Literary Friday, ya’ll…


Happy Literary Friday (err……. Sunday!) Well 2 days late with this post- but whatever- we are making and breaking rules in these trying times.

Speaking of… how are you handling shelter at home day 1 million and 1? ( I joke about the number of days- but I really want to know!)  I would  love to tell you that I am handling it like a badass woman- take no prisoners, kick butt, etc- but some days I’m so bored I would almost break my pinky finger to just break up the monotony of the day. What is saving my sanity: Walking, reading, Chicago PD, The Practice ( re-runs for hours on Ovation TV on Wed and Thursday!) and my Erin Condren planner. Also, the geese (more on that later!)


1. ICYMI at Traveling With T: Giveaway of The Gringa, Excerpt of Secrets of Love Story Bridge, and reviews of Not That Kind of Guy, The Girl He Used to Know, The Lying Game and Strike Me Down.


2. Have you read Strike Me Down?


3. My nieces came over last weekend and this was my cry All. Weekend. Long.


4. Feels  Like Falling by Kristy Woodson Harvey published this week and it is the perfect book for that feel good feeling as we shelter at home more.


5. I’ve been sent some great sounding Netgalley widgets the past couple of weeks- see any you want to read?


6. Happy Pub Week to The Sweeney Sisters, The Night Before and Feels Like Falling!


7. Callie is my office mate. She thinks that my computer is her personal grooming device. And, if I had a nickel for every time she climbed up on the table after I told her “no” and that “tables are NOT for cats”- I could pay for the extravagant vacation that I deserve after the Corona Virus is over.


8. My reading stats for the year are looking GOOD…


9. The other week, I hit 10k steps for first time ever. Since then, I’ve been chasing that 10k high 🙂

10.  Talking about country life & the geese..

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Last night, I was chatting with @orangecountyreads for a bit- she was asking me to come to a Zoom chat & I was telling her that because of the internet at the house- Zoom doesn’t work so well for me. Anyway, we were back & forth on this a bit & then she said something about if she had to choose between a pretty place vs good internet- she would probably prefer a pretty place. . . That got me thinking- because honestly- some days I’d break my own pinky finger for internet that was faster than what I deal with. Don’t get me wrong- there are some benefits to living in the country, on the outskirts of the city- I’ve got lots of room, the closest neighbor is half a mile away, I don’t have to deal with a ridiculous home owners association, there is green EVERYWHERE ( which is what I desperately miss when I visit NYC), and probably a few other things I cannot think of right now. . . Of course, I give up a lot living where I live. The nearest Target, Starbucks, Kroger is 60 miles away. The internet is a step or 2 above dial up speeds ( no Netflix binging for me). There are not a lot of young-ish unmarried men to date ( actually I don’t know of any- which probably explains why my dating life is nothing to write about). . . I have a little vision sometimes of a townhouse- in a neighborhood type area- but with decent sized lots so we’re not on top of each other. A patio with cute wicker furniture & all the flower pots I can fit. Internet that I can use to stream tv or music, shopping nearby & perhaps the opportunity of running into a prospective date at an event or something. . . Then the geese come to visit & the sky is pretty & all the green is soothing & I’m torn between a city vs country life. . . #genxbookstagrammers #msbookstagrammers #mississippibookstagrammers #countrylife

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11. The GEESE!


12. Have you entered to win The Gringa?


13. Kristy Woodson Harvey is running a Feels Like Falling photo contest- snap a photo of the book by May 25th, tag it #FeelsLikeFalling, post to Instagram or Facebook and you could win a $100 gift card to Target. 5 runners up will get Feels Like Falling candles!


14. #FridayReads: I’m still listening to The Obsession by Nora Roberts.


*What did you read this weekend?*


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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