Skeleton Letters (a Scrapbooking Mystery) by Laura Childs

Skeleton Letters is another cozy written by Laura Childs. For the most part, I enjoyed the book. I like Carmela, like her friendship with Ava, adore the New Orleans setting. Cozy books are easy reads, fun reads. And I adore a good cozy!

Carmela and Ava are bringing items to the St. Tristan’s Church when they see a crime. One of their friends has been killed, and a priceless artifact has been stolen. Babcock, Carmela’s sweetie, tells her to let the police solve the crime- but for the scrapbook buddies at Memory Mine- that is not good enough. Carmela, with a teensy bit of pushing from friends, finds herself in the middle of this investigation- turning up angles, finding red herrings, and learning about the craziness of collectors.

As Carmela and Ava continue to investigate- they stumble upon clues that put them in direct line with the killer. Will Carmela be able to save the day or are her scrapbooking days over?



Stuck on Murder(A Decoupage Mystery) by Lucy Lawrence

Stuck on Murder (A Decoupage Mystery) is the first book in the series by Lucy Lawrence. Set in a New England town, the main character Brenna Miller is a recent transplant to the town. She teaches decoupage classes at Tenley’s (her former college roommate) store- Vintage Papers. The town is a perfect place to help Brenna forget a troubling incident from her past- as it’s small and sleepy. However, the small-town charms are questionable when the mayor asks Brenna for help in talking to her landlord, Nate, about selling some of his lake front property to a developer- which will in turn benefit the town. With relunctance, Brenna mentions this to Nate- which starts a feud with mayor when Nate refuses to sell. The situation escalates- then Brenna finds the mayor’s body stuffed into a trunk.

Did Nate kill the mayor to save the land? Or is someone taking advantage of the fact that Nate and the mayor have been seen arguing publicly? Could it be the hungry for fame newpaper editor? Or maybe another disgruntled citizen of the town?

Stuck on Murder is a lovely start to the series. Brenna’s a nice character-and the town and the other characters are great backdrops. The book also has the beginnings of a romance- however, be prepared for another twist in that department. For fans of decoupage- there are also tips.


What are your reading goals for 2013?

With all the fesitivies and resolutions of the new year- you may have not been thinking too much about reading goals. But, now that we are a few days into the 2013 year- perhaps it’s time to begin considering some potential reading goals.

My reading goals for 2013:

– Read 115 books in the Goodreads Reading Challenge. for 2012- I challenged myself to originally 100- then I changed it to 110. I ended 2012 with 111 books read.

– Reading at least 13 cozies in the Cruisin Thru the Cozies Reading Challenge 2013. 13 books will earn me the title of Super Sleuth. Currently, I’m on book 3 in the challenge. I’m anticipating reading some cozies that people have given me over the years that I had not read- as well as continuing with my favorite cozy authors.

– To read 1 or 2 classics- I read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald in 2012. I anticipate reading another Jane Austen- and trying to decide on another classic.

– To read at least 5 books that have been sitting on my “to be read”shelf for some time. I buy books, people give books, books come in for review. And the new ones always catch my attention- so the ones that are on my shelf sit and patiently wait. I need to be more fair to them- it’s time for them to have some time in the spotlight.

– While it’s not a reading goal, exactly, I resolve to keep my Goodreads shelves updated and my real bookshelves organized and nice looking.

Fingers crossed that at the end of 2013- I’ll have met or exceeded my original goals.

Looking for more ideas for reading goals? She Reads has several! And they want to know “What are you reading goals for 2013”? Is it to read more of a particular author? Read the books on your TBR shelf? Try audio? Maybe e-books? Whatever your reading goal- it’s a worthy one- so drop back by and share!

A Deal to Die For (Good Buy Girls) by Josie Belle

A Deal to Die For is book #2 in Cruisin Thru the Cozies 2013 Reading Challenge.


Josie Belle (aka Jenn McKinlay) has a cute series on her hands with the Good Buy Girls! In book 2, A Deal to Die For, Maggie and the Good Buy Girls have their eyes on things for the opening of Maggie’s new second-hand shop. They decide to go to a flea market where Vera Madison will be selling some of her couture- and Maggie is only too excited to look over and purchase some pieces. Unfortunately, so is Summer- so after an incident, Maggie decides to go and check on Vera who is at the doctor’s clinic. However, when Maggie arrives, Vera is dead. And the good Dr. Franklin becomes a person of interest.

Maggie and the Good Buy Girls have to work together to help clear Dr. Franklin, keep the vintage couture out of Summer’s hands and find out what skeletons were hanging in Vera Madison’s closet along with the fabulous vintage clothing. To top it off, Maggie finds herself having caught the eye of 2 local, eligible men. Which one will she choose?


Mobbed by Carol Higgins Clark…

Mobbed by Carol Higgins Clark is my first book toward my goal of 13 in Cruisin Thru the Cozies Reading Challenge 2013.

Regan Reilly and husband Jack Reilly are headed to Jersey Shore to spend the weekend with Nora and Luke (Regan’s parents). Regan’s in need of some fun since she’s had to give a friend, Haley, some bad news about a man she’s dating. After that phone call, Regan hears from her mother about a garage sale of Edna Frawley- a mother to Karen who is friends with Nora. Nora asks Regan to come earlier to help her find out more about this garage sale business- so Regan hops and train and heads to Nora.

When they arrive at Edna’s house- they find that Edna had rented the place to Cleo Paradise, but she had left early- and told Edna to take care of the belongings she left behind. Edna works that situation to her benefit by deciding to sell Cleo’s things- and judging from the crowd- she’ll make a pretty penny!

Still some are wondering where Cleo ran off to suddenly? Why she didn’t stay the extra week like she was supposed to? Her friend and family are concerned. Does Cleo’s disappearance have anything to do with the stalker movie she did?

Only Carol Higgins Clark can take a missing movie star, a garage sale, a cheater, a retirement home, and some eclectic characters and weave a story that’s funny, light and fluffy together to make a quick, easy read that is enjoyable! If you’ve ever read any Carol Higgins Clark books (and liked them!) then this will be no different. If you haven’t, I suggest giving her books a try!



My Cruisin’ Thru the Cozies 2013 Reading List…

Cruisin 2013

January 1. Today is the beginning of Cruisin’ Thru The Cozies Reading Challenge 2013. Listed below is my list of books I plan to read. As I read a book, a review will be posted. I’ll also be posting a round-up of cozies I’ve read thus far in the challenge (it may be monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly- that is to be determined.) Goal: 13 books to reach Super Sleuth status (although I may read more- time and books available will determine that). Good luck to all who is participating in this reading challenge. Happy Reading!

Jan 1- A Deal to Die For (Good Buy Girls #2) by Josie Belle

Feb 5th- Veiled Revenge: A crime of fashion mystery by Ellen Byerrum

Feb 26 – Red Velvet Cupcake Murder (Hannah Swensen) by Joanne Fluke

March 5th- Nickeled and Dimed to Death- A Deveraux’s Dime Store Mystery by Denise Swanson

April 2nd- Going, Going, Ganache (Cupcake Mystery) by Jenn McKinlay

May 7th- Topped Chef: A Key West Food Mystery by Lucy Burdette

Aug 6th- Seed No Evil (Flower Shop Mysteries) by Kate Collins

Sept 3rd- Murder of a Stacked Librarian (Scumble River) by Denise Swanson

Oct 1- Billionaire Blend (Coffeehouse Mystery) by Cleo Coyle

Other cozies I’ll be reading:

Fiber and Brimstone by Laura Childs

Fatally Flaky by Diane Mott Davidson

Crunch Time by Diane Mott Davidson

Death Comes Silently by Carolyn Hart

There are 2 Jenn McKinlay books that should both be released in 2013 that I plan to read as well.

As the year progresses, I plan to add more to the list- I plan to read a minimum of 13 cozies to meet Super Sleuth for Cruisin’ Thru the Cozies Reading Challenge 2013.


Cruisin’ Thru the Cozies Reading Challenge 2013

Cruisin 2013I decided that I’m going to do the Cruisin’ Thru the Cozies Reading Challenge this year. I already read a fair amount of cozies anyway- so it just seemed to be the thing to do. This will be my first official Reading Challenge so I’m excited to begin!

I’m going for Level 3- Super Sleuth- Read 13 or more cozies.  Watch for later posts to see what books I’m picking to read- I know 8 of them, but I’ve got to pick a few more (going to be a good time to get rid of some of those books on my TBR list.)

If you would like to join the Cruisin’ Thru the Cozies 2013 Reading Challenge– the information that you will need is here. Please join!