderly father announces he’s getting married, and the Forsyth Trio is once again missing its violinist. She concocts a plan to host her dad’s wedding on her ramshackle property, while putting the Forsyth Trio back into the spotlight. But to catch the attention of the music world, she and Will place their bets on luring back Gavin, whom they’ve both avoided ever since their stormy parting. With her trademark humor, pitch-perfect voice, and sly perspective on the human heart, Amy Poeppel crafts a love letter to modern family life with all of its discord and harmony. In the tradition of novels by Maria Semple and Stephen McCauley, Musical Chairs is an irresistibly romantic story of role reversals, reinvention, and sweet synchronicity. . . Look for this book on July 21st! . . #travelingwithtreads #oneworldreaders #bookmailisthebestmail #bookmail #musicalchairs #amypoeppel #genxbookstagrammers

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7. When the flowers are in bloom- you are required to take as many outdoor selfies as possible (bonus points if books are involved)

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Happy Pub Day to Side Trip by Kerry Lonsdale ( thanks @kccpr @lakeunionauthors @amazonpublishing for the gifted book!) . . About Side Trip: An unforgettable and breathtaking novel of love, loss, and the unexpected routes that life takes from Amazon Charts and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Kerry Lonsdale. With her deceased sister's Route 66 bucket list in hand, California girl Joy Evers sets out on a cross-country road trip to meet up with her fiancé, checking off the bullets along the way. Singer-songwriter Dylan Westfield has a serious case of wanderlust and a broken-down car. Stuck at a diner between LA and Flagstaff, he meets Joy, his complete opposite. She's energetic. He's moody. She's by the book. He's spontaneous. She believes in love at first sight. He thinks love is a complicated mess. But Joy has a brand-new convertible. They strike a deal. She'll drive him to New York. He'll pay for gas. Only three rules apply: no exchanging of last names; what happens on the road, stays on the road; and if one of them wants to take a side trip, they both must agree. A heart-stirring love story that spans a decade, Side Trip explores what-if. What if Joy and Dylan had exchanged last names? What if he'd told her she made him believe love was worth the risk? And what if they hadn't made that second deal when they couldn't say goodbye? . . I don’t know about you- but this book is sounding like it would pair wonderfully with a margarita, some tortilla chips & a side of guacamole! Or maybe I’m just hungry 🤣 . . Will you be adding Side Trip to your TBR list? . . #travelingwithtreads #genxbookstagrammers #readreadread📚 #oneworldreaders #sidetrip #kerrylonsdale #amazonpublishing #outsidephotography #outsideselfie #outsideselfiewithbook #mississippibookstagrammers #msbookstagrammers

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8. While the men in The Guest List did get on my nerves, overall- the book was WOW. I really enjoyed it and loved the twists and turns.


9. My mom pulled some clothes out of her closet for me & I can wear them! ❤


10 #FridayReads: I finished The Vacation earlier this week and am thinking of going old school with some Karin Slaughter’s Blindsighted- which I got a signed copy of a few years ago at Book Expo. Have you read it?


11. I have read 51 books so far in 2020- goal is 75!


*What are you reading this weekend?*


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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