Literary Friday ya’ll…


Hi ya’ll…. And how are we handling social distancing day 1,001? I was not handling things too well this week because we lost power on Sunday night and did not get it back to late Wednesday ( having 2 crisis to handle at the same was too much for me.)


1. ICYMI at Traveling With T: Giveaways of The Love Story of Missy Carmichael and Cross Her Heart plus a review of Sunrise of Half Moon Bay.


2. Still listening to Daisy Jones and the Six ( I’m over like halfway through currently!)


3. Blue skies and audiobooks make the walk more fun…

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I didn’t get out of bed early to walk this morning because I was busy finishing the last 20% of Don’t Look For Me by @wendywalkerauthor ( thanks @stmartinspress for the e-ARC!) & had to start walking when the day was a bit warmer. . . It was ok. The sun felt good. The wind was blowing. I was finally using the Health app after @alisonlawatl talked it up yesterday. And I’m still listening to Daisy Jones & The Six. Ya’ll this audio is insanely good. . . In getting healthy news: still walking every day. My body just craves that outside walk now. I’m also trying to stay active throughout the day- I vacuum every day, take walks through the house & have started going up & down stairs a bit more. . . I think I am about ready to start back on the elliptical trainer as well. I feel fitter than I have in some time. . . Eating wise: this has not been my finest week. We’ve picked up takeout a couple of times. I had around a fourth or so of a junior Frosty from Wendy’s. I’m not beating myself up because there are going to be times this stuff happens. . . I am getting bored. I miss driving to Jackson & getting my nails done. I miss walking into a bookstore & picking up all the books. I desperately miss walking into a restaurant & actually eating there. The weather is so lovely that i want to drive to a store & buy all the flowers. . . I’m reading a good bit & trying to put extra time into some projects around my room. . . What are you doing today? . . #rockstar1023getshealthy

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4. Selfie with the cat…


5. Finally letting people see what I’m looking like these days…

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Today is rainy. Actually bad storms are predicted all over MS today. So, I’m going to hang inside & read. . . My mom, on Friday, wanted to take a photo of me since my aunt had been asking how things were going with me & my diabetes. I’m not really a homebody all the time- but I hadn’t seen her since Christmas & I don’t ( even before Corona virus) get out about much in town ( we have a Dollar General, a post office, & a library that is not well maintained- there is nothing for me to do.) . . So I let her take my photo, because it occurs to me- I haven’t seen folks in weeks. And you know- the people that I did recently-ish see ( the dr for my A1C checkup) knows from my records that I’ve lost weight- but he’s just observant of that fact from a medical standpoint. I haven’t seen anyone in some time that cares- that night notice I wear skinny jeans 👖 now, or that my face is thinner. . . I think this is what I’ve hated the most during this shelter at home- March, April & May I had some big events to attend & I wanted friends to see I’ve been working hard. . . The second photo- my mom was being all sneaky- catching me unloading the grocery basket 🤣 . . Healthy update: Walked 5 days- 2 of those days I walked 2x. Veggies: still not loving turnip greens, but with a bit of pepper sauce, I can choke them down. I was able to have BBQ chicken twice this week. BBQ sauce is extremely high in carbs- but as long as I didn’t just heap on a bunch of extra sauce like I would in the past- it’s not bad. Plus, protein! I caved in & bought a box of Lucky Charms this week. Nutritionally- not my finest moment. But they have been tasty! . . It feels like we’re on day 799 of this- how are you holding up? . . #rockstar1023getshealthy

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6. Did you enter the giveaway at my blog for Cross Her Heart?


7. #FridayReads: Reading Key Lime Crime. Still listening to Daisy Jones and the Six and The Obsession.


8.Some bookmail…



9. When you finally get power back and get to take a hot shower and use your new Lush Mamma Mia scrub and then you are able to fit in a new to you T-shirt- well, that’s not a bad thing…

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Excuse the ugly AF socks & the nerdy AF shirt ( but seriously-isn’t it cool?) because this week has been TRYING AF. Last week, I admitted that I was beginning to struggle. The days were getting to me- sure I’ve got time to read & I’m trying to get a few projects done- but I’m about to the point that I would sell my soul to walk into a Half Shell Oyster restaurant, sit down, order a watermelon cocktail & some fried green tomatoes & crab cakes. . . Then Sunday the situation became dicier. The power went out. In fact as I type this- I’ve just had power restored for around 24 hours. Dealing with one crisis was testing me, 2 damn near killed me. . . In this week of not handling 💩 well & not eating well ( you cannot cook at home when you have no power)- I had a Becky Bloomwood moment. Remember in the second book when she was all “I paid my debts”? And she had. But debt isn’t something that you pay once, then never again. Neither is eating right or dieting or taking care of yourself because you have diabetes. The last few weeks- I’ve been feeling good about that A1C result- but I’ve got to do another in June. And while my numbers haven’t been too wonky in the past weeks- I’ve had some higher numbers because I’ve not been as mindful of my food. And I’ve skipped some walks because I didn’t feel like getting sweaty. . . It’s a challenging time & grace is needed as I navigate a new normal. But I cannot let myself fall into a Becky Bloomwood state of mind. . . #rockstar1023getshealthy

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*What are you reading this weekend?*


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

10 thoughts on “Literary Friday ya’ll…

  1. thebrowneyedbookworm says:

    oh on – losing power is awful!!! We went through it during last year’s fire season, and the worst is when the food in fridge and freezer is going bad because of an outage. It can get costly right there! People were actually thinking about buying a generator because it happened so often.

      • thebrowneyedbookworm says:

        Good for you!! Those generators aren’t cheap either, it’s hard to know what to do, lose the money when the food goes bad, or spend the money for a generator.

      • TOTALLY not cheap. I’ve had mine over 10 years and while I haven’t used it that many times- it’s been worth it’s money when I did use it. It totally saved me during the days of Hurricane Katrina- I live 3-4 hours inland, but the force of the winds was still registering Hurricane 2 that far inland. Out of power for DAYS.

      • thebrowneyedbookworm says:

        I’m sorry you had to use it but honestly, if you invest in one than you better have a reason to use it – lol. I thought about the whole pandemic, and lockdown, compared to no power – I’ll take the lockdown any day.

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