Stuck on Murder(A Decoupage Mystery) by Lucy Lawrence

Stuck on Murder (A Decoupage Mystery) is the first book in the series by Lucy Lawrence. Set in a New England town, the main character Brenna Miller is a recent transplant to the town. She teaches decoupage classes at Tenley’s (her former college roommate) store- Vintage Papers. The town is a perfect place to help Brenna forget a troubling incident from her past- as it’s small and sleepy. However, the small-town charms are questionable when the mayor asks Brenna for help in talking to her landlord, Nate, about selling some of his lake front property to a developer- which will in turn benefit the town. With relunctance, Brenna mentions this to Nate- which starts a feud with mayor when Nate refuses to sell. The situation escalates- then Brenna finds the mayor’s body stuffed into a trunk.

Did Nate kill the mayor to save the land? Or is someone taking advantage of the fact that Nate and the mayor have been seen arguing publicly? Could it be the hungry for fame newpaper editor? Or maybe another disgruntled citizen of the town?

Stuck on Murder is a lovely start to the series. Brenna’s a nice character-and the town and the other characters are great backdrops. The book also has the beginnings of a romance- however, be prepared for another twist in that department. For fans of decoupage- there are also tips.


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