The Silent Sister Readalong Part 2 (Spoilers and Discussion)

The silent sister readalong

Hello and welcome to Part 2 of the discussion of THE SILENT SISTER! First, thanks to everyone who joined in Part 1– you’re awesome-sauce!

If you haven’t joined in yet- PLENTY of time to join in the fun. While this post is all about Part 2- feel free to go back to Part 1 to comment!

As a special treat for Part 2, Erin from Deep South Magazine is so generously donating 2 books of Diane’s for a giveaway- 1 copy of THE SILENT SISTER and 1 copy of NECESSARY LIES. They will be given away as a bundle- and winner will be randomly selected from comments. Sorry, US only!

And now on to Part 2!


Erin from Deep South Magazine:

Big spoiler: This section opens with Lisa’s voice, so all the things we’ve imagined possibly having happened to her are revealed! Being dropped on the beach homeless and alone in San Diego is a lot for a young girl to go through, so I have to commend Lisa for being so tough. Knowing Lisa’s plight certainly made me more sympathetic toward her, but Riley and Danny have no idea what she went through. At the end of Chapter 22, Danny says, “It’d be nice to see her finally pay for what she did.” He believes Lisa should have gone to prison, done her time and then resumed her life.

I think Lisa’s dilemma brings up a lot of interesting questions. What would you do in Lisa’s situation? Would you be able to go prison or would you flee and leave behind your family, friends, hometown and, in Lisa’s case, the thing she lived for — the violin?

It’s understandable that she couldn’t stick to her father’s advice and never play again, but it does seem really risky when she purchases a violin in San Diego. Even if she only played it in her cottage with the windows closed, wouldn’t people have heard her?

One of the big questions remaining is where was Lisa during that year she went away to supposedly study with another teacher? Caterina Thoreau sheds some light on this when Riley meets with her and there are some important clues in their conversation and when Lisa travels to North Carolina to see her family from afar, but I have to admit I didn’t figure out what’s revealed in part three.

We find out more about the Kyles in this section, and Jeannie’s statement to Riley that “they’re trying to pull a fast one on you” certainly applies to Tom until we find out that Verniece has a mean streak as well. Riley can no longer trust her and begins to lean more on Jeannie and get a little more help from Danny.

Riley ends the section vowing to search the house for a clue on where to find her sister, but we know she’s already found them in the postcard, CDs and email from Celia.

Get ready for the rollercoaster ride that is part three. Diane Chamberlain isn’t done with her twists and turns yet!


Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

So, we find out that Lisa is alive. Or at least we know she didn’t commit suicide. Because that crafty ole Diane does not promise us that Lisa is currently alive- and with 20 years passing- well things could have happened.

Part 2 brings up a question for parents: How far will you go for your children? Would you lie for them? Would you set them up a getaway so they can escape the hellish life they are facing? What line would you not cross to prevent your child pain? We see Lisa’s father being the mastermind behind her escape- probably knowing that he was giving his daughter a chance at freedom. Why do you think Lisa’s mother was not involved in the plan?

The readers also learn that Tom Kyle played a role in this escape- but he’s not happy about it. He tells her to shut up, that he doesn’t want to hear a word from someone who would murder an innocent man over a college application. So, why did Tom help?

Lisa, now going by Jade, is doing the best she can in California. She does call home, though, once- only to find out that the number is disconnected. She wonders where her family is- but knows that it’s for the best- Danny can start a-fresh and Riley will never have to know about her murderous/suicidal sister.

As Danny and Riley consider the fact that Lisa might be alive- it provokes different reactions in them- Riley wants to have a connection to her sister; while Danny wants to see her finally pay for her crimes. Tom had mentioned that there was two sets of prints found the night Lisa disappeared- but Riley is unsure what to make of that (there is no mention in any of the news about that) until Danny finds out that it’s true. There was 2 sets of prints. This news excites & tears a deeper rift in Danny and Riley- Riley wants to find her- to find out what happened- but Danny is curious because he thinks his friend could open the cold case & make Lisa pay for her crimes.

When Riley meets Caterina, another violin instructor of Lisa’s, Caterina says “No wonder you’re curious. You need to fill in a lifetime of blanks, don’t you?” after finding out that Riley just recently learned about Lisa’s past. Riley does not understand at the time- but Caterina actually provides some important info about Lisa.

As Riley continues to try to sort through her father’s belongings- she finds an email that makes her curious about her father’s love life. But, is there more to that email?

When Tom and Verniece strike a deal with Riley for  the RV park in exchange for info about Lisa, Riley agrees. But, she soon finds out that Tom and Verniece really know no more than what she knows- and what trust Riley had for Verniece evaporates.

We end Part 2 with a cliffhanger- someone has found Lisa and before she can be arrested- she flees the area- and goes to Celia. Then tells EVERYTHING to Celia.

What does Celia know that we readers needs to know? Stay Tuned for Part 3!


Questions/Thoughts To Consider:

Why is that necklace so important to Lisa?

Should Caterina feel guilty for letting Lisa know about the letter Steven wrote to Julliard?

Why is Danny so  hell-bent on Lisa paying for her crimes?

And might Jeannie know a bit more than what she’s telling?


Thanks again for joining in Part 2 discussion/spoilers!

Happy Reading,

Erin from Deep South Magazine and T @ Traveling With T


PS: Check out the interview that Diane did with She Reads- My Brother, My Editor and The Silent Sister.



8 thoughts on “The Silent Sister Readalong Part 2 (Spoilers and Discussion)

  1. I felt so bad for Lisa throughout this whole section… I can’t imagine trying to live while hidden like that. And I wasn’t a big fan of Danny. I felt that his dislike of Lisa and his determination that she “pay” was more about his issues than about what she did or might have done. It’s hard to talk about this without revealing what happens in the last section! 🙂

    • Me too! I mean that was rough what Lisa was going through. Like REALLY rough. And I TOTALLY agree about Danny. Like I still was never really content with his storyline. It just was like I needed MORE info to understand the feelings he had toward Lisa. I KNOW!!!! I’m chatting about it- and having to make sure I’m reading my notes over to not reveal something that happened later!

      • I’m with you both on the Danny thing as well! Even having finished the book, I’m not sure I ever quite got why I hated Lisa so much. I wasn’t entirely happy with his storyline either.

      • YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is exactly how I felt. Erin is going to have an interview with Diane next week that is going to shed a little more light on that situation. And I think there is a prequel short story that does give the situation more details. But still, I needed a smoking gun, if you will, for his reactions/feelings about Lisa.

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